September Libra Man vs October Libra Man

Updated June 22, 2022
September Libra Man vs October Libra Man

September and October Libra men can act differently from one another sometimes. They are all still Libras, but their personalities can vary.

Libra men are multifaceted people, so don’t assume that every October or September Libra will be the same as the others!

There are a few different reasons why September and Libra men are different. One big reason has to do with planetary influences.

Venus rules Libra. Venus only rules September Libras, so they feel the total influence of that planet. Depending on their birthday, October Libras also have one of two subrulers, either Uranus or Mercury.

September Libras also tend to have more stereotypical Libra traits.

October Libras will still have Libra traits, but they can have some features that aren’t always associated with Libra. They might be more energetic or quirky than a typical Libra.

Calm vs Energetic

Are September and October Libra men different? They can be! One big difference can be how energetic they are.

September Libra men tend to be calmer. They are often just as social as October Libras, but they are more reserved.

You likely won’t see a September Libra man getting wild at a party. He will go to as many events as possible, interact with people, and have a good time. He just won’t be the loudest one in the room.

September Libra men are great at comforting people and calming them down. If you ever feel anxious, a September Libra man can likely soothe you just by chatting with you for a bit.

An October Libra man might be more energetic than his September counterpart. This is especially true if he’s born in the part of October that Mercury has influence over.

October Libra men are the life of the party! They are the type of people who keep the party going long after everyone else has gone home or gone to sleep.

Many October Libra men have seemingly endless energy. They are great people to try new things with. Take an October Libra man with you to a club if you intend on staying until the sun comes up. He’ll be down for it.

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Picky vs Flexible

Being picky is one common September Libra male trait. A September Libra man often has specific standards and values, and he does not want to deviate from those if he can help it.

September Libra men often have an image of the person they want to marry. They often have a list of what they want in a partner and may have difficulty settling down with someone who doesn’t tick all their boxes.

A September Libra man might also be picky regarding food or fashion. He may have specific restaurants that he likes to go to, and it will be challenging to get him to try out something new.

Once a September Libra man finds an aesthetic he likes, he’ll often stick to that. His outfits won’t vary much over time once he figures out exactly what he wants to wear.

Libra men born in October are far more flexible than September Libra men. This can most obviously be seen in how they date and choose partners.

October Libra men like to date around and may date multiple people at the same time. They might not have one “type” of person they date either.

An October Libra man isn’t concerned with someone who checks on his boxes. He’ll be willing to give a person a chance and be flexible regarding certain things, such as physical appearance.

Focused on Themselves vs Focused on Relationships

Libra is a relationship-focused sign, so it might be surprising that September Libra men tend to be more focused on themselves than their October counterparts.

September Libra men are more likely to be self-centered than October Libra men. Being self-obsessed is a common negative trait associated with Libra, but a September Libra man’s focus on himself isn’t always wrong!

September Libra men do value relationships. They are often just more focused on their own needs, what they can bring to the relationship, and how they can grow as people.

If a September Libra man sees a problem in his relationship, he will often focus on what he can do to fix the problem. He’ll reflect on his own behavior and try to figure out a solution for his issues on his own before talking to his partner.

An October Libra man is the type of person who loves being in a relationship just because he loves being in love. He is more focused on the relationship as a whole than what he individually brings to the relationship.

October Libra men might do what is best for the relationship, not for themselves. They aren’t as focused on bettering themselves as people as they are on what they can do to improve a relationship.

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Left-Brained vs Right-Brained

Libra men born in September tend to be left-brain people. Being left-brained means that they are often more logical and rational than October Libra men.

Air signs are often known for being logical. September Libra men definitely exemplify this trait. These Libra men make great lawyers because they have excellent analytical and critical thinking skills.

This doesn’t mean that September Libra men are always serious or that they aren’t fun. They are! They just think more logically.

Many October Libra male traits are associated with being more “right-brained.” Right-brain people are typically more spontaneous, emotional, and creative than left-brain people.

October Libra men are great at coming up with creative solutions for things. They are excellent at answering open-ended questions and coming up with ideas that others might not always think of.

An October Libra man doesn’t just appreciate art and beauty, as all Libra men do. They are often the Libra men who create their own art. These Libra men paint, write poetry, and do all sorts of artistic projects.

Emotionally Detached vs Emotionally Expressive

One big difference between September and October Libra men is how emotionally expressive they are.

A September Libra man’s personality is more emotionally detached. If needed, a Libra man can entirely remove his emotions from a situation to better think about it in an unbiased and rational manner.

You won’t always know if a September Libra man is feeling sad or angry. He won’t show those emotions to people he isn’t close to. Even when he’s happy, he might not be as enthusiastic about it as an October Libra.

If an October Libra man is excited about something, you’ll know! If he is angry about injustice or something he saw on the news, everyone around him will be able to tell how he feels.

October Libra men are very expressive. They feel their emotions deeply and aren’t as worried about hiding them as September Libra men are. They can be calm if needed, but they prefer to just express themselves.

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Smaller Social Circle vs Larger Social Circle

One of the similarities between September and October Libra men is that they are both social butterflies. All Libra men love to be around other people.

September Libra men might interact with just as many people as an October Libra man does, but his circle of friends and loved ones is often smaller.

A September Libra man prefers to have a few close friends. He likes being able to devote his time and energy to developing intimate relationships with people, which is easier for him if his social circle is small.

October Libra men often have a lot of friends! They might have one large group of friends or multiple smaller groups.

An October Libra man will likely have varying degrees of intimacy with all these friends. He won’t always be able to devote the same amount of time to each relationship, so his friendships with different people will develop at different rates.

Realistic vs Idealistic

September Libra men are very realistic. They might want to see a change in the world, but they understand that it isn’t always going to happen the way they want it to.

A September Libra man isn’t a pessimist most of the time. He is just more realistic about what he can and cannot do to make the world a better place.

A Libra man may have a specific idea of how the world should be, but he knows that the world won’t always live up to that idea. He knows that justice won’t always be served, no matter how much he wants it to be.

The October Libra man’s personality is more idealistic. October Libra men don’t necessarily have their heads in the clouds, but they strongly desire to believe that things will always work out the way they’re supposed to.

An October Libra man will fight hard for what he believes in because he honestly believes that things can change. He won’t compromise on his values when he thinks that it’s possible to get what he wants.

October Libra men often think about change on a broader scale than September Libra men. A September Libra man might do small things to change his community. An October Libra man wants to change the world.

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