10 Signs a Gemini Man Cares About You

Updated February 22, 2023
10 Signs a Gemini Man Cares About You

The signs a Gemini man cares can seem hidden at first. You have to understand his unique personality in order to recognize his clues.

When a Gemini man cares about you, he will still remain aloof and friendly, rather than acting romantic.

When you see signs a Gemini man secretly likes you, it’s best to still take things slow. Even confronting a Gemini man with evidence of his own feelings can backfire.

A Gemini man who cares about you will usually act like a thoughtful friend. You won’t easily be able to tell the difference between his romantic interest and platonic interest.

When a Gemini man cares about you, he’ll also gradually let his guard down. Yet this doesn’t mean he’ll open up completely. Usually, he still intellectualizes his feelings.

1. He Contacts You Regularly

When you see signs a Gemini man is falling in love with you, it can be easy to miss at first. A Gemini man who cares about you

will do things that you expect your best friend to do. He’ll contact you on a regular basis.

He doesn’t necessarily talk about his deeper feelings, but he will keep in touch on a regular basis. He’ll find excuses to text you, such as asking you questions that seem trivial. This is his way of making conversation with you.

When a Gemini man cares about you, he won’t be trite and ask how your day was. Instead, he’ll send you funny quotes or jokes. You may be confused about why he’s contacting you all the time but not opening up. Keep in mind, Gemini men don’t like to talk about feelings.

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2. He Texts Back Right Away

Another way a Gemini man will use actions rather than words to show you how he feels is that he will text you back right away. When a Gemini man cares about you, he won’t keep you waiting. Unless he is suddenly busy, a Gemini man who cares about you will respond to you as soon as he can.

He’ll be excited to talk with you and will be eager to reply to your messages. When he doesn’t hesitate to respond to your messages, a Gemini man is showing you that he values you and thinks of you as more than a friend.

If you’re wondering how to tell if a Gemini man is playing you, one common sign is he will be unpredictable. When he’s bored or lonely, he’ll respond immediately. But any other time, he’ll play hard to get and you’ll end up chasing him.

3. He Invites You Out

A Gemini man secretly in love will ask you out. He’ll invite you on adventures with him and will always seem eager to see you again. He’ll end one date by making plans for the next date. This is no small task for a Gemini man.

Usually, even when he likes someone, he’ll fly by the seat of his pants rather than putting careful plans together. He’ll also avoid being narrowed down for dates and times because he wants to be free to change his mind at the last minute.

But if a Gemini man cares about you, he’ll want to make sure you’re his “plus one” when it comes to any outing he has planned. A Gemini man will want you to be his steady date and he’ll consistently include you in his plans.

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4. He Asks Your Opinion

One of the biggest signs a Gemini man doesn’t like you is he will not show any interest in what you have to say. A Gemini man who disregards your opinions and doesn’t bother to ask what you think of a situation is sending a clear message that he’s not interested.

Contrast this with a Gemini man who truly cares about you. When a Gemini man cares about you, he’ll ask your opinion. He’ll want to get your thoughts on a situation and he’ll listen intently.

A Gemini man who cares about you won’t be dismissive of your ideas. In fact, he may act as if everything you say is the most brilliant thing he’s ever heard. He’ll want to hang on every word you say and he’ll follow your advice.

5. He Writes Poems for You

When a Gemini man kisses you, it can be a sign that he is being flirty and romantic. He usually doesn’t kiss women he doesn’t seriously care about. He’ll also become more romantic in his communication with you.

Gemini men love to write and express themselves, even if they dodge their deeper emotions. A safe way for him to express his feelings for you without becoming too vulnerable is to write poetry.

When a Gemini man writes poetry for you, you can rest assured he is showing you one of the key signs that he cares about you. This is not something he would do just as a creative exercise. Nor is it a sign he regards you as just a friend.

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6. He Talks for Hours

For a Gemini man, eye contact can reveal his deeper intentions. He can be flirty and playful when he looks into your eyes. When a Gemini man cares about you, he will want to communicate with you for hours at a time.

Even if it is through texting or over the phone, a Gemini man who cares about you will want to feel connected. Communication is a form of connection that he takes seriously. He would rather connect with you around intellectual topics than discussions of his emotions.

When a Gemini man never wants to hang up the phone, this is a good sign that a Gemini man cares about you. He will continuously find new topics to discuss just to keep you talking with him.

7. He Cheers You Up

If a Gemini man just wants to be friends, the good news is that at some point he will usually make this clear. If he cares about you but is not romantically interested, he will not want to hurt you by stringing you along.

Instead, he will show you he cares by being an uplifting and inspiring friend. If he cares about you romantically or platonically, a Gemini man will cheer you up. He’ll want to make you laugh and surprise you.

He’ll also go out of his way to try to make you happy. Gemini men can be people-pleasers. They will say or do what they think will be most effective in order to make you smile. When a Gemini man tells you jokes, he’s not just sharing his sense of humor. He’s showing you he cares.

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8. He Admires Your Intellect

When a Gemini man cares about you, he’ll express admiration for you. He will compliment you excessively. One of his favorite ways to show he cares is to admire your intelligence.

If he praises your speaking, writing and communication skills, it is a good sign a Gemini man is showing admiration and love for you. When he brags about your intelligence and intellectual skills to others, you can guarantee he cares about you.

A Gemini man who speaks highly of your intelligence and makes observations about how smart and articulate you are is showing you he feels inspired by you. This is a sure sign that he is also impressed with you.

9. He Seeks Your Advice

How does a Gemini man act when hurt? He may brush his feelings under the rug or will go quiet. But when a Gemini man seeks out your advice, it is a good sign he cares about you.

When a Gemini man asks your advice, even if he doesn’t follow it at first, he is trying to show you he cares about you and values your perspective. This is also a sign that a Gemini man trusts you. This is critical in a relationship with a Gemini man.

He can be indecisive and often doesn’t entirely trust himself. He may avoid making decisions until he’s surveyed his closest friends. If he tries to get your opinion as part of this process, it is a sign a Gemini man really values you.

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10. He Lends You Books

To a Gemini man, books are more precious than gold. If he loans you a book, it is a sure sign he cares about you. He’s entrusting you to borrow something of value to him.

In addition to this, when a Gemini man lends you a book, it is his way of demonstrating that he wants to share concepts and ideas with you. Whatever the premise of the book may be, he wants you to connect with him through it.

Though it may not seem important, to a Gemini man, sharing books is a highly intimate act. It means he’s interested in helping you learn new things and wants you to experience the pleasure that reading a particular book brought to him.

He also knows that his book may not be returned in the same condition and is taking a risk when he loans it out. This further speaks to how much he cares and how much he trusts you when he is sharing a book with you, as he prizes his book collection.

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