How Do You Mentally Stimulate a Virgo Man?

How Do You Mentally Stimulate a Virgo Man?

The best way to stimulate a Virgo man is to stimulate his mind. Even a Virgo man in bed would rather be mentally stimulated.

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you, you’ve got to stimulate his intellect.

When you understand what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman, you’ll know the best ways to intrigue him. He loves to connect intellectually with you.

If you want to know how to attract a Virgo man, you’re best bet is to aim for his mind. A Virgo man’s brain is the key to his heart.

If you pay attention to his intellectual interests, you’ll learn the keys to understanding a Virgo man’s priorities. You’ll be well equipped to captivate his interest.

Know More Than He Does

It takes some effort, but you want to be able to impress a Virgo man by knowing more than he does. It may be impossible to be an expert on everything, but find a few topics where your knowledge exceeds his.

Don’t flaunt your intelligence though. The key is to show him that he has something to learn from you, but not to make him feel unintelligent. A Virgo knows all kinds of practical trivia, so dig deep for important details.

You can impress a Virgo man with your wit and intelligence. If you’re able to help him solve a problem, if he sees you research to learn more about his interests, he’ll be intrigued. He’ll definitely want to get to know you better.

You’ll see the signs a Virgo man is falling for you when you share your knowledge on important, practical topics. Learn to fix or make useful things at home. Learn how to use food as medicine. He’s impressed by these practical forms of knowledge.

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Don’t Try to Outwit Him

Why work hard to outsmart him if you’re just going to keep your intellectual prowess secret? A Virgo man is more attracted to humility than bragging. The key is to be prepared to drop hints that display your knowledge at crucial times.

If you constantly talk about how much more you know, he’ll be turned off. He’ll think you’re bragging. He may even interpret your actions as trying to challenge him. You don’t want to create an adversarial relationship.

Instead, you want to show him you’re a fount of knowledge but also not dominate the conversation. Don’t act like a know-it-all. Instead, show him he can learn from you but also acknowledge the areas in which he is an expert. Don’t make it a competition.

Let Him Teach You

What a Virgo man wants to hear more than anything is that you are learning from him. He isn’t proud by nature but he does reserve some pride for his intellectual abilities.

When he knows his information and guidance are making a difference in your life, he’ll be thrilled. A Virgo man gets a kick out of being a mentor or guide to others. He loves to know that you are open to learning from him.

This is the easiest and most powerful way to stimulate his mind and make him feel important. One of the biggest Virgo man insecurities in love is that he won’t be needed. He wants to have a practical purpose in your life.

This purpose is to help you learn and advance. You can activate his attraction to you by showing him that you’re willing to learn from his wisdom. This also gives him a helpful ego boost.

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Study His Interests

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man miss you, you’ve got to show him that you are his ideal match. If you show an active interest in his favorite hobbies, movies and other interests, you’ll stand out from the crowd.

A Virgo man will be fascinated with your willingness to learn about his priorities and interests. Remember, he’s used to women not being turned on by his intellectual interests. In fact, he’s probably used to being a bit alienated because of them.

A Virgo man’s practical interests in health, cooking, gardening, sustainability, fixing and making things aren’t considered sexy hobbies. He knows this. When you take a sincere interest in learning about his hobbies, he’ll be reassured.

He’ll also likely be happy to teach you all the techniques and tricks he’s learned over the years. From gardening to fixing cars, a Virgo man is a Jack of all trades.

Show Your Witty Side

A Virgo man in love will want to balance his naturally serious side with some fun and optimism in the relationship. Keep his mind stimulated by entertaining him with your witty humor.

A Virgo man’s sense of humor tends to be dry but he loves word plays, puns and witty humor. If you are quick with jokes and can find the humor in mundane absurdities, he’ll enjoy laughing with you.

A Virgo man appreciates a woman who can ease his tense nature by bringing laughter and joy into his day. He doesn’t like silly or mindless conversation. Even silly jokes don’t appeal to him.

Intelligent humor, even satire or light sarcasm, appeals to his intellectual nature. You can capture his attention and keep his interest by showing your quick wit and intellectual sense of humor.

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Notice Details About Him

A Virgo man is always noticing details about his surroundings. He may think he’s the only one in the world who is observant and analytical. You can stimulate his mind and impress him by being as observant as he is.

Notice what foods he likes, what music he listens to and so forth. In fact, one of the reasons a Virgo man speaks so little is because he gains most of the information he needs through observation. Try putting yourself in his shoes.

Rather than asking a lot of questions, try to glean as much detail as you can just from observing him. Then make references to what you’ve noticed about him. He’ll be impressed and intrigued that you took the time to notice so many details about him.

Keep Conversations Targeted

You may have noticed a Virgo can be a man of few words. For that reason, it’s important to keep your communication specific and targeted. This is part of his efficient nature.

If you want to stimulate his mind, focus on conversations that are intelligent and targeted. Don’t get into small talk. He gets frustrated by this and feels like it is a waste of time.

Instead, keep your Virgo man interested by speaking about things that are important to him and convey intelligence. Try to avoid silly distractions. Be clear, as if you were presenting information to in a business meeting.

A Virgo man is more stimulated when he can have an intelligent conversation that is straightforward and to the point. He will love seeing that you can keep pace with him.

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Give Him a Puzzle to Solve

The closest a Virgo man gets to being playful is when he has a puzzle to solve. Give him a challenge to help you with. Let him show you his intellectual power.

Don’t worry that you’re bothering him. You’re not. You’re actually doing a Virgo man a favor because he loves to be mentally stimulated. He’ll be excited to have a challenging situation to help you resolve. He wants to impress you with his wit.

A Virgo man has a bit of an elite side and will be happy to show you he’s smarter than the average person. If you’ve got a challenge that no one else can solve, he’ll be happy to take it on.

Ask for His Help or Advice

If you want to stimulate a Virgo man, ask for his help and advice. He will love this. It makes him feel valued by you. This is one of the best ways to help nurture a relationship with a Virgo man.

The key to remember is if you ask for his advice, be willing to take it. It will turn off a Virgo man if you solicit his advice and then ignore it. He’ll feel like you are wasting his time.

Show him you value his intelligence by calling on him to help you solve problems, fix things or improve your life. He’ll be happy to see that you are willing to let him help you make improvements.

A Virgo man is a natural reformer. He always tries to make everything perfect. He’ll even try to help you become the most perfect version of yourself possible. He does this through his willingness to give advice.

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Read Intellectual Books

When you see a Virgo man, have a book in your hands. Make sure it is something highly intellectual. He’ll be intrigued and want to know what the book is about. This can lead to a conversation about your intellectual interests.

A Virgo man usually loves to read, particularly he is interested in books that have something to teach him or which offer helpful critique of practical life. When he sees that you are reading high caliber books, he’ll be excited.

This can open up new worlds for the two of you to discuss. He’ll likely want to share his favorite books with you. When he makes a book recommendation, follow through. This will impress him.

It will also give you new and exciting things to talk about. A Virgo man will enjoy engaging in intellectual conversations about classic literature. Show him that you can match his interest in reading literary fiction and nonfiction in particular.

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