How Do You Mentally Stimulate a Taurus Man?

Updated February 22, 2023

If you are dating a Taurus guy and want to keep him interested in you, then you need to know how to mentally stimulate a Taurus man.

How can you activate his brain and keep him on his toes?

Taurus men are usually quite thoughtful and intelligent, so if you want to know how to handle a Taurus man, you have to keep him entertained.

But how can you tell which topics and activities he finds fascinating, and which subjects and pastimes bore him?

By learning more about his zodiac sign’s typical personality traits, you will have a better understanding of how to mentally stimulate a Taurus guy.

Flirt With Him

Every sign of the zodiac is ruled by a particular planet, and a sign’s ruling planet can reveal a great deal about that sign’s personality.

Taurus is governed by Venus, the planet of love and beauty. Venus’s lovey-dovey influence makes Taurus men very affectionate and flirtatious.

You can easily stimulate a Taurus man’s mind by flirting with him. He enjoys engaging in witty, flirtatious banter, and it gives his brain a workout.

He is also flattered by the attention and likes the ego boost flirting gives him. When you flirt with a Taurus guy, you not only stimulate him mentally but you also endear yourself to him.

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Talk About Food

When a Taurus man goes quiet during a conversation, it could be a sign that he’s bored. You can regain his attention by bringing up one of his favorite subjects: food.

Although they are quite disciplined, Taureans are also hedonists. They love stimulating all of the senses and they are usually foodies.

Stimulate a Taurus man’s mind by asking about his favorite restaurants, what his favorite cocktail recipes are, and what city he thinks has the best food.

You can also bet that a Taurus man is a fan of cooking shows and watching several different ones. You should ask him what his favorite food-related television shows are and why he likes them.

His eyes will light up when you bring up one of his biggest interests. The wheels in his head will turn as he sorts through recipes and restaurants in his mind.

When you want to mentally stimulate a Taurus man, find a way to bring up food in the conversation. You can’t go wrong when you get him talking about one of his greatest passions.

Keep the Conversation Logical

Some signs are very emotional and intuitive, so they enjoy talking about feelings and abstract ideas. But Taureans are naturally rational and logical, so they prefer to avoid emotional subjects.

The typical Taurus man communication style is honest and direct, and he would rather talk about concrete facts than theories and feelings.

You can mentally stimulate him by appealing to his rational mind and keeping the conversation logical.

Don’t try to manipulate him by getting emotional because it won’t work. He is too practical to take the bait. You will only succeed in making him uncomfortable and he will find a way to avoid you.

Instead of analyzing your feelings or talking about the dream you had last night, your Taurus guy would much rather discuss the most recent movie you saw or help you solve a problem at work.

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Talk About Relationships

A Taurus man is honest and direct, but he is not always an open book. Because he is so logical, he usually prefers to avoid emotional topics of conversation.

But because his sign is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and beauty, he can’t help but be fascinated by relationships.

He likes discussing other people’s relationships more than his own, but one of the signs a Taurus man has a crush on you is when he is willing to open up and talk to you about his past relationships.

You can mentally stimulate him by talking to him about love. Try to keep the conversation light and unemotional if possible, but if he’s willing to talk to you about his exes, it’s actually a good sign.

But if he won’t let his guard down, you can discuss love in general, like what you are each looking for in a partner and who you think has a model relationship.

Share Your Ambitions

Taurus men are very self-motivated and driven to succeed. They always have a goal they are working towards and they are extremely hard-working.

If you want to know how to make a Taurus man chase you, you’ve got to show him that you are just as ambitious as he is.

He is attracted to a woman with big dreams, and it piques his interest when you bring up the latest project you’ve been working on or a recent goal you’ve set for yourself.

If you need help turning a goal into realistic, actionable steps to get the job done, a Taurus man is the perfect person to talk to.

Not only will he give you excellent advice, but he will also enjoy doing it and it will get his mind working.

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Talk About Plants

If you are wondering how to get a Taurus man to chase you, try bringing up one of his favorite subjects: plants. He will be thrilled to discover that you share a passion for botany.

Taurus men are nature lovers, but they also enjoy the comfort and convenience of the indoors. These qualities make gardening and houseplants some of a Taurus man’s favorite things.

Ask him how his garden or his houseplants are doing, and exchange tips on planting and growing flowers, fruits, and vegetables.

You can almost certainly bet that he has a garden or houseplants that he loves, so he will be mentally stimulated by talking about one of his favorite hobbies.

Do Outdoor Activities Together

If your Taurus man is acting distant, he might be thinking that you don’t have enough in common with each other anymore.

You can show him how compatible you are and mentally stimulate him by planning an outdoor activity you can enjoy together.

Taurus men love nature, but unless their jobs involve working in the outdoors, they aren’t able to get outside nearly as much as they’d like.

Delight and entertain him by making plans to do something outside together. Your Taurus man will probably jump at the opportunity to go hiking, fishing, or camping with you.

The planning process will excite him and the time outdoors will activate his brain.

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Talk About Health and Fitness

If you’re wondering how to attract a Taurus man, you’ve got to be interested in health and fitness.

Because they are ruled by the planet of beauty, Taureans can be a bit shallow and superficial. They like being surrounded by beautiful things and people.

This means that they like attractive people who take care of their bodies and personal appearance. Combined with their love of food, it makes sense that most Taureans have a passion for exercise and healthy eating.

Your Taurus man will be thrilled if you ask him about his fitness routine or which gym he goes to. He will be flattered if you mention that you can tell he has been working out.

You can also exchange healthy recipes or compare diet plans and experiences with him.

Health and fitness are important to him, so you will stimulate his mind when you share information with him on these topics.

Discuss Home Decor

If you want to know how to make a Taurus man miss you like crazy when you’re not around and exercise his brain at the same time, you should discuss plans for your home.

Whether you are living together or you each have your own place, your Taurus guy will enjoy discussing decorating tips and planning your dream house.

Taurus men love relaxing at home and they are very sensual. They are sensitive to their surroundings and they only want the highest quality of home goods.

If you live together, show him photos of ideas for furniture, paint colors, and decor schemes. He will be happy to help make decisions and it stimulates his mind to give input.

If you have your own place, ask for his help decorating your place. When you visit his home, be sure to compliment his living space and ask him about the art hanging on his walls.

He takes pride in his home and his living space is a reflection of his personality, so he will be particularly flattered when you praise his decorating.

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Exchange Financial Tips

Taureans are generally quite financially savvy, so Taurus men find it sexy when a woman is good with money.

You are sure to grab his attention and keep his mind active when you bring up anything to do with finances.

Ask him about his investments or retirement plan and exchange stock trading advice. This topic might be dull to some zodiac signs, but never to a Taurus guy.

You will not only get the wheels in his head turning, but you will also impress him with your practicality and interest in finances.

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