10 Signs a Leo Man Secretly Likes You

Published April 7, 2023

Leo men don’t always show their feelings. Yet you can see signs a Leo man secretly likes you.

If you understand his unique personality, you can tell when Leo has a hidden crush on you.

If a Leo man likes you, he waits to reveal his desire. He tests you while keeping his crush on you a secret. You can tell he likes you if you pay attention to his actions.

Leo men reveal their hidden crushes by showing up to surprise you with gifts. He also gives himself away by bragging, blushing when he talks to you, and flirting constantly.

A Leo man who likes you in time opens up and chases you zealously. He can quickly reveal his feelings, but you can tell when he cares about you.

1. He Shows Up At Work

How do you know if a Leo man secretly likes you? A Leo man with a secret crush on you stops by your work to meet you when your shift ends.

He may surprise you at the office with lunch or pretend he had to talk to you urgently during your workday. He may ask to meet you outside during your break because he wants to see you.

He does this for several reasons. He wants to check on you and see what your day is like. He wants to ensure you have style and integrity. He checks to see if you have an office crush.

Leos are obsessed with success and ambition. He visits you at work unannounced to spend time with you and to get a feel for what your work environment is like. He wants to scope your professional life.

A Leo man has a hidden agenda when he visits you at work. He wants your colleagues to understand he is interested in you. His visit signals to your male coworkers that he is interested in you. He’s hoping to deter any romantic interests from pursuing you.

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2. He Gives You Gifts

A Leo man shows you he likes you by giving you gifts. He can be materialistic and shows he cares about you by giving you valuable presents.

When a Leo man gives you a gift he shows you he is willing to invest in a relationship. He gives you a gift to convey he likes you. You can tell he has a crush on you when he sends flowers or surprises you on a random day.

You can expect a Leo man who just wants to be friends to give you a gift on your birthday. But when he surprises you with a gift when it is not a special occasion, a Leo man is giving you a hint that he likes you.

How can you tell when a Leo man likes you? He is most likely to show his feelings by doing things for you. His actions speak louder than words. He is eager to shower you with gifts when he cares about you.

3. He Boasts

Leo men are known for being proud and prone to bragging. Yet when he likes you, a Leo man boasts about his talents. He wants to impress you and show off around you.

He brags about his awards and accomplishments and tells you how much he can benchpress at the gym. He boasts about his popularity and may seem grandiose.

A Leo man bragging about himself is trying to get your attention and admiration. When he shows off, he expects you to be impressed and praise his accomplishments.

Although his bragging may become annoying, it is a sign a Leo man secretly likes you. You can tell a Leo man likes you when he is more boastful than usual.

One of the signs a Leo man just wants to be friends if he doesn’t rush to tell you about his accomplishments. If you’re the first to know about his new achievements, he has a crush on you.

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4. He Blushes

A Leo man can be confident and courageous. But when he likes you, he displays some surprising signs. He blushes when you compliment him. Leo men crave attention.

Yet when a Leo man secretly has a crush on you, you’ll see his cheeks turn red when you give him the attention he wants. He may act more bashful than usual.

A Leo man isn’t shy but his body gives signals despite his ego. He blushes because he is excited and insecure about getting attention from a woman he likes.

5. He Texts You Daily

You can see signs a Leo man secretly likes you through text. A Leo man who secretly likes you texts you every day. He is eager to talk to you and checks in with you frequently.

He texts you regularly in the morning to ensure you see his message when you first wake up. He texts you during his breaks at work and may send you short playful texts. He does this to show he is thinking about you.

If a Leo man can’t see you in person, he sends you frequent text messages. He updates you on his progress through the day and may text you to tell you about himself rather than asking you about your day.

Leo men do this because they want to impress you. They aren’t trying to be selfish, but they are eager to show off and get your attention. They want your praise and admiration for their efforts.

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6. He Wants To See You

A Leo man who is serious about you doesn’t just want to text you all the time. He wants to see you as much as possible. He may run hot and cold trying to test you initially.

You see signs a Leo man misses you when he likes you. He acts needy at times and seeks your attention. You can tell he likes you when he asks about your plans and tests the waters to see if you want company.

He makes plans to get together with you. A Leo man who wants to go to dinner or a concert is showing you signs he likes you. He may disguise his interest initially by saying he has an extra ticket to a show.

His casual approach is meant to keep his interest concealed. He makes it clear he wants to spend time with you even if he doesn’t call his plans with you a date.

How does a Leo man test a woman? He is attentive and doesn’t tell you he likes you initially. He gives you the attention and wants to be around you. Eventually, he shows his interest in you directly.

7. He Flirts

What does it mean when a Leo man teases you? A Leo man flirts with you when he likes you. He can’t conceal his desire. He charms you and finds ways to flirt through text messages and in person.

A Leo man who likes you drops hints when he talks to you. He seems flirty by nature but when he focuses on you and engages in long, flirty conversations, you can tell he likes you.

A Leo man who secretly likes you can’t conceal his feelings for long. He flirts with you to show he cares and to get your attention. He knows how to say the right things to get your attention.

What does it mean when a Leo man stares at you? You can tell a Leo man likes you when he can’t keep his eyes off you. When he likes you, a Leo man openly flirts with you.

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8. He Compliments You

A Leo man who secretly likes you compliments you frequently. He builds you up and puts you on a pedestal. You can tell a Leo man likes you when he goes out of his way to admire you.

He praises your accomplishments and compliments your clothes and hair. He notices when you wear new shoes or have a new hairstyle. Leo men are attentive to you when they like you.

They compliment your skills and admire your talents. Leos encourage your recreational interests and promote your growth. They want to see you pursue your dreams.

When a Leo man is serious about a woman he wants to boost her self-esteem. He gives compliments to show he likes you and to help enhance your confidence.

9. He Acts Chivalrous

A Leo man who likes you acts like a perfect gentleman. He holds the doors open for you and pulls out your chair. You can tell a Leo man secretly likes you when he acts chivalrous.

He may cut down on swearing in front of you if he likes you. He wants to put his best foot forward and show you he respects you. You can tell a Leo man likes you when he shows traditional manners.

He covers the tab when you go out for drinks or dinner. He opens the car door for you and shares his umbrella with you when you are caught in the rain.

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10. He Surprises You

When a Leo man likes you he surprises you to keep you on your toes. He calls you unexpectedly. He shows up at your door for a surprise visit. A Leo man stops by your gym to meet you when your workout ends.

You can tell a Leo man likes you when he takes pleasure in surprising you. He wants to please you and shows up with a meal from your favorite restaurant.

He may surprise you by inviting you on a date or day trip. Leo men keep you interested by appealing to your desire for excitement and pampering you and indulging your favorite luxuries.

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