Are Taurus Men Dominant in a Relationship?

Updated August 12, 2022
Are Taurus Men Dominant in a Relationship?

When it comes to romantic relationships, is a Taurus man dominant or does he prefer to take a more passive role?

Who does he want to take control of the love affair?

Each zodiac sign tends to take either a dominant or submissive position in a relationship. When two dominant types come together, it can be disastrous, and when two submissives partner up, the relationship may never progress.

So, how can you tell if a Taurus man is dominant or submissive so that you know whether or not you will be compatible together?

When you understand his astrological sign’s typical personality traits and psychological characteristics, you will know whether or not Taurus men are dominant in relationships.

Their Conventional Gender Roles Make Them Dominant

Taurus men tend to take the dominant position in relationships, and one of the reasons they do so is because of their conventional and conservative worldview.

They are so dominant because they like to take the traditional masculine role. Having control makes them feel more self-confident and manly.

Taurus men in relationships need partners who allow them to assert their masculinity, which means they should be feminine and willing to defer to him sometimes.

If you want to know how to handle a Taurus man, you need to be careful never to emasculate him or make him feel like his voice isn’t heard in your relationship.

If you can make him feel like a man and allow him to be dominant, at least sometimes, then he will be yours forever.

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Their Jealousy Makes Them Dominant

If you’re just friends with a Taurus guy or even in the early stages of dating him, you may see some indicators of his dominance through his jealousy.

A Taurus man gets jealous easily, so if he goes quiet or gets irritable when another man flirts with you, don’t take it as one of the signs a Taurus man doesn’t like you.

When a Taurus is distant after seeing you entertain the attention of someone else, it means that he likes you as more than a friend and he’s jealous of the other man in your life.

A Taurus man’s dominance shows through his jealousy because he wants to be the alpha male.

He can’t stand it when the object of his affection falls for another guy because it makes him feel inferior and like he doesn’t have any control.

Some signs like to spark jealousy in their partners as a flirty mind game, but you should never take this approach with a dominant Taurus man.

Instead of fighting for you, he will back off because he would rather be with someone who makes him feel powerful.

Their Dominance Doesn’t Make Them Unkind

When most people picture a dominant alpha male, they think of someone bossy, demanding, and perhaps even cruel.

But just because a Taurus man is dominant doesn’t mean he is any of those things. It’s perfectly possible for a Taurus guy to be both dominant and sweet at the same time.

As a matter of fact, Taurus men are known for being kind and friendly. Their innate need to assert their dominance doesn’t make them callous or heartless.

Know that even though your Taurus man needs to feel like he is the dominant one in the relationship, he will still treat you like a queen.

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Their Possessiveness Makes Them Dominant

A Taurus man can be a bit shallow and materialistic, and he is very proud of his possessions.

He isn’t necessarily a hoarder or a fan of clutter, but he takes pride in the quality of his belongings and doesn’t like to share what he has earned.

When a Taurus man chooses you as his partner, he thinks that you belong to him. This works both ways, though; he considers himself your property, too.

His possessiveness makes him very dominant because he will want to guard and take good care of what is his.

When you’re in a relationship with a Taurus man, he adds you to his collection of things in his life he is proud of, and he will want to dominate and control you so he can keep you.

They Aren’t Dominant All the Time

Although he has a dominant personality, a Taurus guy is also very patient and willing to take a backseat to his partner’s wishes.

This balance between being dominant and yielding can make a Taurus man confusing, but you just need to understand his limits.

When it comes to having control and dominance in relationships, a Taurus man is often happy to defer to his partner.

When he’s in love with a woman, there is nothing he won’t do for her, including letting her be in charge most of the time if that’s what she wants.

If he lets you make all of the decisions and boss him around without complaining, it’s one of the signs a Taurus man is in love with you.

But a Taurus man tends to let his emotions build up, and if he constantly has to give in to you, his patience will run out eventually.

If you are usually the one calling the shots in your relationship with a Taurus guy, you need to make an effort to let him be the dominant one once in a while.

Even seemingly small gestures like asking him to decide where you should go for dinner or letting him pay the bill without reaching for the check can go a long way towards making your Taurus man feel dominant.

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Their Modality Makes Them Dominant

One of the astrological aspects that makes a Taurus man so dominant is his zodiac sign’s modality.

Every zodiac sign has one of three modalities. A sign’s modality tells us how that sign interacts with the world and how they adapt to change.

Taurus is one of the fixed modality signs, meaning that while they are excellent at persevering through difficulties and finishing what they set out to achieve, they are also incredibly stubborn and resistant to change.

A Taurus guy is very set in his ways and doesn’t like when anything is forced on him. He is naturally dominant because he needs to feel in control of himself.

In his mind, nothing can go wrong as long as he is in charge because he can handle any situation that comes his way.

Their House Makes Them Dominant

Another astrological aspect that makes Taurus men so dominant is their house of the zodiac.

The zodiac wheel is divided into twelve sections, or “houses,” with one sign ruling each house. A sign’s house reveals the strengths and values of that sign.

Taurus rules the second house, which is the house of money, work ethic, and daily routines. Taurus men are obsessed with their daily rituals and they get very upset when their routines are disrupted.

Because a Taurus man is so habitual and set in his ways, it makes sense that he needs to feel dominant and in control.

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Their Symbol Makes Them Dominant

A Taurus man’s dominance can be partially explained by his zodiac sign’s symbol.

Every sign has a unique symbol that encapsulates the important aspects of that sign’s personality.

Taurus is symbolized by the bull, which is a notoriously headstrong and stubborn creature.

Just like a bull pushing its way through any obstacle in its path, a Taurus man is naturally dominant and will use brute force to get his way.

Their Protectiveness Makes Them Dominant

Although his dominance is often self-serving, a Taurus man needs his partner to be submissive sometimes for her sake.

A Taurus man in love feels a sense of responsibility for the woman he cares about and he will do anything to protect her.

The more power, control, and dominance he has, the more effectively he can shield her from harm.

It’s important to a Taurus man that his partner trusts his judgment enough to let him make decisions regarding her safety.

For example, if you are out having drinks with friends and your Taurus guy insists on driving you home to make sure you get there safely, you should let him have his way.

Because he’s so dominant, what a Taurus man wants to hear is that you have enough faith in him to let him make choices about your well-being and that you trust him to protect you.

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They Are Dominant in Bed

A Taurus man is dominant in every way, including in the bedroom.

Taurus man in bed likes to take the dominant role, meaning he likes to initiate sex and be in positions that make him feel like he’s in control of the situation.

This doesn’t mean that he won’t like it when you make a move on him and show him that you’re in the mood for intimacy.

A Taurus guy likes an assertive woman who knows what she wants in bed and isn’t afraid to tell him.

But he never wants to feel inferior or emasculated in bed, so make sure to let him know how well he pleases you and compliment his sexual prowess.

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