What Happens When a Taurus Man Gets Mad?

Updated February 22, 2023
What Happens When a Taurus Man Gets Mad?

Since every zodiac sign reacts differently to anger, you may wonder, what happens when a Taurus man is mad?

Is he the volatile, shouting type, or does he prefer to suffer in silence?

Each astrological sign expresses feelings in different ways based on their personalities and communication styles.

A Taurus guy isn’t prone to anger, but he also isn’t skilled at conveying his emotions, so it’s no wonder that you may have a hard time understanding when he’s upset.

Once you have a better understanding of how this sign responds to emotions, you will know what to expect when a Taurus man gets mad.

He Bottles His Feelings Up

Each zodiac sign belongs to one of four natural elements: fire, air, water, or earth. A sign’s natural element tells us important aspects of that sign’s personality.

Taurus is one of the three earth signs of the zodiac, and earth signs are known for being grounded, practical, and logical. They are slow to anger and it takes a lot to ruffle their feathers.

They also tend to lack emotional self-awareness, which can make them bottle up negative feelings for a long time before realizing they are upset.

A Taurus guy is unlikely to lash out in anger frequently. He is more likely to let his bad feelings stew until he can’t hold them in any longer.

If you’re his partner, you should encourage him to find healthy ways to get in touch with his emotions and express his feelings.

Encourage him to practice a sport or artistic hobby when he’s upset, and invite him to talk through his feelings constructively with you.

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He Gets Quiet and Irritable

Because he tends to stuff down his emotions, the first warning signs a Taurus man is angry isn’t shouting or throwing things. It’s unusual silence and irritability.

When a Taurus man goes quiet, don’t think it means that everything is okay. It just means that his anger is simmering beneath his cool exterior.

If he isn’t talking to you or reaching out as much as he normally does, it could be a sign that he’s angry.

He will also get annoyed with you easily and will become aggravated at seemingly small things that never bothered him before.

For example, if his anger towards you has been building and you are riding in the car together, he might insist on turning the music off when your favorite song comes on.

Or, if he is a clean freak and usually tidies up without complaining, he might start shouting at you for leaving dirty dishes in the sink when he’s really upset about something much deeper.

Your Taurus guy might not even be aware that he’s being distant and cranky because he may not yet understand how he is feeling.

He Is Passive-Aggressive

Although Taurus men are straightforward communicators, they dislike confrontation because they are people-pleasers who like to keep the peace.

A Taurus guy is more likely to confront someone who has hurt his loved ones than someone who has offended or angered him. This avoidance of direct confrontation can make a Taurus guy passive-aggressive when he’s upset.

When a Taurus man ignores you, mutters under his breath, or makes back-handed comments, it means he is even angrier than he is actually showing.

If your Taurus guy is making passive-aggressive remarks and doing little things to upset you intentionally, you can expect him to blow up soon.

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He Becomes Controlling

Taurus men are domineering and controlling by nature, and these traits are emphasized when they are upset.

When a Taurus is mad at you, he becomes even more controlling than usual. Since he can’t have power over his own emotions, he will try to feel powerful in other ways.

The slightest disruption to his routine can trigger him and make him react more angrily than is appropriate to the situation.

If he is acting bossier and more commanding than usual, not just over the person who has upset him, but over everything, it means that your Taurus man is mad.

He Distracts Himself With Work

Each astrological sign rules over a “house” of the zodiac. A sign’s house reveals their personal values and strengths.

Taurus rules the second house, which is the house of money, work, daily routines, and work ethic. This tells us that Taureans are diligent workers and they are at their best when they follow a strict schedule.

Because they enjoy hard work and tend to push away bad feelings, a Taurus guy is likely to throw himself into a challenging work project when he’s angry.

He does this to distract himself from his negative emotions and to keep him away from the people who have hurt him.

If your Taurus man is spending more late nights at the office than usual, it could be an indicator that he is upset with you.

On the other hand, Taureans are always hard workers, so it’s not unusual for a Taurus man to spend a lot of time at his job.

But if he is working more than usual and also displaying any of the other signs of Taurus anger, you should check in on him and ask if anything is bothering him or making him mad.

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He Eventually Explodes

Taureans are lovers, not fighters, and they hate losing control of their emotions. A Taurus man can go a long time stuffing his anger down to avoid conflict.

A Taurus man will bottle up his anger for as long as he can, but no matter how hard he tries to hold back, he will eventually explode.

When a Taurus man unleashes his wrath, watch out. He will yell, stomp around, and hold his ground until he gets his way.

He is reluctant to display his emotions and he prides himself on self-control, so it makes him even more upset that he can’t hold his feelings in.

If your Taurus guy is so mad that he gets loud and forceful, it means he has hit his limit and all of his pent-up frustration is coming out at once.

He Expects an Apology

When you do something to upset a Taurus guy, be prepared to apologize sincerely and profusely.

Some signs are happy to sweep an argument under the rug and move on without acknowledging it, and a Taurus man might do this for a while if he’s still being passive-aggressive or ignoring the problem.

But once he gets angry enough to explode, he requires a thorough verbal apology to move on.

Crying in front of a Taurus man to try to manipulate him or appeal to his emotions won’t get you out of saying you’re sorry. He is too rational and logical for crocodile tears to work on him.

What a Taurus man wants to hear is that you know what you did wrong and you will correct the behavior in the future so it doesn’t continue to happen.

Explain to him exactly what you did to upset him and tell him what you will do differently from now on so that you never make him feel that way again.

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His Partner Should Take His Side

When your Taurus man is mad at somebody else, he expects his partner to support him and take his side. He doesn’t want you to play the Devil’s advocate and convince him that the other person could be right.

If you want to know how to handle a Taurus man when he’s upset, you need to show him that you’re there for him.

Stick up for him if you have the opportunity and let everyone know that you are on your partner’s team.

If you’re wondering what to say to a Taurus man to comfort him when he’s upset, you need to acknowledge and validate his feelings.

Don’t just tell him to calm down or forget about his problems. He already pushes his feelings aside enough and needs to be encouraged to express himself.

Tell him that he has every right to be upset, that you are on his side no matter what, and you will be there for him to work through the problem.

He Holds a Grudge

Taurus is one of the signs that can hold a grudge for a long time. You have to have patience with a Taurus man and wait for him to get over his anger on his own terms.

If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to forgive you, an apology alone won’t suffice.

You definitely need to apologize, but a Taurus guy needs more than just a verbal apology to move on completely from whatever you did to make him mad.

Show him that you learned from what you did to upset him and don’t repeat the same mistake again.

Do chores for him around the house, prepare his favorite meals, and be extra sweet to him to make up for what you did wrong.

Another great way to say sorry to a Taurus man is in bed. Taureans are very sensual and like to communicate through touch.

If you rock his world in the bedroom to show him how passionately sorry you are, your Taurus man will forgive you much faster.

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