Taurus Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Updated December 28, 2022
Taurus Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Whether you belong to one of these signs or trying to set up your friends, you need to know about the typical Taurus man Aquarius woman compatibility.

Do these signs make a good couple or are they mismatched?

There is no doubt that these two signs will share an attraction and could stand to learn a great deal from each other.

The problems arise when their differences surface, and the chance of a relationship between a Taurus guy and an Aquarius girl being successful is very low.

Once you have a better understanding of the classic personality traits and behaviors of these two signs, you will know why a Taurus man and an Aquarius woman are not soulmates.


When it comes to the strength of their compatibility, perhaps an Aquarius and Taurus friendship is the best sort of relationship these two signs can hope for.

Her quirkiness and total confidence in herself will make a Taurus man attracted to an Aquarius woman, while his dependability and practicality make a Taurus guy appealing to an Aquarius lady.

They will each recognize that the other possesses the traits that they lack, so they can help one another grow as individuals.

An Aquarius woman can teach a Taurus man to ignore what everyone else thinks in pursuit of his dreams.

She will give him the confidence boost he needs to motivate him to reach for the stars and aim higher than he could ever imagine on his own.

The Taurus man can show the Aquarius woman how to be more realistic and turn her dreams into actuality.

They will also appreciate one another’s communication style, as they are both extremely honest and direct signs.

They would both rather someone tell them an insensitive truth and risk hurting their feelings than lie to them, even if it’s out of kindness.

But once these two signs start to get to know each other better, the Aquarius compatibility with Taurus will prove too weak to form a lasting friendship.

An Aquarius woman is very independent, so after spending a lot of time with her Taurus friend, she will want some space to regroup and recharge.

Once he has gotten used to her company, the Taurus man won’t ever want to let his Aquarius friend go.

He won’t understand why she runs so hot and cold, and her unreliability makes him feel insecure and like he can’t trust her to be there for him when he needs her.

An Aquarius woman is the kind of friend that you can go years without speaking to, but when you see her eventually, she picks up right where you left off as if no time has come between you.

But a Taurus guy needs consistent, stable friendships and he will resent the way an Aquarius woman dips in and out of his life at her whim.

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An Aquarius and Taurus relationship is almost certainly destined for failure because these two signs have such different expectations of a romantic partnership.

An Aquarius and a Taurus may have a whirlwind romance at the beginning, but soon their relationship will suffer from power struggles and constant misunderstandings.

At first, their communication is strong because they share the same need for complete honesty. They like that they can be direct with one another without hurting each other’s feelings.

But Aquarians struggle to express themselves clearly and Taureans have a hard time talking about their emotions.

A Taurus man needs a sensual and intuitive partner who can understand how he’s feeling without making him say it.

An Aquarius woman is not particularly instinctive when it comes to communication, and while she enjoys her Taurus man’s touch sometimes, other times she can’t stand having anyone’s hands on her.

These two signs simply don’t speak the same language and will become frustrated with all the misunderstandings and wounded feelings.

An Aquarius woman isn’t exactly controlling, but she’s not submissive, either. She doesn’t need to be in charge of others, but she likes to have total control over herself.

A Taurus man is a control freak and he needs a more submissive partner. He’ll admire his Aquarius partner’s tenacity at first, but he will be disappointed when she constantly refuses to bend to his will.

A Taurus guy is a peacemaker, and he is happy to go with the flow as long as it makes everyone around him happy.

An Aquarius woman is innately contrary and likes to go against the grain, even if it’s just for the sake of being different.

The Taurus will feel like the Aquarius is being difficult for no reason, while the Aquarius will question whether she should be with someone more rebellious and unique.

Once they figure out that they aren’t suited for one another, it will probably be up to the Aquarius woman to break up with the Taurus man.

While a Taurus man is reluctant to give up on a relationship when he has fallen in love, an Aquarius woman won’t hesitate to cut ties and move on quickly if she’s unhappy.


While a Taurus and Aquarius marriage is likely to fail, it is even more likely that this pair won’t even make it down the aisle together in the first place.

They will probably figure out their incompatibility and break up long before a proposal ever takes place.

For an Aquarius, the best match for marriage is someone who likes a lot of alone time because an Aquarian woman needs plenty of space and freedom to do as she pleases.

A Taurus man is happy to give his lover some alone time and he can occupy himself, but only for so long.

He will be hurt when his Aquarius partner wants to take frequent trips or hang out with her friends without him, or even stay in a separate room from him when she needs solitude.

He wants a partner to do everything with, and he won’t understand why his Aquarius lover doesn’t want to be around him more.

When he gets clingy or controlling to show his frustration with their separation, the Aquarius will pull back and withdraw from the relationship even more.

If they manage to work through differences (or ignore them) enough to get married, their dissimilarities will still present problems down the road.

For example, raising children together will be a challenge for this couple. Aquarius and Taurus parents will butt heads because they have very different approaches to parenting.

They are both very loving and will always put their children first, so the children shouldn’t suffer from this union; however, kids can drive a wedge between this pair.

A Taurus man would keep his children under lock and key if he could because he wants to keep them safe and protect them from any emotional or physical harm.

An Aquarius woman believes that children need room to grow and will want to grant them as much freedom as possible.

They will feel like they aren’t on the same team anymore and will wonder if the other is really doing what’s best for the kids.

Once again, the power struggles and miscommunications rear their ugly heads in this relationship, making a happy and long-lasting marriage nearly impossible.

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In Bed

Besides having vastly different communication styles and temperaments, Aquarius and Taurus are sexually incompatible, as well. But at first, a Taurus and Aquarius in bed together can have a lot of fun.

Taurus is one of the most sensual signs of the zodiac, and the Aquarius woman will love how a Taurus guy is so in tune with both his body and hers.

They could spend days together in bed, alternating between laughing and watching movies together to extended foreplay sessions and languorous sex.

But after a while, the Aquarius woman will need her space, leaving the Taurus man alone and cold in bed. A Taurus man loves to cuddle and he needs spooning and snuggling to feel connected to his partner.

Aquarius is not a very cuddly sign, and an Aquarius woman certainly won’t sacrifice comfort for the sake of her lover’s touch.

When she pushes him away or even asks him to sleep on the couch because she can’t rest, the Taurus man will take it personally and get hurt.

He will also see her need for personal space as a form of selfishness because he thinks that if she cared about him enough she would make more of an effort to be close to him.

A lack of trust and emotional connection also present problems for this couple. A Taurus man needs to trust his partner completely in order to let go and fully enjoy himself.

The Aquarius woman is too flaky and non-committal for the Taurus to ever trust her, which will limit their bond.

They are both too good at separating sex from emotions, especially Aquarius, which can leave them both feeling empty and cold after sex.

At the beginning of their sexual relationship, the Aquarius woman will enjoy everything her Taurus lover does to her in bed.

But after a few sessions between the sheets, she will crave some variety. She is very experimental and embraces even the most taboo sexual fantasies.

She won’t hesitate to make suggestions for fun new things to try, and her Taurus man will try to keep up with her.

But ultimately, their lovemaking style just isn’t compatible to be pleasurable and gratifying beyond the initial honeymoon phase.

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