10 Signs An Aries Man is Playing You

Published December 1, 2022
10 Signs An Aries Man is Playing You

Aries men tend to be devoted partners, so many of the signs an Aries man is playing you will be incredibly obvious.

An Aries man likely won’t try hard at all to hide the fact that he’s playing you. He may seem sweet sometimes, but that won’t last long.

Aries men don’t tend to be liars, and they are terrible at lying when they try! An Aries man playing you won’t be able to hide his true intentions for long.

When an Aries man is playing you, he’ll probably be a terrible partner. He’ll be incredibly selfish and won’t care how you feel. He’ll ignore you, withhold affection, and be absent whenever you need support.

Your Aries man will likely only pretend he cares when he actively wants something from you. He’ll go back to ignoring you as soon as he gets it.

1. He Constantly Lies

When an Aries man respects you, he’ll be honest with you. Even if the truth hurts sometimes, he won’t lie because he cares about you enough to tell the truth.

An Aries man who is playing you will constantly lie. Most of the time, this will be incredibly obvious too! Aries men aren’t always good liars.

One of the signs an Aries man is talking to another woman is that he’ll lie about who he’s talking to or where he’s going. The lies may not even make sense sometimes, and that’s how you’ll know he’s lying in the first place.

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2. He’s Selfish

It’s common for Aries men to be selfish and self-absorbed sometimes. Everyone is selfish sometimes, no matter how caring or selfless they are. If your Aries man is always selfish, he might be playing you.

An Aries man who cares about you will try to put you first when he can. If you point out that he’s acting selfishly, he’ll try to change his behavior. He will care about your needs and won’t focus on himself constantly.

If your Aries man is playing you, he won’t care about being selfish. He’ll brush aside your concerns and ignore your needs.

When he wants something, he’ll ensure he gets it, even if it hurts you. Your Aries man will never consider your feelings before he does or says something. He’ll only do what makes him feel good.

If your Aries man behaves selfishly, talk to him about it before jumping to conclusions. He will listen to you and be genuinely sorry if he cares about you. If he doesn’t, then he’s playing you.

3. He Won’t Listen To You

Aries men aren’t big talkers, but they are good listeners. An Aries man will show he cares by listening to the people he cares about. When he’s infatuated with someone, he’ll probably hang on to their every word.

An Aries man playing you won’t listen to a word you say. He might play around on his phone while you’re telling him about your day or set the phone down while you’re on a call with him.

Your Aries man won’t listen to your opinions or advice either. He’ll pointedly ignore you when you tell him he should do something and may even do the opposite out of spite!

If it’s clear that your Aries man never hears a word you say, that’s a bad sign. Try talking to him about it. If he brushes your concerns off, he’s likely just playing you for a fool.

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4. He Doesn’t Care How You Feel

One of the main signs an Aries man is using you is that he won’t care about your feelings. Aries men might not always be the most emotionally aware people, but they care how their loved ones are doing!

If your Aries man ignores you when you’re sad, he might be playing you. When he doesn’t listen to you talk about your feelings or brushes them aside entirely, that’s a red flag.

Your Aries man should care about how you feel! He should try to fix his behavior if he’s making you sad. If he’s playing you, though, he won’t care at all.

If an Aries man acts like he doesn’t care about your feelings, he probably really doesn’t. An Aries man who cared about you would try to support you, even if he didn’t understand your emotions.

5. He’s Manipulative

An Aries man playing games can be incredibly manipulative. If you try calling him out because he’s playing you, he’ll try to turn it around on you instead of reassuring you or changing his behavior.

Your Aries man might try to make you believe that he’s not playing you even when it’s apparent that he is. He’ll try to make you doubt your feelings.

If you tell your Aries man that he’s making you feel bad, he’ll twist things and try to make your feelings your fault. He will also lie and insist he’s not behaving the way you’re saying he is.

Don’t let him manipulate you. If your Aries man won’t take your concerns seriously or tries to convince you that you’re silly for having them, leave him.

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6. He Withholds Affection

Aries men tend to be physically affectionate with the people they care about. An Aries man who cares about you won’t be able to keep his hands off you, especially in private.

An Aries man who is playing you will withhold affection. He’ll never seem to warm up to you, no matter how long you are together.

It sometimes takes a while for an Aries man to start being genuinely affectionate with a new partner, but it will happen. Many will dive right in and be physically affectionate right from the start!

It’s easier for an Aries man to be physically affectionate compared to other forms of affection. Something is wrong if your Aries man won’t hold your hand or pull away when you try to hug him. He might be playing you.

7. He Ignores You

An Aries man is confusing sometimes. He plays hot and cold, especially at the beginning of a relationship. He might ignore you now and then, especially if he’s unsure of his feelings.

An Aries man who is supposed to be in a relationship with you won’t purposely ignore you all the time, though. He’ll be honest if he needs to be alone or if he’s busy doing something.

When an Aries man is playing you, he’ll ignore you until he wants something. He won’t reply to messages or answer calls. He might even tune you out completely while you’re talking to him!

If an Aries man is hot and cold sometimes, that’s not necessarily a problem. If he zones out and accidentally ignores you or misses a text because he’s busy, he’s not playing you.

He’s just human! If he constantly ignores you, especially after you’ve pointed it out, he’s playing you.

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8. He’s Always Unavailable

If an Aries man just wants to hook up and isn’t interested in anything else, he’ll only be available for sex. If you need him for anything else, he won’t be anywhere to be found!

Aries men get busy, so yours won’t be available to you 24/7, even if he genuinely cares. He should be available in an emergency, though.

Your Aries man will make time for you if he cares about you. He’ll let you know if he’s genuinely busy but will also make an effort to at least talk to you when he can.

An Aries man who disappears and comes back constantly is probably playing you. Pay attention to why he comes back and how often he disappears.

9. He’s Never Supportive

Aries men aren’t always the best at offering support without being asked, but they can be supportive partners! They just aren’t mind-readers. You have to tell them you need support.

If your Aries man is never supportive, that’s a red flag. If you ask for his help or just need someone to listen to you and he’s never there, he might be playing you.

Aries men want to be good partners when they care about somebody. They will do their best to offer love and support when they’re asked for it. If their partner needs reassurance, they will give that to them.

If you ask your Aries man for reassurance that he loves you and he ignores you, he doesn’t care about you. If you genuinely need support and he’s off doing something else, it might be time to move on.

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10. He Doesn’t Chase You

One of the definite signs an Aries man is not interested in you is that he won’t chase you! Even if you play hard to get, he’ll have no desire to go after you.

Aries men love the chase. When they genuinely want to be with someone, they will enjoy the challenge of chasing after them and trying to get their attention sometimes.

Your Aries man will not chase you if he’s playing you. If you play hot and cold, he’ll just ignore you. If you try to be mysterious, he won’t want to figure out the mystery.

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