How to Text a Cancer Man

Updated July 23, 2022
How to Text a Cancer Man

Be mindful when texting a Cancer man for the first time. He can take a while to open up to people.

Cancer men enjoy speaking with people, but they can be shy at first. Allow your Cancer man time to get used to texting you.

Always try to be kind when texting your Cancer man. It can be hard to read tone over text, so use things like emojis to help keep things light and show him how you’re feeling.

Be sure to ask your Cancer man about him when texting. You can talk about your feelings, but ask about his as well! Make sure he has the chance to speak.

Be playful with your Cancer man. Compliment him and have a good time. He’ll gladly support you through a hard time, but don’t only message him when you’re sad.

Be Thoughtful

How do you talk to a Cancer man? You can be yourself when talking to him. Just make sure you’re thoughtful and respectful.

Be considerate when texting your Cancer man. If you know he’s at work or busy with something else, maybe wait until later to text him if it’s not important.

Your Cancer man will likely drop what he’s doing to talk to you, but you don’t always want to put him in a position where he has to do that. Try to be considerate of his time when you message him.

Be mindful of the topics you text him about as well. If you know he’s having a hard time, text somebody else to rant about your problems.

Make sure to check in with your Cancer man about how he’s doing. Don’t just focus on yourself.

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Compliment Him

Cancer men can be shy and humble sometimes, but they love getting compliments. Sprinkle in a few throughout your text conversations, and you will make him happy.

A Cancer man will appreciate any compliment from you as long as you are sincere. If he texts you a selfie, tell him you like the picture and what you like about his appearance.

If your Cancer man does art, text a few compliments about what he’s been working on. If he’s a good cook, let him know you enjoyed the last time he cooked for you.

When your Cancer man offers advice or helps you out with something, compliment him. Let him know how good he makes you feel.

You don’t need to overdo it or shower him in praise constantly, but your Cancer man will appreciate it when you make a point of telling him what you appreciate about him.

Use Lots of Emojis

You can use a lot of emojis when texting with a Cancer man. He won’t find them immature and may find them helpful!

Cancer men are very intuitive people. When you’re with him in person, he’ll likely be able to tell how you’re feeling without you always needing to tell him.

It can be more difficult to tell how someone is feeling over text. It’s also harder to read their tone, so there’s always the possibility of having a misunderstanding.

Emojis are helpful because you can easily use one to signal how you want your text to be read if it might be vague or confusing otherwise.

Some people might find emojis immature or annoying, but a Cancer man won’t. If you use them a lot when you text, continue doing so!

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Ask About Him

If you aren’t sure what to text a Cancer man about, just ask him how he’s doing! He will always appreciate it when you take the time to ask about him.

Cancer men are always happy to listen to other people’s problems. They will check in with their friends and gladly listen while they talk (or text) about how they’re feeling.

Return the favor and ask about your Cancer man! Don’t just talk about yourself or message him when you need to get some emotional support.

Ask your Cancer man personal questions too. Ask about his family and friends. That’s a great way to break the ice if you aren’t sure what to talk about with a Cancer man.

Talk About Feelings

A Cancer man’s communication style is very emotional. He will be more than happy to text you about your feelings.

Cancer men are great listeners. If you are ever feeling down and need someone to listen to you without judging, text a Cancer man!

Your Cancer man will be happy to offer it if you want advice, but he can also just listen. He won’t offer unsolicited advice or judgment if you want to rant.

What a Cancer man wants to hear is that you care about his feelings as well! Don’t just text him to get things off your chest. Ask him how he’s feeling too.

You don’t want your relationship to feel one-sided. Show appreciation when a Cancer man listens to your issues and offer to listen to him.

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Text To Make Plans

If you need some ideas of things to text a Cancer man about, try texting him to make plans. He will love making plans with you and giving input if you need help planning an event.

Cancer men are great people to text if you want some advice while planning a party or other event. He will gladly help you out, whether or not it’s an event he’s attending.

It’s also a good idea to plan things together before meeting up. Get your Cancer man excited for the next time he sees you!

Cancer men don’t need to plan everything down to the last detail, but talking about where you want to eat dinner or going over weekend plans is a good thing to do over text if you’re unsure what else to talk about.

Be Playful

You don’t always need to be serious when texting a Cancer man. He will listen if you need to vent or talk about something serious, but he will also appreciate it if you are playful when you text him.

Be a little silly when messaging your Cancer man. Send him jokes or funny pictures you find. You can even be a little childish. He’ll appreciate the chance to talk about lighter topics sometimes.

You can tease. Just don’t make fun of your Cancer man. You don’t want to push his buttons or hurt his feelings. You want to lighten the mood.

Send a few jokes or silly messages if you ever think your Cancer man might be feeling down. He’ll love that you’re trying to cheer him up!

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Be Kind

The most important thing to keep in mind if you want to learn how to text a Cancer man is that you need to be kind.

Your Cancer man will listen if you’re upset and need to rant. Be kind and respectful toward him, though! Don’t immediately start ranting. Make sure he’s able to listen first.

Don’t make your Cancer man feel like you’re taking advantage of him. Check-in with him and show that you care about how he’s doing. Don’t just rely on him for emotional support without giving any in return.

Be careful when joking around and teasing too. This is especially important over text! You don’t want to hurt his feelings.

Don’t Overtext

Should you text a Cancer man first? Most of the time, you might need to text first, especially if your Cancer man is particularly shy. Try not to message him too much, though.

A Cancer man’s texting habits mean that he won’t always reach out first. However, he is good about responding when you message first. If he doesn’t respond right away, be patient.

Your Cancer man might get overwhelmed if you send multiple texts in a row or if you keep texting when he doesn’t respond right away.

Balance your messages to your Cancer man. You can reach out first but then wait for him to respond. If it’s been a few days, you can check in to see if everything is alright, as long as you don’t seem accusatory.

Text as much as you want once the conversation has started, though! Your Cancer man will text for hours if he’s in the mood.

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Don’t Ignore Him Either

A Cancer man’s texting style might mirror yours in some way. He’ll quickly respond if you do, and he’ll try not to text too much if you don’t message him often.

If you constantly ignore your Cancer man’s texts, that will likely make him feel bad. He may also start to ignore you and not reply as quickly.

If you haven’t heard from your Cancer man in a while, he might be waiting for you to reach out. Go ahead and do that! You don’t need to wait around for him to initiate things.

When your Cancer man messages you, try to reply quickly. He’ll understand if you’re busy or not in the mood to talk, but don’t leave him on read or ignore him for too long.

You want to make your Cancer man feel good. Ignoring him won’t do that! He’s not the type of person you should play hard to get with.

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