How do You Turn a Gemini Man On Sexually?

Updated September 20, 2022
How do You Turn a Gemini Man On Sexually?

If you turn a Gemini man on, you may not know it at first. Gemini men are notorious for concealing their desires.

He’ll leave you guessing whether your seduction is working. You’ve got to know his secret turn-ons and triggers.

Putting a Gemini man in the mood is easy when you understand his unique personality. Gemini seduction tricks aren’t what you’d expect. He’s full of surprises in bed.

Men born under this sign are intellectual. You have to appeal to his inquisitive nature. Words turn him on more than images. Play to his fascination with communication and sound.

Gemini men can also become aroused from a distance. You don’t have to physically touch him to turn on a Gemini man. Sometimes fantasy is better than reality.

Use a Sultry Voice

Men born under the sign of Gemini are aroused by the sound of your voice. You can turn him on by lowering your voice and doing your best imitation of an actress in a steamy romance movie. Speaking softly also works.

Practice when he’s not around. Your voice should be audible and above a whisper. Speaking while letting out breath helps. Make your voice sound as if you are feeling aroused. Speaking in a sensual tone makes his spine tingle.

Though it may feel unnatural, the more you practice using your steamy bedroom voice, the easier it becomes. Before you know it, using a sultry voice with your Gemini man will feel like second nature. You’ll both reap the rewards.

This secret text message will make a Gemini man addicted to you.

Send Flirty Texts

Gemini men find communication arousing. Especially text messages. He feels relaxed when texting. Using technology is second nature to him. He lets his guard down and is open to seduction through texting.

The best way to turn a Gemini man on through text is to start out flirting. Keep your messages playful. Once you’ve gotten into the flow of light, fun banter, turn up the heat. Send increasingly suggestive messages.

Notice his cues when you text him. If he doesn’t reply in a joking, flirty way, switch tactics. If your messages become passionate and he doesn’t match your tone, back down. You don’t want to overwhelm him.

A Gemini man who doesn’t match your flirty tone when texting shows you the timing is not right. Switch to using sending playful texts. Give him time before spicing things up.

Share Your Fantasies

Gemini men are idealists. They are turned on by fantasies more than reality. Telling him about your desires can be more effective than touching him.

For a Gemini man, physical touch is secondary to intellectual stimulation. Seduce him mentally.

The best way to turn a Gemini man on is to share your fantasies about sex. Tell him the positions you want to try with him. Describe as much atmosphere as possible. Describe the place you want to make love.

Invent as many details as possible. Telling a Gemini man about your desires puts him in the mood. Describe it so well he will feel like he’s there. Mention any songs or music you imagine playing in the background.

Gemini men are often disappointed when reality doesn’t live up to the image in their minds. You can turn him on by helping him imagine an erotic encounter. Follow this up by making his fantasies come true.

This simple secret about Gemini men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

Whisper in His Ear

Gemini men are sensitive to sounds. They are excited by specific types of words and tones of voice. Whisper in his ear. Make your voice just loud enough so the vibration will electrify him.

If you want to know where to touch a Gemini man, his ears are sensitive. You don’t even have to touch him with your hands. Speak softly close enough to his ear so that your lips brush against his skin.

What turns a Gemini man off is a woman who is too focused on physical contact. Whispering in his ear drives him wild with passion. Minimal physical contact is effective when you want to seduce a Gemini man.

Tease Him

His ears are his erogenous zones, but Gemini man turn-on spots are all over his body. Teasing him turns every part of his body into a source of pleasure. He gets aroused by acts of playful seduction.

Touching him briefly, in a playful way, is more effective than lingering for long bouts of passion. Teasing a Gemini man gives him the space he needs during intimacy. When you tease him, you also prolong the pleasure.

Gemini men don’t rush into the bedroom. They prefer taking a slow and playful approach to seduction. Keep him guessing about what you plan to do next. Suspense adds to his enjoyment. Geminis love experimentation.

This one weird trick is the only way to attract a Gemini man.

Play Adult Trivia

If you want to satisfy a Gemini guy’s desire for fun in the bedroom, adult trivia games work. Gemini men love to feel like they’re playing a game. Challenge him to a battle of the minds.

Connect winning or losing to sexual acts. Playing a trivia game involving stripping or daring sexual advances is a powerful way to warm up for a night of intimacy. His favorite game can be adapted to be seductive.

While you’re enjoying a trivia game with your Gemini man, charm him with your wit and sense of humor. Show him how clever you are. Fun is an aphrodisiac for Gemini men.

Adult trivia games are particularly effective for a Gemini man in bed with a Leo woman. But you don’t have to be a Leo for this tactic to work. You also don’t have to wait until you get into the bedroom.

Playing an adult version of his favorite game turns a Gemini on from a distance or as part of foreplay. This is one of the most effective ways to get him in the mood. You can’t go wrong.

Change Your Appearance Frequently

When it comes to Gemini man turn-on, female anatomy isn’t high on the list. Gemini men are turned on by variety. He’s not obsessed with appearance but is turned on by new sights. Gemini men become bored quickly.

Changing your appearance keeps the spark of passion alive. He’ll feel like he’s seeing a different side of you. Gemini men need this kind of change so they don’t burn out.

If you’re wondering how to handle a Gemini guy who is a player, keep the relationship fresh. Changing your appearance makes him feel like he’s discovering someone new every time he sees you. This keeps him turned on.

You don’t need to go to extremes to transform your looks. A different style or new outfit is enough to make him weak. Gemini men are attracted to anything new, bright, and different. Use this to your advantage.

Make your Gemini man forget every other woman and go absolutely crazy for you.

Be Adventurous

A Gemini man in a relationship can be full of surprises. He’s spontaneous and outgoing. The last thing he wants to do is sit at home, even if this seems romantic to you. Gemini men are turned on by adventure.

They need excitement to trigger their passion. Be adventurous and a Gemini man will become obsessed with you. He gets turned on when you cancel your plans and tell him you want to take a road trip with him.

A Gemini man is also turned on by learning new things. Your sense of adventure can be physical, intellectual, or both. Showing him new things you learned is an effective way to turn on a Gemini man.

One of the biggest challenges for a Gemini man in bed with a Cancer woman is her need for security. A Cancer woman’s cautious nature makes a Gemini man feel stifled. Being open to trying new things turns him on.

A Gemini man in bed with a Scorpio woman will have better compatibility. But even Scorpio needs to let go of control. Gemini men don’t like to plan. They are turned on by impulsive situations.

Read Erotic Poetry

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you, pay attention to his communication. If he is interested in you, he’ll chat nonstop. Take advantage of this by drawing on his interests, like poetry.

You can seduce a Gemini man by quoting erotic poetry. Play to his love of literature and read sensual passages from classic books. Gemini men are bibliophiles, so you can turn him on by reading anything.

Yet you’ll get the biggest impact from reading sensual and seductive poetry or prose to him. If you’re guilty of ghosting a Gemini man and want to make amends, you can turn him on by texting him a few erotic quotes.

This simple secret about Gemini men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

Wear Sheer Clothing

Though Gemini men are more turned on by words than appearances, you can turn them on by wearing sheer clothing. Send him adult-themed selfies. Wear sheer lingerie. Gemini men love the image of light, delicate fabrics.

They are also attracted to women who are confident with themselves. When you wear clothing that shows off your body, you’re not just giving him a tempting glimpse of your beauty. You’re also showing him you feel good about yourself.

Being confident enough to wear sheer clothing in public, or just for him, is a turn-on for a Gemini man. The outline of your silhouette arouses him. Combine this strategy with mental stimulation, and he’ll go wild.

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