How can I Surprise my Aries Man?

Updated March 10, 2023
How can I Surprise my Aries Man?

You should surprise your Aries man as often as possible if you want to keep things interesting. Aries men love surprises!

Aries men are spontaneous. The more you can keep your Aries man on his toes, the more fun he’ll have with you.

You don’t need to make grand gestures constantly to surprise your Aries man. Surprises can be something as small as changing up your routine or taking him to a new place for date night.

Aries men get bored easily. Surprising them is a good idea because it will keep them from feeling like they do the same thing day after day.

Your Aries man will always appreciate the effort to surprise him. It shows that you care about him and that you want him to have fun when he’s with you.

Take Him On A Spontaneous Vacation

If you aren’t sure how to surprise your Aries man, try surprising him with a spontaneous vacation!

This doesn’t have to be an expensive trip. It can be as simple as a day trip to the beach or a weekend trip to a nearby city.

Aries men love to travel. They are active people and will love packing up quickly to go on a last-minute trip.

This might require some level of planning, of course. You want to ensure that your Aries man doesn’t already have plans.

If you know that he’s free for the weekend, load up the car and invite him to go camping or spend the weekend wine tasting at nearby wineries.

If it’s been a while since you and your Aries man went on a trip, this is an excellent way to surprise him. He’ll love getting the chance to spend some time with you and experience something new!

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Bring Him A Gift Just Because

Your Aries man will always be pleasantly surprised if you give him a gift without a specific reason.

Don’t worry too much about what to give your Aries man. He will likely appreciate anything you have to offer because the gift came from you!

If you want to get him something you’re sure he’ll like, just pay attention to his interests and preferences. He’ll always appreciate a new article of clothing in his favorite color or a new book by his favorite author, for example.

You can also try to think of something your Aries man might need. Some of the best gifts for Aries men are practical ones.

If his watch broke recently, you could try getting him a new one or repairing the broken one. If he needs supplies for a particular hobby, surprise him by getting some for him.

Make Him Food

Aries men are highly active and are constantly on the go. One of the best surprises for an Aries man is a delicious meal that will fuel him and give him the energy he needs.

If he’s been working more lately, you can surprise your Aries man at work by bringing him lunch. He will be pleasantly surprised and appreciate the gesture, especially if he’s been so focused on work that he hasn’t had a chance to eat yet.

You can cook your Aries man a homemade meal to surprise him on a special occasion or just as a way to treat him at the end of a long day.

If you’re not much of a cook, this will surprise your Aries man! He will likely appreciate the effort, even if you make him something simple.

If you surprise your Aries man with his favorite meal, that will show him that you pay attention to his preferences. He’ll feel loved and cared for if you can do that.

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Take Him Somewhere New

Even if you and your Aries man have a regularly scheduled date night, that doesn’t mean you two need to do the same thing every time!

You can surprise your Aries man by taking him somewhere new. Aries men always appreciate having new experiences, even if it’s something as minor as going to a different bar than you usually do.

Aries men are adventurous. You can likely get your Aries man to try new cuisine if you take him to a new restaurant.

Many Aries men enjoy art and culture as well! Your Aries man will gladly go with you to see a play, a gallery opening, or something art-related. Just make sure it’s something exciting. Aries men don’t like to sit and be quiet for too long.

Your outings with your Aries man don’t need to be extravagant, though he will, of course, also enjoy it when they are. Something as simple as going to a different park for your evening run can surprise him and keep things interesting.

Change Up Your Routine

Dating an Aries man can be an exciting experience. If you want to surprise him and keep things interesting, make sure you change your routine now and then.

You can surprise your Aries man every day by making little changes. You don’t always have to make grand gestures to make him happy.

Surprise him with breakfast if he’s usually the one who cooks. If you’ve got some extra time, do a few of his chores for him. Come home early or take a day off work so you can spend some time with him.

Your relationship with your Aries man will be much happier if you never fall into too much of a routine. You two will likely have some sort of daily or weekly schedule, but you don’t need to do the same things all the time!

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Make Each Holiday One Of A Kind

Aries men aren’t entirely opposed to routine and traditions. However, you should still try to mix things up for important dates such as birthdays, anniversaries, and holidays your Aries man celebrates.

Try to surprise your Aries man with a unique gift for his birthday every year. If you always get him the same thing, he’ll eventually grow tired of it.

He will likely plan things for your anniversary some years, but make sure to mix things up when you plan something. Take him somewhere new, get him a different gift from last year, etc. Keep him on his toes!

If you two always do the same thing for the holidays, suggest something new. Try going out of town instead if you usually party at your house or somewhere local for New Year’s Eve.

When each holiday is unique, your Aries man will always look forward to them! He’ll be much happier if you always surprise him, and he never quite knows what to expect.

Be A Little Mysterious

Aries men like a bit of mystery sometimes. If you’re planning something for you and your Aries man, you don’t always have to tell him exactly what’s going on.

It might make some people anxious when they don’t know what’s going on, but your Aries man won’t mind. He’ll likely find it exciting!

You don’t need to tell him your entire itinerary when planning a date night. He’ll be far more excited if there’s an element of mystery!

You can be mysterious when you’re first getting to know your Aries man. Be honest and direct with him, but you don’t need to tell him your entire life story right away.

Your Aries man will love slowly getting to know you. He’ll be surprised when he learns about your unique hobbies or discovers parts of your personality he hasn’t encountered yet.

This magic will make your Aries man want a relationship with you.

Send Some Sexy Photos

How do you keep an Aries man interested? One thing you can do to spice things up is send him some sexy photos.

If you or your Aries man is out of town, that’s a great chance to send him some photos. It’ll surprise him and make him miss you at the same time.

If you’ve never sent your Aries man sexy photos before, it might be good to ask. You should also ask if you don’t know if he’s alone or not.

Asking won’t ruin the surprise one bit. He’ll appreciate you double-checking, and he will still be surprised when you send the photos along!

You don’t need to be overly explicit in your sexy photos. Your Aries man will appreciate a seductive yet fully-clothed photo just as much as a more scandalous one.

Mix It Up In Bed

How do you attract an Aries man and surprise him simultaneously? Mix things up in bed!

Aries men can be wild in the bedroom. Many of them are impulsive and are down to try almost anything once.

If your Aries man seems bored lately, change things in the bedroom. He will quickly get bored if you two always do the same thing.

Never be afraid to suggest something new or spontaneously try something while you two are in bed. Your Aries man will appreciate you trying to mix things up, even if he doesn’t like what you’ve suggested.

Make sure your Aries man knows that you’re open to mixing things up. That way, he will feel comfortable surprising you in the bedroom.

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