How Does a Taurus Man Like to Kiss?

How Does a Taurus Man Like to Kiss?

A Taurus man’s kiss can sweep you off your feet. If you are wondering how to know if a Taurus man is using you, his kiss won’t give him away.

He can kiss like he’s in love, even when he’s not.

When a Taurus man touches you, he can convey his sensual and romantic nature. Taurus men love to kiss and can become lost in the moment when they are kissing.

A Taurus man testing you may gauge your reaction when he kisses you. He knows he can easily play it off like a kiss was no big deal.

Yet if he feels secure with you, his kiss can be an indicator of deeper feelings. A Taurus man is a sensual, erotic kisser. He loves to kiss as a form of seduction and intimacy.


A Taurus man in bed still loves to be in control. He doesn’t like to lose his solid foundation, even when he’s enjoying intimate moments with you. When he kisses, he loves to be discreet.

A Taurus man is not one to make a scene. He will instead wait for the right moment to kiss you when you are not in the public spotlight. A Taurus man may kiss you as he greets you, but if you’re in public, he’ll settle for a polite kiss.

He doesn’t like to draw attention to himself when he’s showing his love and affection. Even if he’s greeting you in an airport after you’ve been apart, don’t expect a long and passionate kiss.

He’ll kiss you discreetly and then wait until you are home and in a private setting before showing his true passions. A Taurus man will hide the intensity of his passion. This doesn’t mean he doesn’t love you.

Taurus men will also find discreet ways to steal kisses when no one is watching. He may surprise you with a sudden kiss when you have a moment alone or in a setting where he can conceal what he is doing. Yet don’t expect him to kiss you for any length of time in public.

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When you see signs a Taurus man is in love with you, his style of kissing will become more sensual. He will opt for long and progressively more messy kissing styles.

A Taurus man in love will also enjoy kissing your entire body, not just kissing your mouth or face. He’s especially fond of sensually kissing your neck and shoulders.

When a Taurus man kisses you sensually, he may also talk about how much he loves the smell of your perfume or body lotion. He may turn kissing into a fully sensual experience, including kissing as he removes your clothing or spending hours kissing as foreplay.

He can be a sensual kisser when he is falling in love, but Taurus men can also be passionate and sensual when he’s just enjoying a friends with benefits relationship. He will still indulge his romantic and intimate side.

For a Taurus man, the pleasure of kissing you is enhanced when he can engage all of his senses. He’ll open his eyes occasionally to look at you. He’ll be turned on by the smell of your shampoo or lotion. He’ll enjoy kissing you when you sigh softly.


Taurus men love to kiss in romantic ways, and they are good at doing this even if he’s not actually in love. When you see the signs a Taurus man has a crush on you, you may feel like his romantic kissing style is indicative of deeper feelings.

Sometimes this is the case, but it is not always a guarantee. A Taurus man has a soft spot for romance and can easily create a romantic scene even if he is not interested in following through in a serious relationship.

When it comes to kissing he prefers to take his time and be as romantic and tender as possible. He can become completely focused on pleasure and romance when he is kissing you. A Taurus man will try to make every kiss count.

He may light candles and play soft music and will kiss you in ways that make you feel like you’re in a scene in a romantic movie. You may feel like this is proof that he is falling in love, but don’t jump to conclusions.

When you set the scene for romance, a Taurus man will definitely respond. He will become more inclined to open up and kiss you with all of his energy and passion focused on you. He loves to kiss in romantic settings as long as there aren’t other people around.

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When a Taurus man says he loves you, you can take his word for it. He loves to kiss both romantically and erotically. Taurus men can use extended kissing sessions as foreplay.

Kissing helps to turn on a Taurus man. He may use kissing as a warm up for greater intimacy. Kissing is also a great way to tease and entice a Taurus man as you can get him to fantasize about sexual encounters later on.

Kissing a Taurus man erotically, such as French Kissing or kissing him in suggestive ways, can put a Taurus man in the mood to make love, even if he was not planning to originally.

Taurus men love to kiss as a microcosm of intimacy. He will kiss you in ways that emulate intimacy in parallel ways. This enhances his excitement and helps him prepare for sexual encounters.

When a Taurus man misses you, he may get carried away with kissing and even light biting. Yet generally, an erotic Taurus man is more gentle and sensual than he is aggressive and passionate.

He Likes to Kiss in Private

How do you know if a Taurus man is falling for you? When a Taurus man starts to kiss you discreetly in public or in settings where other people are around, it is a good sign he is falling for you. Generally, Taurus men love to kiss in private.

When no one else is around, a Taurus man feels like he can relax and be himself. He doesn’t feel the need to maintain decorum. Instead of trying to keep himself under control, he will let loose and kiss you in more full and sensual ways.

Taurus men feel secure and liberated to show their deeper passions when no one else is around. Though you may fantasize about kissing him on a beach or at a New Year’s Eve party, the reality is, a Taurus man will hold back.

He may give you a small, polite, friendly kiss in these settings. But if you want a Taurus man to really unleash his passions and kiss you in the way he finds most pleasurable, suspend your expectations until you’re alone together.

This is also true of a Taurus man’s preferences when it comes to kissing you in front of his family. If he invites you to meet his kids or have dinner with his parents, he may act aloof or distant. He’s not trying to be cold. He’s just being discreet. He may not kiss you the entire night.

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He Doesn’t Make a Scene

The Taurus man waiting game can be frustrating and leave you wondering if he really cares about you. Yet Taurus men value reputation and appearances. He never wants to make a scene in public, so he may hold off on kissing you.

Even if he wants to kiss you, he’ll wait for just the right moment. Taurus men can be patient and stubborn so it’s best to try to match his patience as well. When a Taurus man kisses you, he needs to feel secure and comfortable.

He’s not one to take advantage of any time he has with you to kiss. If he’s too tired, if the temperature of the room is too hot or too cold, or if he doesn’t feel he has the privacy he wants, he will hold off. He doesn’t like to kiss unless his other physical needs are met.

Taurus men don’t like be theatrical or dramatic when they kiss you. They don’t need to go to these extremes. A Taurus man who is confidence in his attraction energy and kissing skills knows that he can sweep you off your feet without getting the attention of other people.

He’s Hygiene Conscious

Taurus men are conscious of hygiene. He’s not germophobic, but as a sensual guy, sights, smells and sounds have an impact on him. You will want to make sure you are having the right impact on seducing him, not turning him off.

Keep breath mints handy and practice good hygiene and you’ll always be ready to kiss a Taurus man, even if he takes you by surprise and kisses you when you weren’t expecting it.

Any hygiene issues that arise will distract a Taurus man from his enjoyment and the experience of kissing you will not be as pleasurable as he normally expects it to be. It’s best to avoid these issues.

He’ll also love to kiss you when he can taste something minty, fresh or sweet on your breath, rather than what you had for dinner. Paying attention to these details can help foster long kissing sessions with a Taurus man.

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