What to Do When Your Taurus Man is Angry?

Updated February 22, 2023
What to Do When Your Taurus Man is Angry?

When you have done something to upset your Taurus guy, then you need to know what to do when a Taurus man is angry.

Should you give him space, or shower him with affection?

Every zodiac sign has a different way of expressing anger, so you need to respond in a way that works for his sign’s communication style.

Should you apologize profusely and never bring it up again? Should you stay away from him to let him work through his emotions?

Once you have a better understanding of his zodiac sign’s personality traits and psychological characteristics, you will know what to do when your Taurus man is angry.

Stay Out of His Way

A Taurus man is a sweet and caring guy, but he has a hard time recognizing and working through his emotions.

He tends to let his anger build and build until it’s so great that he has to explode. When a Taurus man ignores you because he’s so upset, it’s probably best for you to give him some space.

Take some time to let him process his emotions and come to terms with his anger. If you try to engage him in a discussion while he’s upset, it will likely just escalate into a heated argument.

You can avoid getting the brunt of his wrath by staying out of his way while he figures out why he’s so upset and how he can express it constructively.

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Try to See His Perspective

Whether your Taurus man is angry at you or someone else, you must try to put yourself in his shoes.

Attempt to see the problem from his perspective so you can get a better understanding of why he’s so upset.

Maybe you will find that you agree with him and you owe him an apology, or you will see a way to help him work through his problem with the person who angered him.

When you look at the issue from his point of view, you will have a better idea of how to respond to your Taurus man’s anger.

Take His Side

When a Taurus guy commits to a woman, he sees her not only as his romantic partner but also as his life partner.

He will support her unconditionally and he expects the same treatment in return. What a Taurus man wants in a woman is for her to always take his side, no matter what.

Even if he is clearly the one in the wrong, he just wants to see that his partner is there for him and will back him up.

If you’re wondering about what things to say to a Taurus man when he’s angry, you can take his side without agreeing with his behavior if you choose your words carefully.

Tell him that you can see his side of the argument and that his feelings are valid. Explain that you would be upset if you were in his position and that you’re there to support him.

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Apologize Directly

Although he hates saying he’s sorry when he’s at fault, when a Taurus is mad at you, he expects a verbal apology.

Because he is so stubborn, he will refuse to move on or let it go until you tell him that you’re sorry.

What a Taurus man wants to hear is that he’s right, that you recognize what you did to upset him, and that you won’t do the same thing again in the future.

He likes to give indirect apologies by buying gifts or doing chores to show how sorry he is, but he won’t accept this type of apology himself.

He needs to hear you say how sorry you are so that he can feel validated in his feelings and work through his anger.

Apologize With Actions

A Taurus man won’t settle for an indirect apology by itself, but he likes it when you do nice things for him in addition to telling him that you’re sorry.

If you want him to completely get over whatever you did to upset him, you are going to have to have a little patience with a Taurus man.

After you apologize, go out of your way to be sweet to him. This shows him that you’re sincerely sorry and are still making up for what you did, even though you got the verbal apology out of the way.

Taurus is one of the zodiac signs that can hold a grudge until the end of time. Your verbal apology breaks the tension with a Taurus man, and your apologetic actions keep him from holding a grudge.

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Help Him Relax

Whether your Taurus guy is angry at you or someone else, one of the best ways to react is by taking some pressure off of him.

If you want to know how to handle a Taurus man when he’s upset, try to support him by helping him relax.

Give him a massage, run a bubble bath for him, or take your anger out in the bedroom to ease his frustration.

If you can help him calm down, even when you’re the one who upset him in the first place, it will go a long way towards appeasing your Taurus man.

Touch Him Reassuringly

Although he is an honest and direct type of guy, a Taurus man prefers nonverbal forms of communication.

He often uses touch to show you how he feels, like kissing you instead of saying, “I love you,” or rubbing your back to soothe you when you’re upset.

When you’re reacting to a Taurus man’s anger, you should try to speak his language by using physical touch to comfort him.

Hold his hand, cuddle him, or give him a big hug to show that you support him and are on his side.

If you’re mad at each other, then initiating physical contact will help him see that you still care about him even when you’re upset with him.

A loving touch can also help break the ice and get a conversation started so you can talk through your issues together.

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Help Distract Him

Sometimes, all a Taurus man needs from you when he’s upset is a pleasant and calming distraction.

Try not to use this tactic if he’s mad at you because he might think you are just ignoring the problem and avoiding apologizing to him.

But if he’s angry at someone else, he will probably welcome a distraction from his negative thoughts and feelings.

Make sure you acknowledge his feelings first and tell him it’s okay to be upset. Then let him know that you’re going to try to make him feel better by taking his mind off of it.

Put on his favorite funny movie and watch it together with some snacks to lighten his mood, or take him for a walk in the park to exert some energy.

If you really want to distract him in a fun way that helps ease the tension, you could lead your Taurus man to the bedroom and help him relax with physical intimacy.

Take Something Irritating Off of His Plate

When your Taurus guy is angry, one of the best things you can do is take something annoying or stressful off of his plate.

For example, if you know he’s angry about a problem at work, try to make his life outside the office a little easier so he has a cozy, pleasant environment to come home to.

If it’s his turn to take the trash out or clean the bathroom, do it for him without saying a word.

If he has over-committed himself and needs to be in two places at once, offer to do one of his errands for him to help solve the problem and calm him down.

A Taurus guy is a supportive and helpful partner, so when you go out of your way to lend him a hand, it alleviates his anger and makes him fall more in love with you.

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Encourage Him to Open Up to You

Because they are so uncomfortable acknowledging and expressing their feelings, a Taurus guy tends to bottle up his anger.

You should know that when a Taurus man goes quiet, it doesn’t mean he’s not angry. It’s probably a sign that he is trying to fight or conceal his emotions.

When you sense that your Taurus man is hiding his feelings and is mad about something, don’t let him push down his frustration.

The longer you allow it to simmer, the worse the explosion will be when his anger eventually boils over.

If you want to know how to communicate effectively with a Taurus man when he’s upset, you need to encourage him to share his feelings with you.

Don’t ambush him or try to catch him off-guard because that might push him over the edge.

Instead, ask for a time when you can sit down and seriously talk through any problems he is having, whether he is angry at you or somebody else.

Be warm and affectionate and let him know that you are there to support him and help him talk through his feelings.

He will appreciate how much you care and it will go a long way towards making him feel better.

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