10 Signs a Taurus Man is Playing You

Published April 2, 2023

Many signs that a Taurus man is playing you should be obvious. He won’t act like the romantic, compassionate partner he usually is when he cares about someone.

Don’t be fooled if your Taurus man is occasionally charming. Pay attention to how he typically treats you!

A Taurus man who is playing you will not pamper you and woo you the way a loving Taurus partner would. He won’t be affectionate, he won’t make plans with you, and he’ll refuse to open up.

If your Taurus man won’t trust you, can’t relax around you, and refuses to talk about the future with you, he might be playing you. He doesn’t take this relationship seriously.

A Taurus man who loves you will be reliable and trustworthy. If your Taurus man can’t be depended on and is inconsistent, he might be using you.

1. He’s Not Affectionate

One sign a Taurus man might be playing you is that he won’t be affectionate. He will likely distance himself from you, physically and emotionally.

Usually, Taurus men are highly affectionate toward their partners. They enjoy hugging, kissing, and holding hands. A Taurus man’s love for you should be obvious!

If your Taurus man is never affectionate, something might be wrong. It’s one thing to avoid public displays of affection, but a Taurus man who isn’t affectionate in private might be using you.

If a Taurus man is no longer interested in you, he will stop being affectionate. If he was never affectionate to begin with, he might have been playing you all along.

A lack of affection from your Taurus man is a sign something is wrong, even if he’s not playing you. If you never get any love from him, address the issue.

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2. He Doesn’t Make Plans With You

One sign a Taurus man might be playing you is that he won’t make plans with you. If he spends time with you, it will likely be at the last minute or only on his terms. He won’t plan dates.

A Taurus man playing you won’t make plans that are too far out, even if he does plan things with you. He might not plan on being around that long!

How do you know if a Taurus man is seeing someone else? One sign that a Taurus man is likely seeing other people or that you’re his side chick is that he won’t make plans with you.

A Taurus man who is playing you might only call you at odd hours or only meet up with you at your place. He won’t plan actual dates with you, and he definitely won’t make plans where others will see you two together.

3. He Never Talks About The Future

Will a Taurus man play you? Most Taurus men are romantics at heart who are looking for the right person. They don’t want to waste their time with the wrong one. A Taurus man might still play you, though.

One sign he’s doing this is that he will refuse to discuss the future. He won’t discuss any future plans or goals, especially ones involving your relationship.

A Taurus man playing you won’t tell you anything about where he sees himself in the future. You likely won’t know much about his future career goals or ambitions because he won’t see any reason to tell you about them.

If your Taurus boyfriend refuses to discuss your relationship, that’s a bad sign. He might be playing you if he won’t talk about where your relationship is going or what your next steps are.

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4. He Refuses To Open Up

If a Taurus man is not serious about you, he will refuse to open up to you. He’ll make no effort to get closer to you emotionally.

Taurus men don’t open up to others easily. A Taurus man who isn’t playing you will take a while to open up, but he’ll make an effort if he cares about you!

Your Taurus man might have difficulty opening up initially, but he’ll still try if he’s serious about your relationship. He’ll work to build trust and share more about himself with you.

A Taurus man who is playing you will not make an effort to open up. He won’t want to share his secrets or tell you about his childhood. He’ll never go to you for emotional support or talk about his feelings.

5. He Doesn’t Trust You

If a Taurus man doesn’t trust you but is still in a relationship with you, that can be a sign that he’s playing you.

Trust is vital to a Taurus man in a relationship. Most Taurus men won’t date someone they can’t trust. If your Taurus man doesn’t trust you, but he’s still dating you, that’s a sign something is going on.

A Taurus man’s mind games can be frustrating. A Taurus man playing you might refuse to trust you even if you’ve done nothing wrong. He might insist that you are the reason for his lack of trust.

A Taurus man playing you won’t care that he doesn’t trust you. He’s not planning on being with you for long. He won’t focus on building trust as long as he’s getting what he wants.

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6. He’s Not Romantic

One of the signs a Taurus man is using you is that he won’t be romantic. Taurus men love romance, so a lack of romance in your relationship can mean something is wrong!

A Taurus man who loves you will always try to woo you and make you feel good. He might not like huge, dramatic displays, but he’ll still be caring and romantic!

If a Taurus man loves you, he’ll take you on romantic dates, send you sweet text messages, and be incredibly affectionate. He’ll make sure the romance never dies in your relationship.

A Taurus man who is using you might occasionally be romantic, but only when he wants something. If your Taurus man only turns up the charm when he wants sex, he’s using you. He’s not actually being romantic.

7. He Won’t Relax With You

Taurus men are hard-working people, but they also know when to relax! Their ability to kick back and relax gets them a reputation for being lazy, but they honestly aren’t.

If your Taurus man won’t relax with you, that’s a sign something is wrong. He may not feel comfortable around you, he might not trust you, or he may even be playing you.

A Taurus man who is playing you might have sex with you and then immediately leave. Something is wrong if he doesn’t stick around to relax and cuddle.

When a Taurus man is using you, he’ll only want to hang out with you when he’s actively getting what he wants. He’ll never have any reason to hang around and relax.

Talk to your Taurus man if he won’t relax around you. If it’s an issue of trust or comfort, he’ll try to communicate that. If he’s using you, he will brush your concerns aside.

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8. He’s Never Available

How do you know if a Taurus man is using you? A Taurus man who is playing you or just using you for something will never be available when you need him. He’ll only hang out with you on his terms or when he wants something.

Your Taurus man might never be available because he’s also seeing other women or has a girlfriend, and you’re his affair partner. He will never pick up your calls and will take forever to respond to texts, even when it’s important.

A Taurus man who is only available for sex is using you. If he’s never available to go on an actual date or spend time with you, he’s playing you!

If your Taurus man is genuinely busy, he’ll tell you that. He’ll let you know when he needs to work. One who is playing you will ignore you.

9. He’s Unreliable

One of a Taurus man’s red flags and a sign that he might be playing you is that he’s unreliable. If a Taurus man genuinely cares about you, you should be able to rely on him!

You should also be unreliable if you want to beat a Taurus man at his own game. There’s no reason he should be able to rely on you for anything if he can’t be reliable for you!

A Taurus man playing you will have no issue canceling plans at the last minute. He’ll ditch you if something more interesting comes along and might not even bother letting you know.

If you can’t rely on a Taurus man for emotional support, he might be playing you. If you can’t trust him, that is definitely a bad sign!

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10. He’s Inconsistent

A Taurus man’s mixed signals can sometimes indicate that he’s playing you! If a Taurus man is only kind or affectionate in private but ignores you publicly, something might be going on.

A Taurus man who is playing you will be incredibly inconsistent toward you. He may seem charming and caring when he wants something, but he’ll be cold and completely disinterested the rest of the time.

Your Taurus man’s schedule will seem inconsistent if you’re not the only woman he’s playing. Usually, Taurus men have a set routine. If yours never seems to settle into a routine with you, something is going on.

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