Are Taurus Men Freaks?

Updated August 20, 2023

Is a Taurus man a freak in bed? This is one sign where it’s hard to tell.

Taurus men who are freaks can hide it well. He also has some habits that make people think he’s a freak even when he’s not.

Taurus men are passionate and they have a reputation for being good in bed but are they freaks?

Just because somebody is good in bed doesn’t necessarily mean they’re wild. Just because somebody has a lot of partners doesn’t mean they’re kinky.

An individual Taurus man might be completely kink-free. If he has a lot of sex and he’s good at it, people might think he’s a freak. He’s really not.

Taurus men also don’t like to share their kinks and fantasies with everyone. They don’t want to be judged.

Lots of Sex

Are Taurus men selfish in bed? Most aren’t. Otherwise, they wouldn’t get a reputation for being great lovers.

It’s not hard to get a Taurus man in bed. He loves sex and he likes to have a lot of it.

Taurus likes to have sex. He likes to have a lot of sex. It’s just another way he indulges himself. Good sex cheers him and lifts his mood in the same way good food can.

A Taurus man’s stamina is quite impressive. They sometimes get reputations for being freaks in bed just because Taurus men can have sex for a long time. It might be completely vanilla sex, though.

Taurus doesn’t need to be in love to have sex. He’ll have one-night stands and casual flings. He might have a friend with benefits.

A single Taurus man isn’t just having a lot of sex, he might also be having it with multiple partners.

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Needs Variety

Taurus doesn’t like change in a lot of ways but when it comes to sex, he needs variety in his life.

Some people think this means he’s unable to stay monogamous. That is not true at all! He is absolutely capable of being a faithful partner. The variety doesn’t necessarily need to come from having multiple partners.

He just likes to mix things up in the bedroom sometimes. He doesn’t get bored if things aren’t constantly changing as a Sagittarius might. He does like having some routine when it comes to sex.

He likes to try new things, though. If he’s feeling bored in life, mixing things up in the bedroom might be just the thing to lift his spirits.

The variety can come from the location he has sex. He might try adding toys. He might even be open to testing out some new kinks.


Are Taurus men womanizers? They can certainly be players while they’re still living the single life. Once a Taurus man is in love, he settles down, though.

Taurus men may have some traditional views about relationships. Some Taurus men are in open or polyamorous relationships but more often than not, Taurus tends to think of a relationship as being between two people.

When he settles into a relationship and gets married, he’s going to be different than he was when he was single. He’ll have one partner. He won’t be as wild as he was during his bachelor days.

This is one of the reasons Taurus doesn’t actually seem like a freak at all once he’s in a committed relationship.

He might be behind closed doors. You’re just not going to see him out with multiple partners. You won’t see him getting wild out in public either.

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Trust is one thing that is very important to Taurus.

He’ll have sex with people he doesn’t love or even that he doesn’t know particularly well. That doesn’t mean he’ll open up to them about all his fantasies, though.

Taurus may have some hidden fantasies that he doesn’t trust everyone with. If he tells a casual partner his fantasies, he doesn’t know if he can trust them not to judge him.

If Taurus is a freak in bed, only his long-term partners probably ever really see that side of him. You can have casual vanilla sex. Just because he has a lot of sex doesn’t mean it’s all wild.

When he trusts a partner and he is completely comfortable with them, that’s when his freak flag might start flying. If he has secret fantasies he’s never been able to share, he’ll gladly share them with somebody he can trust.


Taurus is stubborn. He wants things to go his way. If he decides he wants to ease into a relationship and take things slow, there’s no changing his mind.

He can take a while to get into a relationship. As mentioned, he may not be comfortable sharing his deepest fantasies with all his sexual partners.

He might have unexplored kinks because he hasn’t found the right person to try them with.

What turns a Taurus man off? If somebody is too domineering or tries to force him to do something before he’s ready, he’ll back off from the relationship. He wants his boundaries to be respected.

If you want to attract a Taurus man and keep him around for more than a night, go at his pace.

He might dive right into bed with you but that doesn’t mean he trusts you. If he doesn’t want to share his fantasies or discuss kinks yet, wait for him to be ready.

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Taurus can be a very curious person. He likes to know what’s going on in the world around him. If he gets interested in something, he wants to know everything about it.

This curiosity is one of the reasons Taurus is so observant. It is also one of the reasons he tends to try new things.

If he hears about a certain sex position or sexual act, he’ll get curious about it. He might look it up. This isn’t necessarily because he wants to watch porn or because it gets him off. He just wants to learn more about it.

If you see some odd things in a Taurus man’s search history, don’t assume he’s looking up things he likes. They might be kinks he likes but he might also just be looking up something he heard about.

His curiosity gets the best of him. He can’t help but wonder what something looks like or how exactly it’s possible.


Taurus gets easily embarrassed. He might come across as confident but he’s actually quite self-conscious.

He cares about what other people think of him. If somebody makes a disparaging comment about how many partners he’s had, he’ll stop discussing his sex life with that person.

He might even try to be more discreet about his sexual encounters with others.

If Taurus is a freak in bed, he’s not advertising that to everyone. You aren’t going to hear him loudly recounting his escapades at a party.

This is also a reason why he might not share certain fantasies or kinks with his partners. He may not even share certain ones with a long-term partner he trusts.

He doesn’t want to be embarrassed. He doesn’t want to be judged. If he openly lets his freak flag fly, he’s opening himself up to criticism. He doesn’t want that at all.

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Fetishes & Kinks

You won’t always learn a Taurus man’s kinks right away. Even if you’ve been in a relationship with a Taurus for quite a while, you likely don’t know everything he fantasizes about.

Not all Taurus men are kinky. There is a wide variety when it comes to how kinky Taurus men are and what exactly their kinks are.

The same can be said for fetishes. Not all Taurus men have a fetish. Ones who do might have a relatively tame one or it might be something more out of the ordinary.

As mentioned, he doesn’t want to be judged. If he has a more taboo kink or fetish, he’ll be far less likely to open up to his sexual partners about it.

If he’s comfortable with somebody and knows they won’t judge him, he might share his kinks with them. He might also keep his kinks to himself completely.

Even if you dated a Taurus in the past who you thought was completely vanilla, you might be wrong. He just didn’t feel comfortable sharing his kinks with you.

New Experiences

A Taurus in the bedroom isn’t always wild like a Gemini or Sagittarius might be, but he does like to have new experiences.

He is open to trying new things. If his partner wants to try something, he’ll hear them out. He’s not necessarily down for anything but he’ll at least listen and try to do what he can to please his partner.

Trying new things is fun. Just like going to a new restaurant or seeing a new movie is an exciting experience, it’s exciting to mix things up in the bedroom and try something you’ve never done before.

He won’t say no just because something is a little unusual. He might not want to be the one to suggest something too wild but if his partner does, he’ll give it a try.

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