How do You Turn a Taurus Man On Sexually?

Updated July 19, 2022
How do You Turn a Taurus Man On Sexually?

If you want to turn a Taurus man on, you’ve got to understand his sensual nature. He can be highly motivated by sexual instincts.

At the same time, he prefers discretion as he can be shy.

What a Taurus man wants to hear are not your deepest emotions, but rather words of praise and admiration. Stroking his ego can turn him on.

In addition to building him up mentally, a Taurus man is easily excited by sensory cues. You can turn him on visually by creating a perfect image.

You can also turn him on by cooking a great meal for him, and appealing to his need for comfort and luxury. Pay attention to the scene you create if you want to turn him on.

Send Erotic Selfies

One of the easiest and most obvious ways to turn on a Taurus man is to send erotic photos of yourself. Yet even when doing this, be discreet. A Taurus man may check your text at work, for example, and he won’t want anything to appear on screen that is too overt.

He’s protective of his reputation and values a woman who thinks the same way. If you are too revealing or obvious, he’ll get turned off. It’s far better to send photos that are seductive but not too revealing.

You can also create eroticism in the photo through your facial expression, especially your eyes. No need to send photos that are too obvious or revealing when subtle hints in your face or body language say it all.

Taurus men are good at subtle cues. You don’t need to be too explicit and he is more aroused if you leave some things to his imagination. Selfies can be a great way to turn him on because he’s usually responsive to visual cues.

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Show Affection

Taurus men have mixed feelings about affection. By nature they love physical contact. Yet they are also selective about when and where they want to indulge in affectionate exchanges. Often, Taurus men don’t like public displays of affection.

Yet if you’re in a private setting and ready to warm him up to the idea of intimacy, being playful and affectionate is a great way to help put a Taurus man in the mood. This is especially true if you start with small gestures.

Holding his hand and caressing his fingers or palm, for example. This small gesture can go much farther than clinging to him. Taurus men don’t like to be smothered, but they do like to be seduced. The more subtle, the better.

A Taurus man’s communication style is largely nonverbal. Pay close attention to his body language and the cues his gives you through physical contact. When he’s open to affection, try to shift slowly from playful to flirty to sexual contact.

Leverage His Fetishes

Once you know a Taurus man’s kinks, you can use these specific fetishes to appeal to him. Leverage his specific sexual fantasies and desires, but don’t push him to open up about his kinky side too soon.

Taurus men can be insecure and it may take time for him to feel comfortable sharing his deeper desires. When you do know what kinds of kinky things turn a Taurus man on, dropping hints through text or making references to your fantasies can turn him on.

Though you can spice up his day by enticing him with subtle cues about what you plan to do to explore his kinky interests, never reveal his secrets openly. Don’t hint about his kinky desires in front of others. Taurus men are highly secretive.

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Blend Sex and Status

When you see signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you, enhance your own confidence and show off your status. Taurus men are attracted to power and the image of wealth. Even if you’re not wealthy, do your best to project an image of status.

A Taurus man will be turned on when you seduce him both with your beauty and also with your intelligence and other markers of social status. Talk about your career ambition, for example. Sexual fantasies involving the office or power plays related to career may turn him on as well.

When a Taurus man believes that you are popular, wealthy, powerful and successful, he’ll be more turned on by you. Even if you do nothing at all to change your appearance. Turning him on is a matter of perception. Hold yourself in high regard and he will too.

A Taurus man testing you may try to use his status and wealth to entice you. Maintain a level head and act casual. If you focus too much on his money, he won’t trust you. Yet if you convey an image of financial comfort and independence, he’ll be turned on.

Draw on His Appetite

Before feeding his sexual appetite, take care of a Taurus man’s physical appetite. Food is a highly valued pleasure for hedonistic Taurus men. One way to turn him on is to seduce him by making his favorite dinner.

You can also turn him on by taking him to a classy restaurant that serves his favorite gourmet food. Everything about the atmosphere will make him feel pampered and powerful. This in turn makes him feel more attracted to you and will turn him on.

You may also turn on a Taurus man by bringing his favorite sweets or desserts into the bedroom. He’s not opposed to blending his tastes for favorite treats with his sexual passions.

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Play Seductive Music

When you know how to handle a Taurus man, it becomes clear that much of the work of seducing him is a matter of staging. Set the perfect scene for intimacy. Play seductive or erotic music.

Some of this is a matter of personal taste. He may have a favorite composer or band whose music turns him on. Yet even if you don’t know his favorite musician or band, a safe bet is that slow, erotic and romantic music will work like a charm.

Taurus men can’t resist the allure of sensual cues. From room temperature to the texture of the blankets and bedsheets, to the table decorations, he is turned on by the scenery around him, including the music playing.

Perform a Strip Tease

If you’re wondering how to know if a Taurus man is using you, a sure clue is if he only contacts you to talk about sex. If he shares other aspects of his life with you, chances are he really likes you. Yet if you are more concerned with seduction than a relationship, he may be an ideal match.

When you want to turn a Taurus man on, appeal to his visual senses. One way to do this is to perform a slow, drawn out erotic dance. Keep him waiting as you take your time.

Taurus men are known for their patience. Put his ability to delay gratification to the test and as the tension builds, so will his desire for you. He won’t be able to resist being turned on by your graceful moves and beauty.

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Dance with Him

A Taurus man is sexually compatible with a woman who is as practical as he is but also more sensitive and emotional, to balance out his detached nature. In addition to dancing for a Taurus man, he’ll be turned on if you dance with him.

Going out dancing after dinner is a great precursor to a night of intimacy with a Taurus man. Dancing has all the right ingredients to turn him on. Assuming your Taurus man likes dancing and isn’t shy, as many Taurus men are.

Even if he’s not open to going out dancing in front of others, he’ll usually become turned on by dancing with you at home. This is particularly true of shy Taurus men who may be self-conscious but are willing to explore intimacy and dancing in private.

A Taurus man in love will want to explore ways to please you but also may be too shy to step out of his comfort zone. A good way to turn him on can be by inviting him to dance in your living room by candle-light after the two of you finish a delicious meal together.

Give Him a Backrub

A Taurus man’s passionate nature can be awakened by any acts of sensuality or physical contact. Especially prolonged, nonsexual physical contact. An example of this is massage.

While massage can be erotic, one of the best ways to turn a Taurus man on is through subtlety. Therefore, if you’re not setting out to seduce him but rather are intending to give him a backrub to relieve stress after a long day, this can turn him on.

If you start out with intentions of giving him an erotic massage, the direct approach may seem confrontational to a Taurus man. They always have to be in control. It’s better to try to turn him on but let him take the lead when he’s ready to shift from affection to sexual contact.

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Keep Him Guessing

Taurus men do crave consistency. Yet when it comes to turning a Taurus man on, it’s best to leave a few things to mystery. Don’t be afraid to take your time and leave him guessing.

For this strategy to be effective, don’t use it in a few circumstances. Don’t leave him guessing about whether or not you’ll show up for a date, for example. Follow through when you give your word.

Yet when it comes to your sexual interests, keep your Taurus man slightly off guard by not giving away too much all at once. Surprise him by revealing desires he would not expect you to have. Show him that he doesn’t have you all figured out.

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