How to Talk to a Virgo Man

Updated May 13, 2023

Talking with a Virgo man can seem intimidating at times. He is intelligent, practical, and analytical. Many people are worried about looking stupid in front of him.

Don’t worry so much about all that. Just be yourself, be relaxed, and be honest.

One question many people ask is, “Are Virgo men shy?” The answer to that is that yes, they can be. Not all of them are, though! Some are very social.

If you are talking to a shy Virgo man, you just have to be extra careful not to overwhelm him. You should speak in a relaxed, low-key manner when chatting with any Virgo, though.

With any Virgo, avoid criticizing him. Avoid saying things just because you think he wants to hear them as well. He values honesty and he’ll know if you’re not being genuine.

Catch His Attention

Knowing what to say to a Virgo man to get his attention isn’t always easy. You do need to make sure you have his attention before you start speaking to him, though.

Virgo can get intensely focused on whatever he is doing. If he’s reading a book, playing a game on his phone, or having another conversation, he might not even notice you’re trying to talk to him.

Don’t just start talking right away. Make sure he’s available and listening. It’s not that Virgo ignores people, it’s that sometimes he just doesn’t realize somebody is talking to him.

With a Virgo man, eye contact is a good way to get his attention. You don’t need to stare at him until he pays attention to you. Just catch his eye.

If he’s open to having a conversation, that is often all you need to do to get him focused on you.

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Being relaxed is the key to knowing how to flirt with a Virgo man. Be confident but don’t rush or be too forward. Just be cool about it.

Virgo is drawn to people with laid-back, down to Earth personalities. He enjoys being around somebody who can contrast the nervous energy he constantly has around him.

Virgos are often stressed out. They worry a lot and they get anxious easily. If he’s already feeling nervous and you come at him with your own nervous energy, it’s not going to be an enjoyable conversation.

This doesn’t mean that you’re not allowed to talk to your Virgo friends when you’re stressed out.

It means that if you’re talking to somebody you don’t know well, act relaxed. You’ll make Virgo feel comfortable and be able to have a better conversation.

Be Low-Key

This is important when it comes to knowing how to text a Virgo man. Be chill. Send him one text and then wait for him to respond. A Virgo man’s texting style means he won’t always respond to you right away.

Show some restraint when you’re meeting a Virgo for the first time. Don’t spill your entire life story right away. Don’t dive right into personal topics of conversation.

You shouldn’t always be the person reaching out to him, either. You don’t want to come off as too needy. You also don’t want to come across as aggressive when talking to him.

If you’ve been the one to approach him at a party the last few times, let him start up the conversation next time. If you usually text first, give him a chance to take the lead.

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Don’t Rush

Geminis might like to jump from topic to topic quickly throughout a conversation but Virgo would rather stick with one topic for a while.

There’s no need to rush when you’re talking to a Virgo. Sit back and just have a conversation with him.

Virgo is somebody you can have a long, drawn-out conversation about one thing with. He’ll gladly spend hours exchanging thoughts about a television show you both like.

If you ask him to explain something, you’ll walk away with an in-depth understanding of the topic.

Don’t rush right into emotional discussions when you’re getting to know a Virgo. He takes time to open up and if you get too personal too soon, he may pull back from you.

When texting, don’t expect constant, speedy responses from him. When he’s available, he’ll text back. Don’t repeatedly text him or demand a response.

Avoid Criticism

This is vital if you want to know how to talk to a Virgo man. Virgo men love to criticize others but they absolutely can’t take what they dish out.

He might make judgemental comments about his coworkers or the people around him. He might even make a disparaging comment about the outfit you’re wearing. He won’t avoid criticism when speaking with you.

If you want to get closer to him, avoid criticizing him in return. You might be able to exchange playful jabs with some people but he doesn’t like to be made fun of. Even if you don’t mean it, he’ll take it personally.

If you need to make some constructive criticism about him for some reason, be gentle. You probably want to save any conversations of that nature for Virgos you know well, though.

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Be Genuine

What a Virgo man wants to hear from you is your genuine thoughts on things. You don’t need to pretend to like his favorite book. You don’t have to make yourself sound smarter to impress him. Just be you.

Virgo can tell when he’s being lied to. Don’t try to change yourself to be who you think he wants. He’ll notice that you’re not being honest and genuine.

If he asks your opinion on something, tell him your real opinion. If it’s different from his, that can become a topic of conversation. If you lie to try and conform to what he thinks, he’ll think you’re just a dishonest person.

Talking to somebody is easier and more relaxing when you’re being genuine anyway. You don’t have to keep up with your lies. You don’t have to worry about him realizing you’re not telling the truth.

Be Direct

Like all Earth signs, Virgo is direct. He appreciates people who also speak in a straightforward, direct manner.

Tell him what you mean. He doesn’t want to constantly be searching for hidden meaning in the things you say.

If you have something to say to him, just say it. Don’t beat around the bush. Get to the point.

This doesn’t mean you can only have short conversations with him. Virgos love to have long, intense discussions. Just don’t go off on unnecessary tangents. Don’t say one thing when you mean something else entirely.

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Ask Questions

Understanding a Virgo man is a lot easier than people think. He enjoys talking to people. He enjoys explaining things, especially if he’s passionate about them.

Just start asking questions and you two will have a conversation going in no time.

Keep away from personal questions at first. If he doesn’t know you well, he might not want to open up or answer anything he finds too intimate.

You can ask him what he does for work and that can get a conversation going. Ask him what he’s currently reading or what his favorite book is. If you are at a party, ask him how he knows the host.

If he’s talking about something he knows a lot about, ask follow-up questions. If you’re not knowledgeable on the subject, ask him to clear up anything you’re uncertain about.

Intellectual Discussion

Want to know how to make a Virgo man happy? Have a conversation about something he’s knowledgeable about.

Virgos are intellectual people. They have analytical minds and are great at solving problems. They are often well-read too.

If you are an expert at something, tell him! He’ll gladly let you tell him all about it. He’ll ask questions or offer his own insights if he’s also knowledgeable about the topic.

He enjoys learning new things. If you can teach him something during your conversation, he’ll love it. If he can teach you something too, even better.

You can speak intelligently without speaking down to him, though. You don’t need to show off or pretend you know more about something than you do. There’s no need to make him feel stupid to make yourself look more intelligent.

Just have a laid-back conversation where you two share information with one another. Have fun with it.

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Think Before You Speak

One reason to think before you speak is to ensure you don’t offend the Virgo you’re talking to. Again, he doesn’t take criticism well. If you say something to him that comes across as judgemental, he’ll be upset.

If you two are having an intellectual discussion, don’t be afraid to pause and gather your thoughts. This will make sure you sound as intelligent as you actually are!

You might not always have a fully-formed opinion about a topic he brings up. Think for a moment. If you don’t have enough information for a proper opinion, just tell him that.

This is hard for some people. Before answering a question, take a breath. If you have an emotional reaction to something he’s said, pause and don’t just say the first thing that comes to mind.

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