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How to Sexually Please a Cancer Man

How to Sexually Please a Cancer Man

If you want to sexually please a Cancer man, how you make him feel emotionally is more important than how you make him feel physically.

When he feels emotionally secure, he’ll be more easily aroused. He needs to feel emotionally connected to you.

If you’re serious about a Cancer man and casual relationships aren’t for you, you may be relieved. When a Cancer man feels sexually compatible with you, he’s likely to open up.

When you avoid common Cancer man turn-offs, you’ll be able to strengthen the connection he feels to you. Then, almost anything you do can be a turn-on for him.

If you want to know how to make a Cancer man chase you, the key to a great sex is to be empathic. If he feels you understand him, he’ll become hooked on you.

Make Him Feel Comfortable

What Cancer men want is to feel completely secure and comfortable. You may have heard a Cancer man’s dominant. He’s only controlling because he’s creating safety. If you want to sexually please a Cancer man, address all of his physical comforts.

He needs to feel like he can open up to you emotionally long before he will take a chance on opening up to you sexually. He can be one of the most romantic and affectionate signs in the zodiac but only if he trusts you.

If your sexual skills are top of the charts but you haven’t worked to help him trust you and feel comfortable with you, he won’t respond to your efforts to please him. He’s got to feel secure and reassured of your good intentions first.

When he feels comfortable, he’ll loosen up a little. He may still stick with his favorite traditional routines, but it’s a start. A Cancer man doesn’t like variety in the bedroom. Your emotional support goes a long way, making him feel satisfied.

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Use Food as Seduction

If you want to know how to talk dirty to a Cancer man, it may surprise you that seductive talk doesn’t always work on him. One thing that does appeal to him is to talk dirty using words or phrases that relate to food and appetite.

It may seem childish until you remember a Cancer man is always hungry. Food is a form of security for him. When you talk seductively using references to sex as a full course meal, you’re addressing two of his “appetites” at once.

You can also sexually please a Cancer man, especially one with a sweet tooth, by incorporating desserts into your intimate encounters. Though if doing this doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry.

A Cancer man finds sitting down to a home cooked meal to be as arousing and erotic as anything you could come up with in the bedroom. He may see a sexual encounter as being a dessert.

A Cancer man can be confusing. Even a Cancer man’s behavior, when in love, can seem paradoxical. He’ll show interest in you, then act shy. He may flirt with you through text, then act indifferent.

His universal love language is food, so a sure way to satisfy him is to cook for him. Any form of nurturing behavior is an expression of love. He needs to feel this connection is present in order for him to enjoy any sexual encounters.

Show Affection

His desire for affection can’t be emphasized enough. A Cancer man loves to make physical contact, even if he’s not in the mood for sex. One effective way to make sure he enjoys sexual encounters is to create as many opportunities for contact as possible.

If you’re too far away for him to caress you, he’ll feel turned off. He wants to be as physically close to you as possible. Though physical contact earns a Cancer man the reputation of being clingy, it’s one way to satisfy him sexually.

This includes holding hands, kissing, stroking each other’s hair or face. It also includes affectionate gestures as a warm up to sex, even long before you’re in the bedroom. When you’re out for a stroll, walk arm in arm.

Rub his back, hug him frequently. Compliment his body while making physical contact. All of these gestures will help ensure you have a strong connection. You’ll also reassure him of your desire to be close to him.

This is a huge aphrodisiac for a Cancer man. Just knowing that you desire physical contact as much as he does helps to set the stage for satisfying intimate encounters. You can never be too affectionate for a Cancer man.

You may ask yourself “What body type does a Cancer man like?” This question will distract you from what is actually most important, and seductive, for a Cancer man. While he can be attracted to curvy, voluptuous women, lack of curves is not a deal breaker.

That’s because a Cancer is not aroused by surface appearance as much as he is by emotional connection. Women of all shapes and sizes can be attractive to a Cancer man. If you nurture him and show him empathy, compassion and kindness, he’ll find things to love about your body.

His sexual satisfaction is not dependent on a particular physical attribute. He’ll find reasons to celebrate your body if you show him love and affection. He would rather feel secure than be with a woman who looks like a model but is cold.

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Stick with Traditional Positions

If you think that going wild in the bedroom will prove to a Cancer man that you’re the woman for him, think again. He doesn’t want to get involved in anything too adventurous when it comes to sex.

He likes the traditional positions that make him feel secure. You don’t have to be an acrobat in order to please a Cancer man in bed. In fact, if you suggest trying positions that would intimidate a trained athlete, you’re more likely to scare him away.

Put simply, a Cancer man has one favorite sexual position. Whatever position will allow him the most physical contact with a woman he loves. His emotional connection is the real aphrodisiac, not what you do in the bedroom.

You don’t have to work hard to impress him. All you have to do is be loving, nurturing, patient and gentle. He would rather spend hours in bed cuddling and talking than try for Olympic medal sex.

Don’t Get Too Adventurous

Even if you think your sexual interests are moderate, be careful not to surprise him with anything too shocking or adventurous. If he hasn’t shown interest in a particular position, don’t use intimate time to try out new things.

Instead, bring up an idea for a new way to explore sexuality. Talk to him about it, or show him articles and pictures first. If he seems turned off, put the idea on the back burner.

In time he may get more comfortable. A Cancer man doesn’t like to do anything outside of his comfort zone. He may eat the same foods every day, go to the same stores and watch the same shows.

He won’t sacrifice comfort for pleasure. Even when it comes to sexuality, you need to keep things low key. A Cancer man is not going to want to challenge the status quo to explore pleasure.

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Pay Attention to His Chest and Stomach

Each zodiac sign is associated with specific body parts. For a Cancer man, these are the chest and stomach. Paying attention to these areas can lead to greater pleasure for him.

The same basic rules apply. He needs to feel safe and secure with you first. You’ll need to take things slow. When it’s obvious he trusts you, kiss, caress or show admiration for his chest and stomach.

Cancer men love to eat and if he’s got a little extra to him, especially around the abdomen, he may be self-conscious about his appearance. Be sure to tell him how much you adore his belly. Otherwise, your attention to this area may intimidate him.

Is a Cancer man using you? Usually not. He’s too dependent on emotional connection to go through all the trouble and vulnerability for a relationship he’s not really into. Though he’s slow to open up, he doesn’t play games.

Mix Pleasure and Security

When a Cancer man is done with you, you’ll know. Though they usually hang on for dear life rather than being the one to end the relationship. A Cancer man who is no longer interested will act like he’s just going through the motions.

One of the reasons a Cancer man will move on is if he doesn’t feel secure. To please a Cancer man in bed is less important to him than feeling safe. Still, there is no reason you can’t mix the best of these worlds.

Make sure he’s comfortable and secure with his surroundings before initiating intimacy. Tell him repeatedly how much you love and care about him. Don’t take for granted that he knows you care.

Cancer men can be so insecure that even if you tell him you love him, he still will doubt himself. The more you reassure him that he is the only one for you, the more he will feel sexually connected.

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Act Protective

One of the best ways to reassure a Cancer man is to act protective of him. He takes security personally. His vulnerable side is exposed during intimacy and this is something he is always self-conscious about.

Keep his secrets, remind him that you’ll always have his back, reassure him that you’re his. Show him you are protective over his safety, emotions and secrets and he will be deeply sexually satisfied.

Another way to demonstrate this rule is to not share his secrets (sexual or otherwise) with others. Even if you think something is perfectly innocent. He’ll feel betrayed by someone sharing his stories or secrets.

In this regard, exploring secrets and talking about vulnerable aspects of your past, while also listening to his stories, is an intimate act for a Cancer man. He will feel closer to you and more aroused when you share these things with him.

Explore Intimacy in Water

If you want to know how to text a Cancer man to get him in the mood for intimacy, talk to him about spending time in water. This is one of the biggest secrets to a Cancer man’s arousal.

He loves water. The thought of being in a pool, lake or hot tub with you turns him on. He loves the ocean. He may fantasize about making love on a boat or on the beach.

Even if you’re both much to practical to actually do this, it’s a fantasy worth exploring. Send him selfies by the pool or in a romantic bath. Encourage him to explore intimacy in or near water, you’ll appeal to one of his greatest desires.

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