How can I Surprise my Gemini Man?

Updated November 24, 2022
How can I Surprise my Gemini Man?

To surprise a Gemini man, you have to deceive him to some extent. Though not with the intention of hurting him, you just need to catch him off guard.

Gemini men are smart and can easily detect early signs of a surprise in process.

Unlike most signs, Gemini men love surprises. They easily become bored and will find a relationship to be exciting if it is filled with surprise twists and turns.

When you surprise a Gemini man, he’ll see you as more intelligent and fun to be around. He’ll be thrilled that you went out of your way to plan a surprise.

To make a surprise effective, you have to understand a Gemini man’s nature. You also have to be careful to not give away unintended clues. Gemini is highly perceptive.

Distract with a Decoy

If a Gemini man just wants to be friends, learning to set the stage for fun surprises can entice him to reconsider. He may develop deeper feelings if he sees you as full of surprises. He’ll want to be in a relationship with a woman who keeps him on his toes.

If you’re going to surprise a Gemini man, it’s best to leverage his distractibility. Play on the power of enticing him with distractions and then set the foundation for the element of surprise. If you’re planning a surprise party, for example, create a believable decoy that you’re sick and staying home.

This way, what he’s expecting to encounter when he stops by to check on you will be far different than what he sees when he opens the door. A house filled with people ready to surprise him become even more of a dramatic surprise since you used a decoy to distract him.

Gemini men are highly analytic and can already anticipate several different scenarios. This is why you need to go to some lengths to distract him with a believable decoy. If your clues are too similar to the actual surprise, he’ll probably figure it out before it has the full impact.

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Give Him Rare Books

When a Gemini man kisses you, it may take you by surprise. One of the best ways to surprise him in return is to give a special gift. For a Gemini man, the gift of rare books will usually impress and surprise him.

Gemini men love rare, hard to find and obscure media. Old books and ephemera appeal to his love of literature and his interest in unusual items all at the same time. When you want to surprise a Gemini man, show him you’ve been paying attention.

Track down a rare book on a subject that he’s interested in or by his favorite author. If you find an item that he never expects anyone to be able to locate, he’ll be pleasantly surprised by your efforts and by the thoughtful gift.

Study New Languages

What does a Gemini man like in a woman? He’s attracted to women who are expressive and creative. Since Gemini men usually have a gift for languages and communication, he also will be surprised if you study a new language.

You can surprise a Gemini man by speaking to him in a new language or in one of several languages that he speaks. This will always impress a Gemini man. He’ll enjoy the surprise of being able to communicate with you in ways he wasn’t expecting.

He’ll also be surprised if you take an interest in learning a new language because Gemini men love to be mentally stimulated. They are excited when people around them learn new things to share in return.

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Learn About Indie Films

If you want to know how to make a Gemini man think about you, you’ve got to position yourself as smarter, wittier and more knowledgeable about pop culture than the average person. When you learn about Indie Films, you’ll be better able to surprise a Gemini man.

He’ll be impressed with your knowledge and particularly surprised when you invite him over for a date to watch an award-winning Indie Film that most people haven’t heard of yet.

He’ll see you as cutting edge and a patron of the arts. A Gemini man will be surprised that you have such eclectic tastes in entertainment as well. He’ll want to spend more time with you to see what other surprises await.

Share Obscure Trivia

When you see signs a shy Gemini man likes you, helping to coax him out of his shell can be a matter of showing him that you have common interests. Gemini men love to collect unusual facts and trivia.

You can surprise a Gemini man by presenting ice-breaker facts about geographic locations, celebrities, history, movies or music. These surprising bits of trivia can be irreverent, and this will only further excite a Gemini man and encourage him to get to know you.

If you’re wondering how to make a Gemini man chase you, the key is to surprise him with mentally stimulating information that is fun and unexpected. Though Gemini men love to learn, you don’t have to feel pressured to share higher wisdom. Unusual pieces of trivia often do the trick.

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Surprise Him with Knowledge

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Gemini man is interested in you, pay close attention to how often he initiates communication. One of the best signs a Gemini man is falling in love with you is when he starts to devote more attention and energy to communicating with you.

If you surprise a Gemini man by revealing how knowledgeable you are, especially about topics he won’t expect to go align with each other. For instance, if you are an expert on computer programming and also knowledgeable about the history of submarines, juxtapose your interests in surprising ways.

Draw from your talents and knowledge base in ways that he won’t expect. This will keep him surprised and excited to talk with you more. It will also remind him how intelligent you are. When you’re interacting with a Gemini man, intelligence will always get his attention and inspire him.

Throw a Surprise Party

In addition to knowing how to kiss a Gemini man, it is important to know how to surprise him. If your displays of affection and romance become too predictable, a Gemini man will lose interest. He prefers an exciting, even chaotic, lifestyle.

The surprises don’t always have to be intimate. In fact, Gemini men are highly social. They love surprises that include groups of friends. When you want to surprise a Gemini man, throw him a party or invite him to a party but conceal your intentions initially.

Lead him to believe you’re going someplace boring when you’re actually taking him to a festival. Insinuate that you’re going to run errands when you’re actually taking him to a surprise party. He’ll immediately forgive the deception because Gemini men love surprises and they love social engagements.

The more you see signs a Gemini man likes you, the more you can feel free to take liberties with how much deception you include in your build up. Leading him up to a surprise party can have an even bigger impact if the deception is well plotted out and initially involves something he’s expecting to not enjoy.

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Get Concert Tickets

Another way to surprise a Gemini man is to get tickets to see his favorite band in concert. Gemini men love music and are often excited by the prospect of going to music festivals or events. When you get concert tickets as a surprise gift, he’ll be ecstatic.

You can build up the surprise even more by pretending at first that the box office was sold out. Then, tell him you found tickets instead to an event that you expect he won’t like as much. This is a decoy, so pretend you’re excited to see the decoy group.

Being a people-pleaser, your Gemini man will reluctantly agree to go with you. He won’t want to ruin your fun. Yet he’ll be surprised and thrilled to see that your date destination is in fact the event he originally thought was out of the question.

Share in His Hobbies

Gemini men love their hobbies. Yet they also know many of their interests are strange to other people. Gemini men are used to friends or family teasing them about some of their recreational interests.

When you want to surprise a Gemini man, show genuine interest in one of his hobbies. Tell him you’d love to attend the historic re-enactment event that he is obsessed with. If he’s into three dimensional printing, ask him to teach you the process works.

When he sees that you’re interested in his hobbies, especially if you ask him to tell you more or teach you new things about these hobbies, a Gemini man will be surprised. He’ll be fascinated by you.

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Outsmart Him

It’s not easy to outsmart a Gemini man. Which is why it’s so surprising to him when you actually do it successfully. A Gemini man will be surprised if you share trivia or knowledge that he doesn’t have.

Yet he’s not likely to become competitive. If anything, he’ll be happy to learn from you. You can put this tactic to use if you participate in a trivia event with him. This way, you can show off your knowledge and talents in a setting that fosters friendly competition.

He’ll be surprised and impressed to see your knowledge put on display. He’ll also want to talk to you even more to discover what else you know, especially regarding complicated or unusual subjects.

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