Top 10 Signs a Cancer Man Likes You

Updated February 23, 2023

What are the signs a Cancer man likes you? Some are obvious but others will surprise you.

When a Cancer man likes you as more than a friend, he’s got some unusual ways of showing it. You have to know his personality.

When a Cancer man has a crush on you, he can act strange, shy, endearing or obsessed. Usually he’ll run the gamut of all these signals.

It can be heartwarming to see the signs a Cancer man has feelings for you. He may try to hide it at first. Yet he can’t keep his feelings to himself.

He’ll even show you signs a Cancer man likes you through text. You’ll see it in the way he communicates with you and his shy smile.

1. He Gets Awkward Around You

One of the earliest signs a Cancer man is serious about you is less obvious than you would think. He may be fine one moment but when he develops feelings, he suddenly becomes awkward.

The early signs a Cancer man is flirting with you may seem like something out of a romance comedy movie. He’ll try to act smooth, stumble on his words, act awkward and then become shy again.

He needs some time to fully come out of his shell. In the earlier stages, he’ll flirt and then run and hide. This can be confusing if you don’t understand his personality as a Cancer man. He’s just protecting his feelings.

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2. He Shows Up at Your House

If you can be patient with a Cancer man when he goes through his awkward stage, he’ll become more confident. Encourage him. Telling a Cancer man how you feel can help break the ice.

He may become confident enough to take the next steps and outright pursue you. When he does this, he’ll show up at your house. He’ll find an excuse to bring something to you. He may even pretend it was an accident.

He’ll say his friend lives in the neighborhood and he was just walking by. He’ll try to downplay the fact that he spent hours searching online to find out where you live so he could come up with an excuse to stop by.

Play it cool as well, don’t act too forward or alarmed by his bold move. It takes a lot of courage for a Cancer man to take this step so be friendly and open to his surprise visit.

3. He Wants to Spend More Time with You

When a Cancer man likes you, he will want to spend more time with you. He’ll find reasons to linger long after he said he has to go. He’ll also try to keep you with him a little longer past your time to leave as well.

He will also want to see you more frequently. He’ll suddenly have more evenings free in his schedule and want to get together with you. He may find excuses to run errands in places he knows you’ll be.

If he knows where you work out, he’ll suddenly find reasons to stop by the gym when he knows you’ll be there. He’ll want to be around you as much as possible and will change his routines to make this happen.

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4. He Asks About Your Family

Cancer men love family. When he likes you, he’ll want to learn more about you as a person. This also includes learning more about your family and relationship with your mother in particular.

A Cancer man will make judgments based on how you talk about family. Especially your mother and grandmother. If you don’t have the best relationships with family, try to accentuate the positives.

When a Cancer man starts asking unusual questions about your family’s history, he’s trying to form a deeper bond with you. He’s taking an interest in your background and heritage as a way to get to know you better.

5. He Pays for Things for You

You may think you’re seeing signs a Cancer man is playing you but usually he’s just being shy. When he breaks through his insecurities, you will know for certain he’s interested in you.

He’ll want to take you places and always will want to cover the bill. He’ll buy gifts for you or offer to help you pay for things. He’ll do this to show his feelings for you. Cancer men can be emotionally expressive.

Yet another way they easily show they like someone is through use of money. To a Cancer man, paying for things is a way to be nurturing and create security for you. He loves to do this and also it helps him feel in control.

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6. He Compliments You

When a Cancer man stares at you it may be embarrassing. He’s not trying to make you feel uncomfortable. His emotions can be intense but he doesn’t always express his feelings easily.

He may stare at you, amazed by your beauty and overwhelmed with love, and yet unable to put his feelings into words. He will try to give you compliments as a way of showing he likes you.

Usually he can be endearing and sweet. Yet sometimes he tries too hard and the compliments seem shallow or forced. His intentions are usually good and Cancer men are usually honest. It’s just his anxiety that makes him stumble and sound insincere at times.

7. He Tells You His Secrets

How does a Cancer man test you? He will test the waters at some point before he gets too serious about the relationship. One way he does this is to tell you a secret that is important but not too devastating.

Then he’ll wait to see if his secret gets out to others. If he sees that you kept his confidences, he’ll be relieved. Yet he may try to test you again. Another favorite method a Cancer man may use is to set you up by asking leading questions.

In particular, he’s “leading” you to show interest in someone else or indicate that you like someone else more than you like him. Don’t fall for this bait. Once you pass his test, he’ll put complete trust in you.

When he truly trusts you, there is no secret he won’t tell you. At times you may even feel like you are now his therapist and partner. He won’t hold anything back. Boundaries aren’t his strong suit and he may be a completely open book.

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8. He Expresses His Feelings

Cancer men are highly sensitive and vulnerable. When he likes you, he’ll start to share more of his feelings. Not only his feelings about you and the relationship. He’ll also talk about his feelings about everything.

He has strong emotional reactions to everything. He’ll tell you how the weather makes him feel. He’ll share his feelings about dinner or something he saw on the news. He’ll tell you his feelings about work.

To a Cancer man, this is normal. It is how you create a bond with someone and also how you show authenticity in a relationship. He doesn’t always expect you to do anything to change or heal his emotions.

He just uses them as a barometer and keeps you informed of every change. This is his way of nurturing the connection and being open with you about his experiences. He will also expect you to speak about your emotions as well.

9. He Includes You in Decision Making

Even if you’re new to dating a Cancer man, one of the signs he likes you is when he starts to ask your opinion before making a decision. He does this both out of self-doubt and because he wants to build his life in tandem with you.

He may consult with you before accepting a new job to make sure the schedule works for your relationship. He may include you in choices about which dog he’ll adopt or what apartment he’ll rent.

When a Cancer man starts to defer to you when making decisions, it is a sign he likes you. He values your opinion, trusts your honesty and also wants to make sure the choices he makes work to bolster the relationship and fit your lifestyle.

This may seem intimidating at first because it can feel like he’s becoming dependent on you. This is not the case, however. As soon as a Cancer man likes you, he starts to plan the future. There is no in between for him.

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10. He Texts You Constantly

When a Cancer man is really into you, he’ll let you know. He’ll find reasons to text you every day, sometimes more frequently than you would imagine. He’ll send a good morning text and an afternoon check in. He’ll find silly reasons to text you.

He’ll send pictures of his food, cute puppy pictures and little jokes to brighten your day. You may feel he’s going overboard at times. This is one of the ways that he shows you he cares.

He’s trying to lighten up your day and also keep you thinking about him. He will text you frequently to let you know what he is doing as well. He’ll always want to keep you informed so you don’t miss him or question his loyalty.

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