10 Signs a Libra Man is Serious About You

Updated February 22, 2023
10 Signs a Libra Man is Serious About You

If you are dating a Libra guy and the relationship is getting serious, a Libra man has unique ways of showing the depth of his feelings.

What are the signs that your Libra man sees a future with you?

If you are a horoscope junkie, you can use astrology to tell you everything you need to know about how a Libra man acts in a relationship.

You can even figure out if your Libra man thinks your relationship can go the distance, or if to him, it’s just a fling.

By learning more about his sign, you can determine whether or not your Libra guy is serious about you.

1. He Suggests Commitment

Libras are notoriously non-committal, not just in relationships, but in everything. It can be hard enough to get a Libra to commit to a lunch date, much less a serious relationship.

This isn’t necessarily because Libras are players and want to date a lot of women. It’s more likely that their lack of commitment stems from indecisiveness.

They don’t like making decisions that can’t be changed easily, and committing to a relationship, moving in together, or proposing marriage are all choices with long-term consequences.

If you are wondering how to know if Libra man is serious about you, initiating a conversation about commitment without any prompting from you is a big sign.

When he asks you to be exclusive, it means your libra guy is ready for a serious relationship.

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2. He Follows You Everywhere

Libras are the social butterflies of the zodiac, so they love mingling and meeting new people more than most zodiac signs.

If you go to a social gathering with your Libra guy, even as a couple, you can expect him to ditch you to mingle with everyone.

It’s nothing personal and you shouldn’t take it as a sign that he doesn’t care about you or take you seriously. He just loves to socialize and needs a partner who can hold her own in a crowd.

But if your Libra guy is infatuated with you, he might follow you around a party or a bar like a lovesick puppy.

He might also show up at places where you have never seen him before, just because he knows you will be there and wants the chance to spend more time with you.

When he refuses to leave your side and pays more attention to you than anyone else, it means your Libra guy is getting serious about you.

3. He Wants to Stay Home with You

A Libra guy needs a partner who will accompany him on his frequent social outings. A Libra doesn’t want to date a couch potato when there are so many places to go and people to meet.

A Libra man will date someone more introverted than he is, and he doesn’t expect a woman to constantly stick by his side.

But his partner should be willing to go out with him at least occasionally, otherwise, he will feel weighed down by the relationship.

If your Libra guy leaves you home alone sometimes, don’t fear that it’s one of the signs a Libra man is not into you.

He’s happy to socialize on his own sometimes and understands that not everyone is as outgoing as he is.

But when a Libra man forgoes a party or skips an invitation for drinks with his friends to stay home and relax on the couch with you, it’s a sure sign that he is serious about you.

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4. He Introduces You to His Friends

If you are dating a Libra guy, you can expect to spend a lot of time with his friends. He will probably introduce you to them early on in the relationship for many reasons.

First of all, a Libra man doesn’t want to be kept from his friends for too long. His ideal partner understands that he likes hanging out in groups and doesn’t always want to spend time alone with her.

Second, when a Libra dates a woman, he wants her to fit in with his group of friends. He’ll introduce you to them to see how well you fit in and if they like you as much as he does.

You can bet that when your Libra guy introduces you to his crew, it means things are getting serious.

When he tells you how much his friends love you and that you blend so well with his crew, it’s a sign that he’s going to take your relationship to the next level.

5. He Opens Up to You

Men born under the Libra zodiac sign are great at social chatter and small talk, but they have a harder time opening up about their emotions.

They don’t like facing uncomfortable or painful emotions, so they tend to suppress them. They would rather help someone else deal with their feelings than address their own.

If a Libra guy feels comfortable enough with you to tell you his innermost thoughts, embarrassing moments, and dark secrets, it’s a sure sign that he is serious about you.

Although he is warm and friendly with everyone, a Libra guy only opens his heart fully to a select few. If he talks about his feelings with you, then he trusts and cares about you deeply.

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6. He is Affectionate with You

Those born under the Libra horoscope sign are very loving and physically demonstrative of their feelings for someone.

Libras have many love languages, and one of the most important ones is touch.

They love to kiss, cuddle, hug, and hold hands. Libras like moderate PDA and will be affectionate in public as long as it doesn’t make anyone else uncomfortable.

If your Libra guy puts his arm around your shoulder, grabs your hand, or sits close to you when there is lots of room on the couch, it means he has serious feelings for you.

7. He Gives You Presents

A man born under the Libra sign is generous with his friends and family. He loves spoiling his partner and treating her to the very best of everything.

Libras value material things and they assume everyone else does, too. A Libra man gives his partner luxurious gifts because they are the kind of presents he would want to receive.

He enjoys lavishing his partner with expensive presents like clothes and jewelry because he loves seeing her dressed up in elegant finery.

But the truest sign of a Libra man’s feelings is when he gives you his belongings. If he gives you his shirt to wear or insists you take any possession of his that you admire, it means he’s getting serious.

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8. He’s Dependable

Libra is one of the most indecisive zodiac signs, meaning Libras often get a reputation as being flaky and unreliable.

Since they can’t make a decision about anything, they rarely want to commit to plans, dates, or even what they want for lunch.

Although others may describe your Libra guy as undependable, when he is serious about you, he will always show up for you when you need him.

A Libra guy is so social and busy that he spreads himself too thin to be dependable for everyone. But he is reliable for the people he cares about the most.

When you know you could call your Libra guy at any time of day and he will drop everything for you if you need him, it means he is very serious about you.

9. He Shows You Off

For a Libra, dating is all about having a special someone to bring to all his social events. He likes having a beautiful woman on his arm he can proudly show off to his friends and family.

Your Libra man won’t just show off your looks, although they are important to him. He will also brag about your talents, your intelligence, your work, and your humor to other people.

A Libra guy wants a partner he feels proud of and makes him feel like the luckiest man in the world.

When your Libra man boasts about how wonderful you are to others, whether he does it in front of you or you hear about from other people, it means he takes your relationship seriously.

This simple secret about Libra men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

10. He Always Offers to Help You

As a sign ruled by the planet of love, Libras have many ways of communicating their feelings for their partners.

Along with physical touch, another important love language for Libras is performing acts of service. A Libra guy wants to make his girl’s life easier and will frequently offer to do favors for her.

He wants to be helpful and add value to her life by taking care of her. If she is stressed out at work, he will take care of the household chores so she can focus.

If her car is in the shop, he will offer to drive her wherever she needs to go while it gets fixed.

When your Libra man constantly offers to help you without being asked and tries to make your life run more smoothly, it’s a sure sign that he’s serious about you.

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