10 Signs an Aquarius Man Cares About You

Updated August 21, 2021
10 Signs an Aquarius Man Cares About You

Signs an Aquarius man cares about you can be subtle as these men are reserved.

It isn’t easy for an Aquarius man to fall in love as he looks for a long-term commitment. He is careful about who he picks as his partner.

Aquarius men have an aura around them that makes them irresistible. They are loyal, kind, and caring. This means these men make perfect life partners.

He wants a relationship based on trust and wants things to be harmonic and balanced. If you win his heart, you are in for good!

It can difficult to look for signs that the Aquarius man cares about you since his behavior is mostly peculiar and hard to read. However, there are some signs that indicate that your Aquarius man really cares about you.

1. He Includes You in His Personal Life

One of the main signs an Aquarius man is interested in you is that he will start including you in his personal life. The Aquarius men are incredibly private and don’t share much details about their personal life with anyone.

An Aquarius man wants you to prove you are worthy enough before he shares his personal life with you. If he has started sharing his dreams, hopes and private thoughts with you, then he definitely values you.

If he cares about you, he will surely share his innermost thoughts and secrets with you. He will also want you to be a part of the ongoing in his life.

Know that an Aquarius man will be excited to finally have someone to share his deep thoughts with. He has a fascinating perception of the world and you will enjoy this journey even more as you both grow closer.

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2. He Flirts With You

When an Aquarius man has a crush on you, he will be flirty with you. Since he is reserved, this flirtatious behavior might be playful, slightly awkward, and even childlike. Give him some break; he is shy in this department.

It might take him a bit of time to be comfortable enough to start flirting with you. So, if your Aquarius man is being a bit childish and awkward with you, don’t get confused. He really cares about you.

He will soon be able to impress you with his delightful charm and humor. Keep on going with the flow and appreciate how hard he is trying to impress you.

If you love him, you will find his somewhat awkward attempts to be romantic with you downright adorable! Remember, your relationship is getting stronger.

3. He Wants to Take You to Movies

Aquarius men have a deep love for the movies, as well as the artistry involved in film making. If he takes you out on movie dates, then this is one of the signs that an Aquarius man is into you.

Is he sharing his favorite movies with you? He wants you to like them to. Go ahead, have a cozy movie night at home or go to the theater. You might actually like his movie interests.

Movies not his thing? He might be sharing some other hobby with you. He could be an avid reader, or gamer. If he shares his interests with you, that’s a major clue that he wants to enjoy them with you.

You will notice your shy Aquarius man coming out of his shell when sharing his interests with you. He will be excited, talkative, and joyful when you are taking part in his interests.

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4. He Wants to Explore Things With You

Your Aquarius man loses interest if you are not keen to explore or try out new things with him. This man is no less than extraordinary and has fascinating interests. He usually keeps these to himself.

If you get invited to one of his exploration adventures, then he definitely cares about you. These adventures can include haunted houses and road side attractions. He will have a number of exclusive spots in mind.

The Aquarius man would want you to explore these places with you, try out new things, and have memorable adventures. Be prepared, he will bring out that wild side in you.

Once your man starts taking you on these adventures, there will never be a dull moment for you.

5. He Gives You Plenty of Affection in Private

One of the many subtle signs an Aquarius man is falling for you includes getting plenty of affection from him in private.

Public display of affection is not his style. He is reserved and showing love in public is way too wild for him.

If he is not showing his love in public, don’t worry. That’s just his shy nature. He wants to save his love for you when you both are alone.

He will start off by inviting you to group outings. Once he starts meeting you alone, you will start seeing his romantic side.

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6. He Wants to Have Intellectual Talks With You

Are you wondering why Aquarius man ignores you? It might be because of lack of intellectual talks. An Aquarius man needs his intellectual stimulus to maintain his interest in others. He wants to feel challenged.

If you notice him trying to start a deep discussion with you, indulge him. Share your thoughts and opinions. Most importantly, listen to his interesting visions and interests. Keep him going.

He is striking an interesting discussion with you which clearly shows he cares about you and wants to share his ideas with you. An Aquarius man loves a partner who is not afraid to share their thoughts with him.

Another indication that he cares about you and is interested in you is that he will find it rather hard to end the discussion with you.

7. He Starts Calling You His Best Friend

One way to know how an Aquarius man acts when he likes you is that he will refer to you as his best friend. He wants an authentic bond with you and will start of a relationship as a friend.

Aquarius men are known for their admirable friendship. They prefer to become friends first before they let you in their heart. If he calls you his best friend, it means you have earned his trust and have strengthened the bond.

From then on, he will be ready to embark on the journey of romance with you. It might come as a surprise for you when he decides he wants to be more than just friends with you.

So, if he calls you his best friend or wants to form a friendship first, that is a sure sign he cares about you more than others.

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8. He Actually Listens to What You Have to Say

Another sign how an Aquarius man shows love is the way he listens to what you have to say. Do you have his undivided attention? Does he carefully hear every word, every idea you share? You should know he cares.

When your Aquarius man likes you, he will think whatever you say is brilliant. He wouldn’t want to miss even a single word you have to say. He will take into account all your beliefs, opinions, experiences and thoughts.

Even if he doesn’t agree with some of your opinions, that wouldn’t stop from giving you his complete attention when you speak. Aquarius men know what they want and don’t waste their time on individuals they have no interest in.

9. He Wants to Know Your Ideas

One of the major signs an Aquarius man is falling for you is his need to hear your ideas. Even he might not be aware of this, but an Aquarius man is extremely interested to know what his partner thinks.

What’s more, he will make sure your ideas are taken seriously by others as well. Even when he doesn’t believe in your perception, he will still respect it. He always wants to be supportive of your ideas and views.

An Aquarius man will stand by you and endorse you – a major sign he is into you. He doesn’t want to settle for usual stereotypical relationships. He is progressive and wants his partner to be equally involved.

He is willing to go out of his way to make sure you are heard and that you have equal ground in this relationship. He wants your views and ideas to weigh just as his does.

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10. He Shows You His Vulnerabilities

An Aquarius man is very protective towards his feelings and emotions. One of the signs that an Aquarius man is not into you is him being a closed shell with you. He would rarely show you his sensitive side.

This means if he starts sharing his emotions, feelings and vulnerabilities with you, your Aquarius man for sure cares about you. This might take him time, only because he wants to make sure you are trustworthy.

He would first want to become romantic with you, give you attention and compliments to indicate he likes you. Then gradually, he will share his vulnerable side with you. Once you earn his trust, you will become his secret keeper.

If he is sharing his vulnerabilities with you, if he is opening up with you, then that is a clear sign he likes you and cares about you.

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