Flirt With a Taurus Man by Making Eye Contact

Updated December 17, 2022
Flirt With a Taurus Man by Making Eye Contact

To a Taurus man, eye contact is an important form of communication. Especially given his tendency to stumble through verbal communication.

He’s more adept at reading and sending signals through body language than through words. He’ll read your thoughts through eye contact.

If a Taurus man is testing you, he’ll pay careful attention to not only what you say, but how you say it. He’ll read meaning in your entire facial expression.

Eye contact gives you an opportunity to reach him on a subtle level, and that is what he prefers. You can flirt with Taurus through eye contact without overwhelming him.

A Taurus man’s intense stare can be his way of trying to figure you out. He’ll analyze your eye contact and look for signs of your true feelings. But he never likes to openly talk about feelings.

Wear Soft Makeup

One of the signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you is when he spends time looking deep into your eyes. Give him a little extra to look at and turn up the heat and romance with your eye makeup.

As one of the more artistic signs, Taurus men appreciate makeup that compliments your natural features. Yet they are also attracted to women who wear makeup that is bold enough to make an artistic statement.

When you accentuate your eyes through dramatic makeup, use a range of light to dark shades to add depth and seduction. He won’t be able to take his own eyes off you. A Taurus man will be more encouraged to watch you closely.

This provides fertile ground for flirtation through facial expressions and body language. Sometimes Taurus men overlook details because they’re too distracted by their work or agendas. When you make a statement with your eye makeup, it will command his attention.

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Flutter Your Eyes

Just as bold color combinations and dazzling makeup will get his attention, so will movement. You can flirt with a Taurus man by batting your eyes strategically while talking with him. Use this technique sparingly.

If you are constantly fluttering your eyelids, he’ll assume you have a lash stuck in your eyes and the effect will be lost. If you want to flirt with him, use this technique to accentuate certain things you say to him.

For instance, if he gives you a compliment and you thank him, a brief fluttering of your eyelids can send a signal that you’re being humble and therefore project an image of innocence.

You won’t know the signs a Taurus man likes you through text when you use this technique.

Flirting with eye contact is usually best done in real life but it also gives you a reason to pursue him.

You may have heard a Taurus man doesn’t initiate contact and this is largely true. Yet he will step up to the plate if he feels enticed by eye contact.

Taurus men are attracted to old fashioned romance. He’s seen the female protagonists in numerous love stories batting their eyes to show love and attraction.

Even if he has no idea why people do this, he’s already programed to associated this gesture with love.

Avoid a Hard Stare

When you see signs a Taurus man has a crush on you, you can try to motivate him to take things to a new level by flirting with your body language and eye contact. Taurus men are instinctive, so avoid giving him a hard stare.

You may not even realize you’re doing it. After all, Taurus men are confusing and hard to figure out. You may only realize you were staring at him across the room when he suddenly catches your eyes and looks annoyed. This is not the impact you want to have.

It’s best to follow the rules of polite conversation and flirtation. If a Taurus man feels like you are staring him down, he will become defensive. Keep your eyes soft and your expression friendly.

Practice in a mirror. Sometimes, what is meant to be a seductive, sultry gaze comes across as a hard stare and a facial expression that he reads as angry. Avoid going to this extreme without practicing first to make sure you’ve got the right expression.

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Give a Dreamy Look

A Taurus man watching from a distance may want to approach you but hesitate because of fear. Don’t underestimate how slow Taurus men can be to make the first moves. Give him a dreamy look and you’ll disarm his defenses.

He will be more likely to come forward and strike up a conversation if you look approachable, sweet and romantic. Look at him as if you are in the midst of a romantic daydream. He will assume you are a deep and imaginative person.

He’ll also find this look romantic because it reminds him of his soft, nurturing side. He will have no reason to put his defenses up when you gaze at him as if you just woke up from a dream.

You can also practice getting the right expression down by visualizing your favorite fantasies, be it a day at the beach or meeting your favorite celebrity. The look on your face when you get lost in imagining something or someone you love or adore will get his attention.

You can flirt with a Taurus man by making him feel like he’s the one you fantasize about. When you’re in the midst of a conversation and he sees this look on your face, he’ll recognize it for what it is. He’ll realize that you see him as the object of your desire.

If you were to come out and say this to him in words, it would scare him away. But letting him come to this realization through analyzing your facial expression is a treat to a Taurus man. He will see it as flattering and not feel overwhelmed by any expectations.

Gaze Lovingly at Him

When it comes to showing a Taurus man love, let your eyes do the talking. Gaze lovingly at him as if you are trying to convey your feelings through your eye contact. Remember to convey love for him, not desperation or eagerness.

You don’t want your expression to come across as needy or desperate. Smile softly and gaze at your Taurus man the way you would look at an adorable puppy or young child. This way, you can rein yourself in and avoid looking too eager.

He should respond to this subtle love signal because Taurus men prefer body language and facial expressions to actual words. He will pick up on your communication clearly even if you don’t speak a word.

Remember that when it comes to a Taurus man, a slow approach is always better than pouring your heart out to him. It may take several encounters for him to flirt back or to say the things you want to hear from him. But rest assured that when you let your eyes do the talking, you’ll get his attention.

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Smile with Your Eyes

If you’re wondering how to know when a Taurus man is done with you, he will make it known beyond a shadow of a doubt. If a Taurus man responds to your eye contact and flirtation it’s a clear sign he likes you.

Lighten the mood by smiling with your eyes. This goes a long way with a Taurus man. An artist’s trick, when painting portraits, is to make sure the smile is conveyed both through the mouth but also through the eyes.

A Taurus man will notice if you are only smiling with your mouth. He will read this as a sign of deceit or will assume that you are just humoring him and not really smiling out of genuine flirtation. Make sure to smile with your eyes and the flirtation will look genuine.

Your eyes are the windows to your soul and when you use eye contact to convey a light, happy and cheerful mood, a Taurus man will read into this. He’ll also think you are a largely positive and cheery person. This is a good baseline for flirtation for a Taurus man.

Send Selfies of Your Eyes

It can be challenging to get a Taurus man alone with you because they always keep themselves busy with work or other tasks. Luckily, you can flirt with your Taurus love interest using your eyes, even from a distance.

Send him flirty selfies featuring your eyes prominently. Send photos of your eyes with romantic makeup or send photos of the soft, flirty, dreamy gazes you’ve been practicing. Never send a Taurus man a photo without some brief message.

He will become confused and you even run the risk of annoying him. Send him a picture with a few words of explanation, letting him know you are thinking of him or asking about his day. If you are in a unique setting, you can also use this as an excuse to send a selfie.

Another way to get his attention is to photos of food you’ve prepared. Hold a freshly baked cake up to your face so only your eyes show in the background, for example. The food and your eyes will both get his attention.

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