How can I Surprise my Scorpio Man?

Updated October 13, 2022
How can I Surprise my Scorpio Man?

If you want to surprise a Scorpio man, you’ve got to tap into his secret desires.

He’s intuitive and it can be hard to surprise him because he sees things coming a mile away. You’ve got to work to stay ahead of him.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Scorpio man is using you, you’ve got to test him. You can surprise him by throwing a curve ball and seeing how he responds.

Other strategies you can use to surprise a Scorpio man can include more pleasant surprises such as showing up with an unexpected gift. You can also surprise him by defying his expectations.

A Scoprio man’s ideal woman knows how to be surprising without being too erratic or inconsistent. When you get the right balance, you can keep him guessing and this increases his attraction.

Don’t Be Too Revealing

When a Scorpio man touches you it can be intense and exciting. You may suddenly want to lose yourself in the moment. Resist the urge to do this, however. It’s best to not be too revealing.

One of the ways you can surprise a Scorpio man is by being withholding. He’s not used to women resisting his many charms. When you show him that you aren’t as easily swayed as he expected, it will be a pleasant surprise.

He may be inspired to chase you and this can excite and stimulate him. It’s a welcome change of pace for a Scorpio man as he loves to pursue you. Don’t be too revealing about your deeper secrets as well. Make him work for your attention.

Scorpio man cuddles are notoriously romantic and disarming. Even still, don’t give away all of your fantasies and desires as you cuddle and whisper to each other. Keep secrets, and you’ll keep his attention. Surprise him by revealing a little at a time.

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Continue to Learn

A Scorpio man’s dominant strength is his intellect. He prefers to be intrigued and stimulated mentally by his love interest. When you show him that you can teach him new things, he will be surprised.

He may also be surprised when you reveal knowledge about a subject or topic close to his heart. He may show his desire for you when you reveal that you’ve been studying up on his favorite interests. Don’t be too oblique about it. Just drop hints here and there to demonstrate you know what you’re talking about.

If a Scorpio man is withholding, he may be testing you to see how you’ll respond. Surprise him by not being too eager. Show him you can tolerate his privacy and respect his boundaries. He may not share all of what he’s thinking.

You don’t have to know his opinion or feelings about everything and you may never fully know him. Instead of trying to solve all his mysteries, show him that you are a mystery as well. Gain his attention through continuing your own learning process.

The more you know, the more he can learn from you. He will be eager to have deep conversations with you so that he can absorb all of your knowledge. Keep his attention by continuing your education when it comes to important topics.

Drop Hints to Entice Him

If you know how to turn on a Scorpio man through text, you can surprise him by enticing him when he least expects it. For example, when you send seductive messages while he’s at work, you’ll want to keep it brief.

The key is to drop clues that excite and stimulate him without all out distracting him from his work and making him think you are needy. You can also talk about your desires and fantasies, but don’t give everything away at once.

Drop hints in casual conversation that will stir his own longings and trigger his imagination. This is the key to surprising your Scorpio man. You want to stimulate his mind in ways he doesn’t expect.

If you have an innocent girl-next-door appearance, casually leave the slightest hint that you have a dark inner wild side. This will entice and surprise him and he’ll want to get to know you better.

When you see signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you, do the unexpected. Act indifferent. This will drive him wild, in a good way. He will be surprised and triggered to chase you even more.

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Give Him a Gift

If a Scorpio man misses you, this is a good sign that he cares. If you want to surprise him while still encouraging him to chase you, give him a gift. Be thoughtful about it. This shows him you’re paying attention.

Ideal gifts for Scorpio men can include anything raunchy or edgy, his favorite drink, a decorative lighter or flask, movies or books related to the occult or mysteries. Anything unique and slightly dark will appeal to him.

The goal is to not go overboard. If you spend too much too soon, he may feel like you’re trying to manipulate him or that he now owes you something. A small gift will surprise him without putting pressure on him to reciprocate.

Make Something For Him

Along the lines of surprising a Scorpio man with a simple gift, you can also surprise him by making something special for him. This appeals to his desire to feel personally connected to you. He may enjoy a surprise that was from the heart.

How do you know when a Scorpio man is done with you? If you make him something special, whether it is a painting, a sweater or a meal, and he shows little interest in your effort to surprise him, it’s a red flag. He is likely losing interest.

Otherwise, this is a great way to surprise a Scorpio man. He’ll find your effort endearing. He will know the gift has extra special significance because you used your creative talents and intelligence to make it for him.

When a Scorpio man has a crush on you, you can rest assured he will love anything you make for him. Even if it isn’t your best work. He’ll be enamored with the fact that you have made such a personal gesture.

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Show Your Spiritual Side

Scorpio men have a hidden deep spiritual side that they may not openly show to the world. When you want to surprise your Scorpio man, reveal your spiritual nature. Show him your philosophical side and knowledge of the occult.

He may be stunned to learn you know as much about ancient civilizations or reincarnation as he does. He will be delighted to know that you have an interest in meditation or yoga. He’ll be surprised to learn that you are interested in exploring Kundalini.

A Scorpio man may have a fascination with the occult and with mystical spirituality as well and when you show him that you are interested in these avenues to explore spirituality, it will be a pleasant surprise. He may fall even deeper in love with you.

Of particular interest to Scorpio men is the combination of sexuality and spirituality. If you are open to exploring intimacy from a spiritual standpoint, you’ll speak to the desires of your Scorpio man and surprise him with your open mindedness.

Break Routines

When you want to surprise your Scorpio man you will need to keep your routines from becoming stale and predictable. If you normally go to the gym at certain times, change your routines. If Friday is your typical date night, but unavailable once in a while.

Keep him guessing as to your next move. Don’t let your Scorpio man think he has you all figured out. This is the best way to keep him infatuated with you and surprise him on a regular basis.

You may also occasionally change up routines and swap quiet dinners at home for an exciting night out on the town with him. Whatever you’ve fallen into the pattern of doing together, take the initiative to change things up every few weeks.

He will appreciate this kind of surprising change in pace as it speaks to his need to explore new things and not become bored with monotony. You can keep his attraction and attention by not being too predictable.

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Challenge His Expectations

One of the best ways to surprise a Scorpio man can also be one of the most labor intensive. It requires you to anticipate what he’s thinking and then derail your own reactions so that you aren’t continually meeting his expectations.

Challenging his expectations does not mean constantly arguing with him. It means throwing him off balance by surprising him. By not matching the preconceived ideas he has of who you are, you can keep him excited and surprised.

But you’ve got to be savvy to do this. You’ve got to understand what he’s thinking and expecting and then go against your own nature at times. If he’s got you sized up as being quiet and demure, surprise him by being loud and expressive on a few occasions.

But not all the time. Go back to giving the vibes of being introverted just when he has you figured out as an extrovert. If he thinks you’re brainy and studious and not as open to partying, show him you can have a good time. But then switch it up again and project your academic, professional image.

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