How do You Turn a Libra Man On Sexually?

Updated February 22, 2023
How do You Turn a Libra Man On Sexually?

If you are thinking of getting intimate with your Libra guy, you are probably wondering how you can turn a Libra man on in bed.

What are his sexual likes and dislikes?

Libras are natural people-pleasers, so they are generally more concerned with their partner’s needs in bed than their own.

So, how can you figure out what gets your generous and polite Libra man sexually excited, and keep him begging for more?

By learning more about his zodiac sign’s typical personality traits and psychological characteristics, you can determine the best ways to turn a Libra man on.

Take Your Time

If he doesn’t seem too eager to rush into a physical relationship, don’t take it as one of the signs Libra man has lost interest or that he isn’t attracted to you.

Libras tend to move slowly in relationships because they want to feel certain that they are with the right person.

There is no need to be aggressive or rush your Libra guy into intimacy. He will show you when he feels ready and it will be a better experience for both of you.

There is nothing wrong, of course, with a woman making the first move, and you should feel in control of your sexuality.

But you don’t need to hurry into a sexual relationship just because you think that’s what your Libra guy wants. He is perfectly happy to wait, so if your Libra man is taking it slow, be patient with him.

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Wear Expensive Lingerie

Some men don’t notice or care about sexy lingerie, but for a Libra man, appearance is everything. If you buy cute underwear to show off for your Libra man, it will be money well spent.

Every zodiac sign has a governing heavenly body that tells us something important about that sign. Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty.

This means that Libra men are particularly visually stimulated, so if you are getting intimate with a Libra guy, you have the perfect excuse to splurge on expensive lingerie.

If you are wondering, “What kind of woman do Libra men like?” The answer is someone with an elegant style and refined taste.

Don’t choose cheap or tawdry lingerie, and instead opt for gorgeous matching sets made out of real silk and lace.

Not only will your Libra guy go crazy when he sees your sexy look, but you will also probably feel more confident and attractive when you invest in yourself.

Have Impeccable Grooming

If you want to know how to make a Libra man obsessed with you, you should prepare in advance of your romantic dalliances.

No matter how much he likes you, your Libra guy probably won’t want to have sex with you if you have just returned from the gym and you are all sweaty and smelly.

Getting down and dirty may be a turn on for some guys, but Libra men are a little more high maintenance.

Make sure you are showered and shaved, that your hair and skin smell nice, and that you are fresh, clean, and delightfully fragrant.

Libras are sensual, so your Libra guy will want to experience all of the textures and other sensory delights your body has to offer.

This simple secret about Libra men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

Be Confident

If you want to make sure that your Libra man always comes back for more, you have to show him how confident you are in bed.

A Libra guy does his best to make his partner feel like she is a beautiful queen, but he doesn’t want to be responsible for constantly boosting her ego.

When you feel good about yourself, it shines through. Your Libra man loves it when you flaunt your body and your sexual prowess (in private, of course) because you know how wonderful you are.

The more confident you are, the luckier a Libra man feels to be with you. He gets turned on by a woman who knows her worth.

Be Sweet and Romantic

The typical Libra personality is sweet and charming, so a Libra guy likes a woman who is as romantic and adorable in bed as he is.

You don’t need to get too wild and crazy to please a Libra guy because his sexual style is soft and sentimental.

If it’s early on in your sexual relationship with a Libra man, you shouldn’t feel like you have to impress him with anything kinky.

He’s not boring or prudish, and he is willing to try whatever you are into behind closed doors. But you don’t need to pull out a blindfold and handcuffs with a Libra man for his sake.

While you both might want to get more experimental down the road, start your sexual relationship off in the way he is most comfortable by keeping it romantic and sensual.

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Get Him to Relax First

A common Libra weakness is that this sign is prone to anxiety. Many Libras have a nervous temperament, which can affect their sex lives.

Your Libra guy has a hard time relaxing completely, and he enjoys sex more when he is mentally in the moment. If your Libra man is feeling anxious, he might push you away when you initiate sex.

Don’t assume that his hesitancy is one of the signs a Libra man is not into you. He could be worried about what you will think of his body or if he will be able to please you.

He could also be worried about a million other things that have nothing to do with you or your relationship. He could be nervous about a project at work or anxious that his car is parked in a tow-away zone.

To turn on your Libra man, get him to relax first. Turn your phones off, run a hot bath for you to share, or give him a massage.

Boost His Ego

A Libra man in love makes his partner feel like the most beautiful woman in the world, and he deserves a partner who makes him feel special, too.

If you like something that your Libra guy does in bed, don’t hesitate to tell him. Not only does it teach him about your turn-ons but it also makes him feel like a king.

Libras are visual creatures and worry a lot about their appearances. You can turn on your Libra guy by complimenting him in the sack.

Tell him how handsome he is and how you can tell that he has been working out. The more you boost his ego, the more confident and turned on your Libra man will become.

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Communicate in Bed

Libras are naturally nurturing and want to make sure everyone around them is happy. In the bedroom, this means that a Libra man is usually more preoccupied with his partner’s pleasure than his own.

It’s wonderful to have such a generous and attentive lover, but your Libra guy needs some feedback to work with if he is going to learn what turns you on.

Libras are excellent communicators and can read verbal and non-verbal cues. Don’t be afraid to let him know what you like and don’t like in bed, whether it’s with your words or movements.

Be open and honest with your Libra guy, but be careful not to be rude or bossy. You don’t want to hurt his feelings or make him feel like he’s doing a chore.

If you tell him what to do too forcefully, he might think that he’s doing a bad job and become self-conscious.

Communicate with your Libra man in bed, but make sure that you are tactful and considerate of his feelings, too.

Show Off His Favorite Body Parts

Each zodiac sign correlates with certain body parts that are significant to this sign.

These body parts could be that sign’s best feature, cause the most health issues, or be the biggest turn on to that sign.

The body parts correlated with the Libra sign are the endocrine system, buttocks, lower back, kidneys, and skin.

It makes sense that this sign is connected to the lower back since they often “bend over backward” for the people they care about.

You can use a Libra man’s favorite body parts to your advantage in the sack. If you want to turn him on, wear a short shirt or a crop top and low-rise pants that show off your lower back.

Since the buttocks is another Libra body part, wear pants and lingerie that accentuate your rear end.

Skin is another sexy part for this sign, so make sure you show plenty of skin when you want to get him in the mood.

When you cater to his sign’s favorite body parts, you are sure to turn on your Libra man and have him drooling over you.

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Pay Attention to His Erogenous Zones

You should not only show off your Libra man’s favorite body parts on yourself, but you should also pay special attention to the same parts on him.

Your Libra man’s erogenous zone is likely connected with his zodiac sign’s correlated body parts. You can find out if your Libra guy follows this rule by spending extra time stimulating these areas when you are in bed together.

Run your hands over your Libra guy’s backside, or caress his lower back when you want to signal that you are in the mood.

You can use feathers to tickle his sensitive skin and tease him or splurge on satin sheets to turn him on.

Using his zodiac sign’s body parts as a roadmap to his erogenous zones is a great way to figure out exactly how to turn your Libra man on.

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