10 Taurus Man Negative Traits

Updated March 7, 2023
10 Taurus Man Negative Traits

Taurus is generally considered to be an easy-going sign, but a Taurus man has negative traits like anyone else.

While Taurus is down to Earth and can be generous, a Taurus man can also be stubborn, materialistic, and jealous.

As with the traits of other signs, some negative things can be Taurus’ positive traits if not taken to the extreme.

For example, wanting to look nice isn’t a bad thing. It is when you are so obsessed with appearances that you become judgemental.

Self-care is a great thing. It’s good just to sit back and relax sometimes. A Taurus man might sit back and relax all the time, however.

Focusing on yourself is also good sometimes. However, constantly focusing on yourself above others isn’t good for relationships. Taurus has trouble with this balance at times.

1. Bull-Headed

The bull represents Taurus, so this Taurus personality trait makes sense. Many signs can be stubborn, but Taurus might be the most stubborn.

A Taurus man does not care at all if he’s right. That’s not the point for him. The point is to stick to his guns.

If he is arguing with someone, he will double down on his point of view no matter what. Even after the argument is over, you’re going to have a hard time changing his mind no matter how much evidence you give him.

This stubbornness can be extreme at times. For example, he might get angry at someone and decide he’s never speaking to them again.

Even if they apologize and do everything they can to get back in his good graces, he may still ignore them.

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2. Materialistic

Taurus likes to have nice things. This isn’t always a bad thing, but it can be one of Taurus’ bad traits when they become too focused on material goods.

A Taurus man may want to appear well-off. He wants the best for himself and those around him. This can lead him to spend more money than he has on things he doesn’t need.

He believes that people will think highly of him if he has the best phone, the most expensive watch, and the nicest house on the block. So even if he can’t afford these things, he’ll make sure he has them.

He might become so focused on things that he neglects the people in his life. They love him regardless of what he has, but he doesn’t always realize that.

He may also buy things for other people in place of showing actual love or affection.

3. Possessive

Taurus is exceptionally possessive over the thing he does have. But, unfortunately, he’s also possessive of the people in his life, both friends and romantic partners.

He doesn’t always like to share. Sure, he might buy you a gift now and then, but he’s not going to let you use his computer or lend you his favorite suit.

This is especially true in relationships. Jealousy and possessiveness are Taurus traits in males as well as females.

If a Taurus man is dating you, he doesn’t want to see you flirting with someone else. He may not even want to see you talking to another man depending on how possessive he is.

This possessive nature can come from insecurity and the need to have stability in his life.

He doesn’t share because then he won’t have the things he wants. He worries that his partner might leave him, so he reacts badly if he thinks they’re paying attention to someone else.

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4. Lazy

This is a well-known Taurus stereotype. A Taurus man wants it all, but he doesn’t always want to work for it.

Taurus likes to be comfortable above all else.

He might make plans to go running with a friend in the morning but choose to sleep in instead. He’ll order takeout because he simply doesn’t feel like cooking.

He’ll ignore his phone because it’s across the room, and he doesn’t want to get up.

Anything that requires effort isn’t his favorite thing. Even if he wants that promotion at work, he doesn’t want to work more to get it. He is more likely to head home early than take on more projects.

Taurus wants good things to simply come to him. He thinks he deserves them. So even if he knows he has to work to get what he wants, he’s going to be reluctant to do the work.

5. Selfish

Taurus men can be self-absorbed and selfish. This is one of Taurus’s bad traits in relationships.

A Taurus man often wants what is best for him above all else. He might be so concerned with his own needs that he neglects the needs of others.

This can be extremely detrimental to his relationships, both romantic and platonic.

He’s always happy to accept help from his loved ones, but when they ask him to return the favor? He might be nowhere to be found. Indeed, he got what he wanted, and that’s all that matters.

If he wants a new laptop but can’t afford to buy that and a birthday present for his partner, he will choose the new laptop.

Who cares if he doesn’t need the laptop? Who cares if his partner will be upset? He wants it, and that’s what matters.

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6. Focused on Appearance

As mentioned, one of the bad traits of a Taurus is that they are materialistic and want to appear well-off even when they aren’t. One reason for this is because they are highly focused on appearance.

He wants to look good at all times. This is one area where he is willing to put in the effort. His hygiene will be impeccable. He’ll wear nice clothes.

If other people are around, you can bet he’s putting his best foot forward.

He also wants his partner to look good. Of course, what each Taurus man thinks is attractive will vary, but they are very focused on beauty and aesthetics regardless of their preferences.

If he or his partner doesn’t look their best, he’s going to be upset. This is because he cares about what others think of him, often too much.

He judges others based on their appearances as well. He can be highly critical of everyone’s appearance, even random people he passes in the street.

7. Ignores Emotions

Taurus can be a very emotional person, but one of Taurus’ characteristics is that they often ignore emotions. This is true of their own emotions and the feelings of other people.

He might be angry or sad on the inside, but he doesn’t want anyone to see that.

He wants people to think he’s easy-going and that everything is alright in this life. So he might not even open up to those closest to him at times.

Negative emotions simply feel inconvenient. He doesn’t seem put together if he’s down all the time. A frown doesn’t fit with his aesthetic.

Your emotions may be inconvenient for him as well. If he wants to relax and watch a movie, he doesn’t want to hear about how terrible your day was.

It doesn’t matter that some reassurance would make you feel better. It’s too much of a chore.

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8. Irritable

As much as he ignores them, Taurus does have emotions. But, unfortunately, he just bottles them up and puts on a happy face.

He gets angry when things don’t go his way. He gets frustrated when he can’t afford the things he wants. He’s easily embarrassed and will be mortified if someone criticizes his appearance.

All of this is often bubbling beneath the surface. He may appear perfectly pleasant and unbothered, but that is often not the case.

Of course, these emotions can’t stay inside forever. This means that a Taurus man is prone to unexpected bouts of emotion. Then, when he just can’t handle it anymore, he explodes.

This doesn’t always come out as anger. But, unfortunately, it sometimes means that he’ll sit around feeling sorry for himself for days on end.

9. Jealous

One fact about Taurus is that they want everything. A Taurus man wants financial security, a great relationship, time to do what he wants, and all the material goods he could ever hope for.

He doesn’t always get what he wants, though. He sometimes wants too much, and it’s just not possible to have every single thing he desires.

He gets extremely jealous when other people have what he wants. He doesn’t think it’s fair that his coworker got a promotion, and he didn’t. He believes he deserves his neighbor’s new car, not his neighbor.

He gets jealous over his friends and partners too. He wants them to spend time with him, not other people. He wants them to be focused on him, and he feels jealous when they’re not.

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10. Procrastination

This is a result of that lazy trait. Getting things done quickly just isn’t part of the Taurus personality.

Even if it’s in his best interest to finish something early, he’s going to put it off. He’d rather be watching television or getting ice cream or anything else other than what he’s supposed to be doing.

This doesn’t mean that he’s always late. On the contrary, he may finish projects on time consistently. He’s just going to be working on them right up to the deadline.

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