What Happens When a Taurus Man is Upset?

Updated April 30, 2022
What Happens When a Taurus Man is Upset?

When a Taurus man is upset, you may not know it at first. He will try to hide his feelings.

By the time he tells you what’s wrong, he’s already built resentments. This makes it harder to make amends.

When a Taurus man is done with you, he won’t respond to any attempts you make to try to patch things up with him. He may not show you how upset he is, he may just go silent.

Taurus men are efficient. They will not go out of their way to deal with feelings unless doing so is productive in some practical way. Taurus men try to ignore their feelings when they’re upset.

When a Taurus man is upset, he’ll deny it then he’ll eventually find a way to blame you. If he doesn’t think it’s worth working things out, he’ll just disappear.

He’ll Rationalize His Feelings

When a Taurus man ignores you, he’s most likely upset about something. Don’t count on him to tell you exactly what is on his mind, though, because a Taurus man won’t even know it himself. He will rationalize his feelings.

He won’t want to acknowledge how he’s really feeling. Even if something is bothering him, he’ll try to distract himself and find practical reasons to blame on his low mood. The last things he wants to talk about are his emotions.

A Taurus man is used to rationalizing his feelings. It comes as second nature to him. When you repeatedly ask him what is wrong or why he is upset, he won’t give you the response you want. It’s best to let him sit with his feelings at first.

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He’ll Suppress His Emotions

When a Taurus man misses you, he will hardly scratch the surface and will instead try to act as if nothing is wrong. Taurus men don’t like to show emotions. They would rather suppress how they are feeling.

When a Taurus man is upset, he will do his best to stifle his feelings. This will often lead to a Taurus man acting passive-aggressive or running hot or cold. Rather than asking about his feelings, ask if there is anything you can do for him.

It is easier for a Taurus man to talk about his physical or practical needs than it is for a Taurus man to talk about his more vulnerable emotional needs. When he’s upset, it may seem like he’s being irrational.

Yet a Taurus man always has a reason for acting upset. He usually avoids drama. When he is upset, try to focus on solutions rather than getting him to talk about his feelings.

He’ll Distract Himself

When a Taurus man is sorry, he’ll try to make it up to you but he usually won’t hit the nail right on the head. He’ll tiptoe around the issues. He will often try to distract himself and wait out his upsetting feelings.

A Taurus man will try to distract himself from whatever is causing him to be upset. This can cause problems in a relationship as issues that could be easily resolved are instead ignored by a Taurus man.

Even when you try to get a Taurus man to open up about what is wrong so you can help to resolve the problem, a Taurus man will just dig in his heels and avoid dealing with the real issues. This can lead to problems being prolonged unnecessarily.

You may end up feeling like you’re expected to read his mind. Even if you don’t know exactly why your Taurus man is upset, try to look at his biggest core concerns. Most issues with a Taurus man come down to security, financial stability and career stability.

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He Won’t Open Up

When a Taurus man breaks up with you, it may be because of a situation that could have been resolved. When a Taurus man is upset over something, he won’t open up and talk about what’s on his mind.

Don’t try too hard to get him to open up. He’ll see this as intrusive and considering he’s already upset, a Taurus man won’t appreciate feeling like he’s under pressure to talk about what is wrong.

Instead, give him some space to try to work through his feelings on his own. If this doesn’t work, try to focus on what you can do to work together on surface issues. Don’t get distracted by the deeper unresolved issues, this can become a power struggle.

He’ll Blame You

A Taurus man testing you will stay quiet and observe you to see how you respond when he’s upset. But even when he’s not testing you, his first response is usually to shut down. Next, he’ll usually find a reason to blame you for his upset feelings.

A Taurus man can be practical but if they think it makes them vulnerable, they will go to any lengths to avoid taking responsibility for whatever has made them upset. A Taurus man will try to deflect and focus on what you’ve done wrong rather than talking about what’s upsetting him.

Usually, when a Taurus man gives you a reason for his bad mood, he isn’t telling you what exactly is wrong. He’s showing you the very tip of the iceberg rather than dealing with what is really bothering him.

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He’ll Shut Down

When a Taurus man is mad at you, he will usually avoid you. This is his favorite tactic when he’s upset. If something bothers him, his first line of defense is to ignore the issue altogether. If he can’t sidestep the issue, he’ll distract himself.

If this doesn’t work, he’ll just shut down. A Taurus man may go quiet for a few days and he could even give you the impression the relationship is over. He may not intend to end the relationship.

Often, a Taurus man is not ready to talk about what is bothering him but he also knows you’ll expect an explanation from him. A Taurus man may shut down. It’s the easiest path he can take. As hard working as Taurus men can be, they can also be lazy about dealing with emotions.

He’ll Become Passive-Aggressive

If you see signs that a Taurus man has lost interest in you, it could be that he’s upset and doesn’t want to try to fix the relationship. He may also be acting passive-aggressive because his feelings are hurt.

A passive-aggressive Taurus man will try to make it clear he’s not ready to talk about his issues. He’ll use sarcasm and even shut down as a way to deter you from trying to address the issue.

It is also a way for Taurus men to avoid dealing with the issues upsetting them. A Taurus man will try to avoid his upset feelings but he won’t be able to erase how he’s feeling. He may pick and choose “safe” issues to talk about.

Yet these aren’t the real issues bothering him. Instead of addressing a conflict head on, a Taurus man will respond in passive-aggressive ways.

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He’ll Ghost You

One of the most obvious signs a Taurus man doesn’t like you anymore is his pattern of ghosting. If a Taurus man doesn’t want to invest in the relationship anymore, he’ll simply block you and end all communication.

The best thing to do when a Taurus man goes silent is to not chase him. He doesn’t respond well to feeling pursued or cornered. If a Taurus man panics and ghosts you, he may come back around.

But if you try to contact him through various platforms after he’s set a clear boundary by disconnecting from you, it may just make him angry. If you want to be assured that a Taurus man will come back around, it is best to leave him to his own devices.

He’ll Act Outraged

If you are wondering what to do when a Taurus man ignores you, the best thing to do is to remain calm and level. Usually, a Taurus man will avoid drama and won’t want to throw a tantrum even if he’s upset.

Yet there are times when a Taurus man will go to the other extreme. Sometimes, he’ll act outraged when he’s upset. When this happens, he has usually been silent about the real issue and this is his last resort.

Taurus men care about reputation and status. They won’t want to appear out of control even when they are upset. If your Taurus man has an explosive temper, it usually means he’s been avoiding whatever has made him upset.

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He Won’t Give Second Chances

Keep in mind, when a Taurus man is upset, the best thing to do is to try to de-escalate the situation. Even if you aren’t sure why he is upset. Don’t use this as an opportunity to air past grievances.

If you play into the conflict and drama, it can drive a wedge between you and your Taurus man. Taurus men seldom give second chances. It is better to try to lighten his mood.

A Taurus man can be forgiving but only to a point. He won’t easily come back from feeling he’s been pushed too far. If he feels you’re trying to take control over him or if he thinks you’re trying to intrude into his private life, a Taurus man will walk away for good.

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