How can I Surprise my Sagittarius Man?

Updated June 20, 2022
How can I Surprise my Sagittarius Man?

Learning how to surprise a Sagittarius man will help you keep yours happy in your relationship. Sagittarius men love surprises!

You need to keep a Sagittarius man on his toes. Sagittarius men get bored quickly, so surprises help keep things interesting.

If you are a naturally spontaneous person, surprising your Sagittarius man will be easy. He’ll always be surprised by you if he can’t predict what you’ll do next!

Gift-giving is one way Sagittarius men show their love. You can surprise your Sagittarius man and show you care for him by surprising him with small gifts here and there. You can send flirty texts or leave notes as well.

You don’t always need to plan an elaborate surprise. Just go with the flow and follow your whims. That will make surprising your Sagittarius man easy.

Last-Minute Dates

You don’t have to plan every date with a Sagittarius man. He will gladly let you take him on a surprise date at the last minute.

Sagittarius men are used to being the ones who call people up last minute to hang out. He will be pleasantly surprised if you flip the script on him.

The nice thing about last-minute dates is they don’t need to be elaborate. You can easily surprise your Sagittarius man by offering to take him to a new restaurant when he gets home from work.

If you and your Sagittarius man are ever bored, look online to see what local events are happening. Pick one and tell your Sagittarius man you want to take him out.

You don’t always need to go out to surprise your Sagittarius man with a last-minute date. If he’s not feeling well and doesn’t want to go out, you can bring the date to him by making him dinner or suggesting a movie night.

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Be Spontaneous

Surprising a Sagittarius man will come naturally to you if you’re a spontaneous person. Your spontaneity will allow you to surprise him without even thinking about it!

Surprises don’t need to be planned. You can, of course, plan a surprise party or buy a surprise gift in advance. You don’t always need to do that to surprise a Sagittarius man, though.

You can surprise your Sagittarius man in little ways by just giving in to your impulses. If you don’t always know exactly what you’re going to do, he’ll definitely be surprised by whatever you come up with!

Give your Sagittarius man surprise kisses in public whenever you get the urge to. Surprise him by suggesting you two do something new the second the thought crosses your mind.

Be spontaneous in the way you show affection. Don’t overthink before you tell your Sagittarius man something. You’ll easily be able to surprise him this way.

Whisk Him Away

Sagittarius men love to travel. You can always surprise your Sagittarius man by whisking him away on a spontaneous adventure.

It can be fun to plan trips, but it’s just as fun for a Sagittarius man to go on a surprise adventure. As long as he’s got nothing else going on, a Sagittarius man will gladly travel with you on a whim.

Check a few travel websites for last-minute deals on flights. You’d be surprised by how inexpensive last-minute flights can be! Tell your Sagittarius man that you want to take advantage of the deal. He’ll likely go for it.

You can also tell your Sagittarius man you want to take a road trip over the weekend. You don’t need to have any specific destination in mind. Just get in your car and see where the road takes you.

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Leave Him Notes

What makes a Sagittarius man happy? Knowing that his partner is thinking about him will always make a Sagittarius man happy.

You can surprise your Sagittarius man and cheer him up by leaving little notes around the house for him.

If you wake up before your Sagittarius man does, write a few notes with compliments and leave them on the bathroom mirror.

Slip a note into his wallet so that he finds it when he goes to buy coffee later in the morning.

The notes can say anything you want them to. Tell your Sagittarius man how much you love and appreciate him. Write a few silly jokes. Leave him compliments.

Even if you leave him notes often, your Sagittarius man will never know precisely what they’re going to say. This is a great way to surprise your Sagittarius man in a small way every day.

Little Gifts

If he’s sad, you can comfort a Sagittarius man and surprise him at the same time by showing up with a small gift for him.

Gift-giving is one of a Sagittarius man’s love languages. He will likely surprise you with gifts now and then. Return the favor!

Your gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant. Anything that shows your Sagittarius man you’re thinking about him will do the trick.

You can gift your Sagittarius man with his favorite treat after he comes home from work. If you two don’t live together, send him something in the mail or leave a care package on his doorstep.

If your Sagittarius man mentions wanting a specific book or clothing item, get it for him! Show him that you pay attention to him and surprise him simultaneously.

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Flirty Texts

A Sagittarius man’s communication style is very flirtatious. He will always appreciate a surprise, flirty text when you two are apart.

If your Sagittarius man has a long day ahead of him at work, send a few flirtatious messages to cheer him up. Let him know what he has to look forward to once the day is over.

Some Sagittarius men love the idea of doing sexual things in public. You can surprise your Sagittarius man by sending sexy texts when you know he’s out with his friends. He won’t just be surprised. You’ll likely get him riled up.

Your Sagittarius man will be extra surprised if you don’t usually send him sexy or flirtatious texts. Try sending some sexy photos if you really want to surprise him.

It doesn’t matter if you’ve just started dating your Sagittarius man or if you’ve been married for years. He’ll always be pleasantly surprised to get a flirty text out of the blue.

Dress Up For Him

You can surprise a Sagittarius man by dressing up for him even if you two don’t have plans to go out.

Get all dressed up to have dinner at home with your Sagittarius man. Put on your favorite dress and go all out, the same way you would if you two were going to an expensive restaurant.

You can dress up in a sexy way too. A Sagittarius man’s likes and dislikes for fashion will vary. You can please most Sagittarius men by showing up in some sexy lingerie, though.

When your Sagittarius man comes home from work or a trip, be waiting for him in lingerie. Let him know how much you missed him and show off for him a bit.

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Go With The Flow

Impulsivity and impatience can sometimes be a Sagittarius man’s weaknesses in love. Not everyone appreciates a partner who is as impulsive and spontaneous as a Sagittarius man is.

He’ll be pleasantly surprised to find that you do appreciate that side of him. You can surprise your Sagittarius man early on in your relationship by showing him that you love the sides of him other people don’t always like.

Go with the flow in your relationship with your Sagittarius man. You might both be surprised by how much easier it makes things.

You can go with the flow when it comes to your whims and impulses as well. You can easily surprise your Sagittarius man by giving him an unexpected gift or asking him out on a whim.

The nice thing about surprises is they don’t need to be planned. Just show up at your Sagittarius man’s house or call him up if you get the urge.

Keep Him In Suspense

Do Sagittarius men like surprises? They do! Sagittarius men love it when they don’t always know what to expect. It keeps things exciting for them.

Can you surprise a Sagittarius man on his birthday or another event where he might expect a surprise?

Even if your Sagittarius man knows you’re planning something, you can still keep him in suspense by refusing to reveal any details about your plans.

Keep your Sagittarius man on his toes. Don’t always surprise him in the same way. Even if you always surprise him on his birthday or your anniversary, do different things each time.

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Surprise Seduction

Surprise seductions are one way to make a Sagittarius man obsessed with you. Your Sagittarius man will love it when you give him a sexy surprise.

You can surprise your Sagittarius man by seducing him while you two are out at dinner or somewhere else public. Even if the main event has to wait until you get home, your Sagittarius man will love a public seduction.

Don’t always wait for a special occasion to try new things out in bed or woo your Sagittarius man. If you want to try out something new, surprise him with it whenever you want to.

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