5 Taurus Woman Spirit Animals That Best Represent Her

Updated February 20, 2023
5 Taurus Woman Spirit Animals That Best Represent Her

If you are wondering about the Taurus woman’s animal, then you may want to know how to use astrology to determine her spiritual creature.

How does her star sign relate to her spirit animal?

When you want to find a Taurus woman’s animal symbol, you need to compare her zodiac sign’s typical characteristics with the qualities of different animals.

Is a Taurus lady like a faithful, friendly dog, or she more of a prowling, sneaky cat?

Once you get to know the quintessential traits of her star sign, you will be able to determine a Taurus woman’s spirit animals.

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Taurus woman animal chinchilla

One of the first astrological aspects we need to consider when trying to find a Taurus woman’s spirit animal is her zodiac sign’s element.

Every zodiac sign correlates with one of the four elements of nature. These elements are earth, fire, water, and air.

The zodiac signs’ elements reveal a great deal about the personalities and dispositions of the signs.

The Taurus element is earth, and earth signs are known as being logical, practical, and stable. They are also quite sensual and tactile.

A Taurus woman is innately physical and affectionate. She shows her love by kissing, cuddling, and hugging her loved ones, and her sense of touch is quite strong.

She relies on what she can experience and feel with her five physical senses rather than what she feels emotionally or intuitively.

The sensuality of a Taurus woman is perhaps best portrayed by the soft, sweet chinchilla.

The chinchilla is an adorable little rodent known for its remarkably luxurious fur, which is its most prized possession.

Humans have long coveted the supremely soft chinchilla fur and used it to make coats. Chinchillas are now critically endangered due to fur farms and their susceptibility to predators.

Not only is the fur of a chinchilla stunning and soft to the touch, but it is useful in protecting this vulnerable creature.

When threatened, a chinchilla can release the patch of fur that a predator has latched onto so that it can escape from the predator’s grasp.

Chinchillas are highly sensitive to the cold and wet. If they get wet, their soft fur will not only become clumped and matted but they can easily develop hypothermia and die.

Instead of water, chinchillas bathe by rolling around in powder or dust. This dust absorbs excess oils and moisture to help keep the chinchilla clean.

A Taurus woman, like the chinchilla, is sensual and sensitive to her surroundings. She enjoys being surrounded by beautiful things, and gorgeous art and decor are soothing to her.


Taurus woman animal beaver

Just as each sign correlates with a natural element, every astrological sign also rules a particular “house” of the zodiac. The house reveals a sign’s strengths and values.

Taurus rules the second house, which is the house of work, work ethic, income, habits, and daily routines.

Taurus’ ruling house tells us that this zodiac sign’s personality is very diligent and ambitious. A Taurus woman values putting in a hard day’s work to earn her paycheck.

No job is too dirty or lowly for her, and she has the persistence and determination to see any task through to the end.

She is also a bit of a perfectionist so she won’t be satisfied with a sloppy job. She does everything to the best of her abilities because she knows she will reap the rewards of what she sows.

A Taurus woman is one of the perfect zodiac signs to hire in any field because she is a responsible and reliable co-worker and employee.

But a Taurus lady isn’t so focused and hard-working that she doesn’t find time to enjoy herself, as well. She believes in playing just as hard as she works, and she has a good work-life balance.

There is no better creature than the beaver to represent the simultaneously hard-working yet playful nature of a Taurus woman.

Beavers are known for the dams and homes they build. They gather sticks to create little compounds where their families can live safely.

Just like a beaver, a Taurus woman will toil endlessly to provide a secure and comfortable lifestyle for her loved ones.

A Taurus woman tends to be a bit of an introvert and enjoys the sanctuary of her home just as much as the clever beaver.

Beavers are also typically monogamous animals that choose one mate for life. A Taurus woman is similarly monogamous, and she can’t wait to find the right partner to settle down and build a life with.

The adorable, romantic, and industrious beaver is the perfect creature to demonstrate some of the key characteristics of a Taurus woman.

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Taurus woman animal buffalo

As an earth sign, Taurus is one of the most stable zodiac signs, meaning that a Taurus woman is someone who can always be counted on.

She is predictable, steady, and dependable. These qualities make one of this zodiac sign’s animals the buffalo.

The buffalo represents consistency because it is a large, sturdy, and calm creature. The big, powerful body of the buffalo keeps it weighted and grounded.
Buffalos live in herds of hundreds and even thousands. They are quite protective of not only their own offspring but also all of the young in the herd.

A Taurus woman is protective and maternal, just like the buffalo. She makes a great parent and she often takes a responsible, nurturing role in her group of friends or workplace.

She is the friend you can always call in a crisis and, no matter what the problem or what time of day it is, she will drop everything she is doing to soothe and help you.

She has a calming, reassuring presence that draws people to her magnetically, and she has her own herd of loved ones whom she would protect with her life.

A Taurus woman values commitment and reliability more than spontaneity or impulsivity.

While she’s not the person to contact when you want to go on a road trip at the last minute, she will be there waiting to throw you a welcome home party at her home when you return.


Taurus woman animal goose

Each sign of the zodiac is guided by a specific heavenly body that conveys something significant about that sign.

Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, money, and beauty. The influence of Venus makes a Taurus woman sweet, affectionate, loving, and romantic.

She is also completely loyal and devoted once she’s in a committed relationship. She would never betray her partner and expects nothing short of total faithfulness in return.

A Taurus woman can hold a grudge for a long time, so if her lover cheats on her, she may never recover from the betrayal.

But she is intensely stubborn, so she might still cling to the relationship even though her feelings will never be the same again.

The goose makes the Taurus spirit animal list for a Taurus woman because this bird is known for its loyalty.

As a spirit animal, the goose represents kindness, loyalty, bravery, and making family a high priority.

Geese, like most waterfowl, are monogamous and usually mate for life. They choose one partner to breed with, and they are fiercely protective of their partners and offspring.

Geese are so loyal and devoted that they have been known to refuse to leave the side of an injured chick or mate.

Like the goose, a Taurus woman is steadfastly faithful and committed to her loved ones. Her loyalty extends not only to her romantic partner but also to her family and friends.


Taurus woman animal bull

When we are looking to discover the spirit animals of a Taurus woman, we would be remiss to exclude her zodiac sign’s animal symbol.

Every astrological sign has a special symbol, usually an animal, that tells us something important about that sign. The zodiac signs’ symbols encapsulate the distinctive personality traits of the signs.

In addition, the zodiac symbols can help point us to the signs’ spirit guides. The symbol for Taurus is the bull, which deserves a spot on the list of a Taurus woman’s animals.

The bull is strong, stubborn, and hard-headed. It has an intimidating presence and is known to charge through any obstacle in its path, using force to achieve its goals and take what it wants.

Just like her star sign’s symbol of the bull, a Taurus woman is incredibly stubborn. While her dogged persistence is one of her best qualities, stubbornness is one of her worst traits.

Her determination and perseverance are admirable and unmatched. These qualities serve her well, particularly in her professional life.

On the other hand, these same traits make a Taurus lady unyielding and obstinate, which can cause problems in her personal life.

For the most part, she is gentle and accommodating. But when she has strong feelings about something, she is unafraid to put her foot down.

Once she has made up her mind, no amount of begging, pleading, bribing, or explaining will make her change it.

As the sign of the bull, it makes sense that a Taurus woman is bull-headed and stubborn and that the bull has a place on the list of Taurus spirit animals.

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