6 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Be Taurus Soulmate

Updated May 16, 2023

Are you the ideal Taurus soulmate? People born under specific signs are the best romantic match for Taurus.

Water and earth signs are a Taurus’s greatest love. They are affectionate and sensible.

People born under the sign of Taurus long for love. Their romantic matches are other Taurus people and their opposite sign, Scorpio.

Taurus people find soulmates in other signs like Cancer and Capricorn nurturing. Their soulmates must be a combination of emotionally supportive and rational.

Taurus people are attracted to soulmates who are compassionate and artistic. They love people who share their aesthetics.

1. Scorpio

Taurus people are fascinated by their opposite sign, Scorpio. Scorpios can often be a perfect soulmate for Taurus because they are honest, sincere, and loyal.

Taurus craves security and stability. Scorpios can be obsessed with wealth and power. A Taurus and Scorpio couple can be the ideal power couple. Their relationship can be deep and enduring.

People born under the sign of Taurus believe in soulmates from a young age. They dream of affectionate, romantic, devoted partners. Scorpio satisfies Taurus’s desires.

Scorpios can be enigmatic but this only makes Taurus curious about them. Scorpio is obsessive, honest, and assertive. They intuitively understand how to make Taurus happy.

Taurus’s soulmate’s signs are most likely to be water signs. Scorpio is one of their most seductive and passionate prospective partners. Scorpio and Taurus can seem like the perfect couple.

A Taurus soulmate’s age is irrelevant. People born under this sign prefer mature partners. They can be attracted to older people but a younger yet mature partner also fulfills Taurus’s desires.

Of a Taurus’s soulmates, Scorpio is most likely to understand their fears and fantasies. They have an uncanny gift for reading Taurus’s mind. Scorpio can be empathetic and intuitive.

Taurus is not always a strong communicator. Yet with Scorpio, Taurus can afford to be aloof and Scorpio still understands them. Scorpio can be attuned to Taurus’s deeper desires.

2. Taurus

Taurus people can be ideal soulmates for other Taurus people. They can be comfortable with other people born under this sign. Taurus can be loyal, candid, and generous.

They understand each other’s desires and although Taurus can be practical and have a sensible nature. They respect each other’s boundaries and avoid drama.

Taurus’s soulmates are romantic and traditional. They support each other’s dreams and can be sincere and affectionate. They share each other’s aesthetics and can make a beautiful couple.

Taurus and Taurus soulmates are patient in love. They want to make their relationship last for the long haul. Taurus can be attentive and admiring. They work steadily to build a life together.

A Taurus soulmate match can be others of their sign. Taurus enjoys a cultured and sophisticated lifestyle with their Taurus soulmate. They enjoy the same hobbies and have similar attitudes toward family and money.

No one truly understands the Taurus personality like another person born under their sign. They are attracted to each other because of their shared lifestyles and priorities.

3. Pisces

Taurus people are attracted to gentle and sensitive Pisces. Pisces can be an ideal soulmate for someone born under the sign of Taurus. Taurus can be stoic and rational.

A Pisces soulmate helps Taurus let their guard down. They can become more attuned to their vulnerable, emotional nature with the help of a Pisces partner.

Taurus feels protective of Pisces. Pisces can be vulnerable and timid, eliciting a response from their Taurus partner. They can fall in love instantly and enjoy a romantic partnership.

Taurus and Pisces are perfect soulmates because Pisces encourages Taurus to open up about their fantasies. Taurus provides a stable foundation for Pisces to explore their spiritual, mystical side.

Pisces can be dreamy and mystical, which is far from Virgo’s personality. Though Virgo is pragmatic and realistic, they are receptive to a Pisces person’s gentle and empathetic nature.

What are Taurus attracted to sexually? They need an imaginative partner who can help them express their hidden desires. Pisces are perfect romantic partners for this sometimes restrained sign.

Taurus has a soft spot in their hearts for Pisces. Pisces often seems wounded. Though Pisces’ dependent nature can turn off most signs, Taurus finds their personality charming.

Taurus sees Pisces’ vulnerability as endearing. Taurus feels protective over Pisces and can be nurturing and encouraging. Pisces brings optimism and inspiration to Taurus.

As soulmates, Taurus and Pisces can boost each other’s confidence. They can be loving and romantic. Pisces encourages Taurus to open up and show their sensitivity.

4. Cancer

Taurus and Cancer can be ideal romantic partners. Taurus is an earth sign and of the water signs, Cancer is the most tenacious and domestic. They share a love of home and family.

Cancer is one of Taurus’s top soul mates. Taurus helps Cancer stay grounded as they go through their dramatic mood swings. Cancer’s emotional nature can help Taurus become more expressive.

Cancer can be nurturing and empathetic. They encourage Taurus to open up about their subconscious desires. Cancer and Taurus can be a comfortable, romantic couple.

Taurus looks to Cancer for emotional reassurance and comfort. Cancer and Taurus soulmates enjoy domestic bliss. They are focused on family and home. They share traditional values and easily understand each other.

Cancer and Taurus soulmates can also become successful business partners. They share financially savvy skills and can encourage each other’s professional growth.

A Taurus woman’s soulmate can be someone born under the sign of Cancer as this sign balances their sensible nature with emotional sensitivity and intuition.

Cancer can make Taurus feel loved and appreciated. Though Taurus people are not egotistical, they crave recognition. Cancer knows how to set a Taurus person on a pedestal.

Cancer can make Taurus feel powerful and in control. They are flexible and accommodating. Cancer can be one of Taurus’s soulmates because they know how to build Taurus up and perfectly complement their personality.

5. Virgo

Taurus can be compatible with other earth signs. Virgo is one of Taurus’s potential soulmates. Virgos have high expectations and can be perfectionists. They are analytical and rational.

Virgos are intelligent, well-read, and organized. They are studious and efficient which is comforting to Taurus. Taurus people love Virgo’s humility and sensible nature.

They appreciate Virgo’s professional style and honesty. Virgo respects Taurus’s boundaries and this pair can work well together in business and family matters.

Virgo’s methodical nature and adherence to routines make Taurus feel more secure. Taurus can be attracted to Virgo’s humility and desire to be helpful.

Taurus and Virgo are a lowkey couple who enjoy their time together cooking, gardening, and taking care of their home and family. People born under these signs can be comfortable with each other instantly.

Taurus people see Virgos as their ideal partners. Virgos share their love of health and desire for serenity and consistency. They appreciate Virgo’s down-to-earth personality.

Virgo can be a Taurus person’s dream come true. They are clean and image-conscious. They share Taurus’s financial savvy nature and can be budget-conscious.

Who is Taurus’s best friend? In addition to being a potential romantic partner and soulmate, Taurus can also be lifelong friends with Virgo. They can be best friends and share common ground.

A Virgo soulmate is not always a romantic partner for Taurus. They can be soulmates with their close friends. Their bond is consistent and enduring.

6. Capricorn

Capricorn is an earth sign like Taurus. Of the potential Taurus soulmates, Capricorn people can be one of the most reliable. They are dependable and steadfast.

Capricorns are traditional and family-oriented. Taurus brings beauty and pleasure to the relationship. Capricorn people can be cautious and reserved.

Rather than feeling rejected, Taurus is relieved that Capricorn doesn’t invade their space. Capricorns can be one of Taurus’s soulmates because they are professional and career-oriented.

Taurus and Capricorn share priorities and values. They are both traditional and grounded. They are pragmatists who help nurture each other’s long-term goals.

Capricorns can be quiet and unassuming. They are self-sacrificing and mature. They take responsibility for others and can be protective and caring. Taurus feels secure with their Capricorn partners.

Taurus may see Capricorn as their soulmate even though Capricorn doesn’t always believe in soulmates. They can be too materialistic to read deeply into the spiritual aspects of their relationship.

Capricorn and Taurus love each other and show their emotions in similar materialistic ways. Their relationship is subtle and understated. Capricorn is one of Taurus’s ideal soulmates.

Taurus and Capricorn soulmates often have shared business or professional interests. They are committed and take their relationship seriously. They are devoted to making their relationship last through ups and downs.

They may be high school sweethearts whose relationship stands the test of time. Taurus and Capricorn are both resistant to change. They are stubborn but can respect each other’s boundaries.

Capricorn and Taurus have a deep admiration for each other. They are not the most emotional couple, yet their dedication to each other is obvious. Taurus sees Capricorn as a perfect soulmate who understands their practical needs.

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