How to Sexually Please a Virgo Man

How to Sexually Please a Virgo Man

You can sexually please a Virgo man easily when you understand his personality. What does a Virgo man look for in a woman?

His rules of engagement are universal. It’s easy to figure out how to make him happy.

You may have heard a Virgo man is boring in bed. Depending on your own sexual interests this can certainly be true. Virgo men have simple desires.

When it comes to sexuality, a Virgo man wants to keep his interactions careful, simple and basic. He isn’t adventurous at all when it comes to sex.

When you understand what a Virgo man likes and dislikes in a woman, you’ll know how to satisfy his needs. He approaches sex the same way he approaches any other task.

The Role of Sex in a Virgo’s Life

A Virgo man, when he likes a woman, will pursue a friendship then a very casual relationship before investing in a serious romance. He will be a purist when it comes to sex. He isn’t interested in one-night stands.

He’s purely practical and efficient. A Virgo man doesn’t believe that sex is the doorway to commitment. Nor does he see sex as a way to deepen an emotional bond. His bond in romance is intellectual and practical anyway.

Sharing a sexual connection is only more exclusive because of the potential for health complications. Were it not for the potential for contracting a disease, a Virgo man would see sex as being as practical as any other chore or task.

This may not sound romantic, but to a Virgo man sex is not synonymous with romance. It is a matter of creating a family or releasing stress and tension. It is a matter of sharing an exclusive connection that helps to define the relationship.

Yet to a Virgo man, sex is not an important factor in the relationship. He can easily abstain for long periods of time. In love, a Virgo man is motivated by rationality and practicality. He’s seldom sexually motivated.

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He’s Turned on by Purity

What a Virgo man wants to hear is that you are demure, innocent and drama free. He doesn’t want to get involved in a sexual relationship with someone who is not stable and reliable.

Virgo is the Virgin of the Zodiac and therefore he is always concerned with the image of purity and perfection. If he sees you as being an innocent perfectionist, he will be attracted to you.

A Virgo man is also attracted to simplicity and can be a bit traditional. He doesn’t find attention getting sexually suggestive outfits or dramatic makeup to be attractive. He doesn’t want to be in a relationship where sex is the focus.

A Virgo man in bed with a Virgo woman will easily be able to fulfill each other’s needs because they both view sex with the same sense of efficiency and practicality. Neither attaches additional meaning to the act and neither is demanding.

Pay Attention to His Intellectual Needs

A Virgo man is more turned on by your mind than by your body. He will be attracted to your intellect and ideas and to your intelligence. A Virgo man in bed with a Scorpio woman is able to make this intellectual connection.

Scorpio has a robust sexual appetite, and this isn’t Virgo’s interest. Yet Scorpio is also intellectual and a researcher and this appeals to Virgo’s nature. A Virgo man will have a better sexual connection with you if he already has a strong intellectual bond.

The less you focus on sex and sexual acts, the better. Instead show appreciation for the ways he helps you. Show admiration for his skills outside the bedroom. This is especially true when it comes to his intellectual powers.

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Good Hygiene is a Must

A Virgo man, regardless of his emotional connection and love for you, will be turned off by poor hygiene. This isn’t even just the case when it comes to sex. A Virgo man won’t even shake hands with someone if they don’t have good hygiene.

Take this to heart. A Virgo man may have boundaries about only being intimate after you both take a shower. He’s sensitive to cleanliness. A Virgo man can even be a bit of a germophobe.

A Virgo man in bed with a Capricorn woman, for instance, will have no problem with this because each are detail oriented and methodical. A Capricorn won’t be offended if a Virgo man jumps up to wash the sheets immediately after.

Be Attentive and Methodical

A Virgo man is detail oriented and efficient about everything he does. This is true in his sexual encounters as well. Though his is not adventurous, a Virgo man likes to see that you are attentive to his needs.

Just as you can never rush a Virgo man in life, so too can you not rush a Virgo man in bed. He may have sex infrequently and this is because he is out for quality, not quantity.

He is routine and loves to be methodical and consistent. A Virgo man will expect you to be consistent and reliable. Don’t try to rush him into exploring anything too exotic. Show him you are willing to focus on details of your intimacy with him.

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Keep Your Sexuality Modest

A Virgo man in bed with a Leo woman can be a challenge because he prefers low key, modest sexuality. If you are adventurous in or outside of bed, it will challenge the relationship.

He is turned off by any grandiose gestures of intimacy. Just as a Virgo man doesn’t want to have excessive attention paid to him, he also doesn’t want to be involved in adventurous sex. He is turned off by any level of drama.

He is also not interested in flaunting sexuality. If you send him flirty messages, don’t be too revealing. Try to stay modest and appeal to his humble side.

A Virgo Man is a Traditionalist in Bed

A Virgo man is old fashioned in his attitudes toward sex. He may have one or two favorite positions and doesn’t vary from them. It’s not just that he doesn’t try new things.

A Virgo man will follow the same routine over and over again in bed. He is going to expect sex to be consistent and stable, not dramatic and exciting. He prefers security to excitement and novelty.

A Virgo man may also follow traditionally prescribed gender roles both in and out of bed. His boundaries in relationships are solid and strict. He doesn’t like to act on impulse.

Even his sexual encounters may be routine and scheduled rather than spontaneous. This may seem insufficient to you but it is important to not be too demanding about more frequent encounters.

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Don’t Get too Adventurous

Maybe you’ve read about a new position or found some adult products at a novelty store that seem exciting, but don’t get carried away just yet. You may be looking forward to trying new accessories or techniques, but he isn’t.

A Virgo man could easily eat the same meal every day and take the same route to work every morning. He has no problem with repetition. This is true in bed as well.

Don’t get adventurous with your Virgo man in bed. Long before you try to introduce something new, talk to him about your desires and fantasies. If he is not ready to experiment and explore, he’ll make this clear.

Talk About Your Desires

A Virgo man in bed with a Libra woman is likely to become more open to talking about his desires. Libra has a way of drawing out his fantasies and ideals. Usually, though, a Virgo man is more interested in actions than words.

Even if you’re not a Libra, when you talk about your own desires, your Virgo man may soften up and reconnect with his creativity. When you talk about what you want and what makes you happy, he will go into problem solving mode.

If you are serious about helping your Virgo man open up and explore sexuality in new ways, this is even more important. A Virgo man will do whatever he can to make you happy. If he sees a problem, he can solve to make you happy, he will do it.

When you talk about your desires, you give a Virgo man a challenge to approach and a problem to solve. You give him a task or a crusade in a manner of speaking. If he is open to trying new things at all, it will be to make you happy.

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Plan Your Intimate Time Together

This may seem unromantic and unexciting. Yet your Virgo man is a creature of habit. He plans every step of his day and lifestyle. He needs to have intimacy on schedule.

Plan for intimate time together. This will give him something to look forward to. You’ll also both be assured you have the ability to take your time. You will be able to relax and enjoy the experience together.

Very important to a Virgo man, planning means he can eliminate distractions. A Virgo man who wants to focus on sex needs to not be distracted by work and stress, worry and tasks on his to do list.

Respect His Boundaries

You need to respect a Virgo’s boundaries at all times. If he’s not in the mood, don’t pressure him. If he’s stressed about work, let him get relaxed before looking to connect sexually.

If he has rules for how he engages sexually and what is or is not off limits, don’t try to change his mind. Try your best instead to connect with him through your common shared interests.

The irony is that the more you respect his boundaries, the more he will relax and will possibly open up to being more adventurous anyway. He may be open to exploring new ways connect sexually when he sees that you are conscientious of his rules and limitations.

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