How do You Turn a Pisces Man On Sexually?

How do You Turn a Pisces Man On Sexually?

If you want to turn a Pisces man on, you have to understand the role emotions play in his process of becoming aroused.

A Pisces man has a strong and active imagination. He will want to be inspired and finds fantasies exciting and stimulating.

If you’re wondering how to turn a Pisces man on through text, the best thing you can do is to appeal to his unique perspective as a Pisces. What turns him on may not be what you’d expect.

Some of the things that turn a Pisces man on are not even overtly sexual. You need to appeal to his emotional nature to turn him on.

Pisces men are prone to want to change their consciousness so some of the things that turn him on may seem unusual. He’s got vivid fantasies that can lead him to become excited.

Appeal to His Mystical Side

How does a Pisces man test you? When he is interested in you, a Pisces man will sometimes remain aloof. Appeal to his mystical side and you’ll definitely turn on a Pisces man. He’s got a strong love of spirituality and the occult.

There are many systems that blend mysticism and spirituality with sexuality. When you appeal to this part of his nature, you’re going to turn on a Pisces man. You’ll definitely get his attention.

Exploring Tantra, Kundalini, sex magic and similar outlets can turn on a Pisces man. Even if you know nothing about these practices, the very suggestion that you are interested in learning more is likely to turn on a Pisces man.

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Flirt in Subtle Ways

Pisces men are subtle. He prefers it when you flirt in low key ways because even though he is highly romantic, a Pisces man doesn’t want to be overwhelmed by too much intense emotion. This is especially true when it comes to sexuality and seduction.

Pisces men are perhaps the least sexually motivated men in the zodiac. They prefer spiritual and emotional connection. When they can find this through sexual connection, that suits them just fine. But it isn’t their primary motivation.

So if you are too intense or come on too strong, it will turn off a Pisces man. Far better to take a gradual, gentle approach. Seduce a Pisces man by dropping subtle hints rather than coming across as too eager.

Show Your Affection

Sleeping with a Pisces man too soon is seldom a problem for a Pisces man. He is not likely to lose interest and move on. Quite the opposite. Pisces are affectionate and love to cling on for dear life when they finally feel a connection.

The bigger mistake you could make is to put too much emphasis on sexuality and overlook his ongoing need for affection. Pisces men are turned on by affection and romance. They aren’t as likely to remain sexually engaged and interested if they start to feel the routines have become too mechanical.

Specifically knowing a Pisces man’s turn on spots is less important to him. He is more likely to be turned on by what you say than where you touch him. Pisces men are not shallow and they can transcend their physical sensations through their consciousness.

Pisces men are turned on by affection and gentle connection on a regular basis. Emotional connection feeds sexual interest for a Pisces man, but the sexual connection is not of primary importance in his mind.

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Focus on Foreplay

On that note, if you want to know how to keep a Pisces man wanting you, it is important to focus on what happens outside the bedroom. Give lots of attention to warming him up for intimacy.

When you focus on foreplay, a Pisces man will become more turned on by you. He’ll spend all the time that you’re engaging in foreplay fantasizing about and getting ready for deeper connection.

A Pisces man who is interested in you and who finds you arousing will usually be turned on by foreplay. He is usually more turned on by what happens before you engage in intercourse, if not as much. You can turn on a Pisces man by being creative with foreplay.

Foreplay that is playful or based on games or friendly competition can also appeal to a Pisces man. You can excite him by appealing to his mind and to his fantasies. Pisces men love role play and exploring their desires through foreplay.

Give Him a Massage

What does a Pisces man find attractive? He loves emotional connection and physical contact, even nonsexual physical contact. A Pisces man loves to be held, to cuddle and to receive a sensual massage from the woman he cares about.

A Pisces man will be turned on by a massage, though he is also able to enjoy a massage without focusing on sex. What does a Pisces man look for in a woman? He looks for a partner who is compassionate, gentle, affectionate, romantic and sensual.

When you share your flair for romance and sensuality with a Pisces man through massage, he may become turned on. This is not always because you are touching him, it is as much because he is connecting with you and sharing an intimate moment.

When you show a Pisces man any kind of affection and attention, he will feel closer to you. This feeling of connection is what ultimately turns him on, even more than what you are doing. A Pisces man craves close connection.

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Share a Bath

When a Pisces man has a crush, he will want to be with you during every moment of his life. Even the most personal moments can become seductive and intimate with a Pisces man. As a water sign, he’s fond of water as well.

A Pisces man can easily be turned on by the presence of water. Spending time at a pool, by the sea, or even sharing a bath is a very intimate encounter for a Pisces man.

A Pisces man will be turned on by the sight of you in a bathtub as well. Even if you can’t be together, taking a selfie in the bath and texting it to him will turn on a Pisces man. You can turn him on by inviting him into a bubble bath as well.

Inviting a Pisces man into the bath is very intimate and seductive to a Pisces man. You can also offer to wash his hair or give him a massage in the tub if space allows. Pisces men can become excited by sharing these special moments in water with you.

Send Erotic Photos

Pisces men are naturally artistic and creative. When you want to turn on a Pisces man, you can go far by sending him erotic photos. This doesn’t always require you to send nudes.

For a Pisces man, eroticism is not always overtly sexual. A photo that you take when you’ve just emerged from the pool or a photo of you making a seductive face can turn on a Pisces man. When you create an innocent, romantic or subtly seductive image, he’ll get turned on.

Pisces men also appreciate symbolism. When you send him a photo that is suggestive but not outwardly sexual, you can turn on a Pisces man. He will become excited for example if you send him a photo of your favorite lingerie.

Pisces men often have fetishes. Sending a photo of your feet or of something that reminds him of one of his favorite fetishes will also turn on a Pisces man. He can be easily turned on by sentimental reminders of his favorite vices.

When a Pisces man is not responding to texts, try to use a picture to paint a thousand words. As an artistic person, he will appreciate the symbolism and suggestion. Even subtle insinuation is a big turn on for a Pisces man.

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Act Out His Fantasies

A Pisces man’s texting habits are usually a good indicator of how you can turn him on. He has a strong sense of imagination and may develop secret inside jokes and references that he’ll text you. This is one way you can appeal to his erotic nature.

Pay attention to the scenes he describes. Pisces men have many fantasies and some may push the boundaries. He won’t come right out and make demands and sometimes he’ll hint around about his interests.

The best thing to do is read between the lines and whenever you can, encourage his many fantasies. If you want to know how to get a Pisces man to chase you, the best thing you can do is to act out his fantasies. Don’t wait for him to suggest them.

Instead, beat him to it and show initiative. Show your Pisces man that you are open minded and ready to try exploring his desires and fantasies. Even talking about his fantasies will turn on a Pisces man.

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