September 7 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

Updated November 14, 2022
September 7 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

What sign is September 7? People born on this day are Virgos. They are born in the second decan of Virgo.

These Virgos are expressive, friendly, and innovative. They have brilliant minds but are prone to becoming stressed like other Virgos.

Mercury, the planet of community, rules Virgo. Second decan Virgos have Saturn, the planet of structure, as their subruler.

Saturn can be difficult, but these Virgos can rise above its dark side and gain wisdom from its influence.

Virgos born on September 7 can be too hard on themselves. They have friendly, social personalities, though. They can learn to see themselves in a more positive light through their connections with others.

These Virgos must be careful not to get lost in their self-criticisms. They must learn to embrace themselves entirely if they want to thrive.

September 7 Info
DateSeptember 7
SignVirgo ♍︎
StrengthsExpressive, Friendly, Honest
WeaknessesStressed, Self-conscious, Self-critical
Opposite signPisces ♓︎
Best matchPisces, Cancer, Taurus
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsThe Chariot, The Tower
Angel number7
Spirit animalsOwl, Camel, Jellyfish


The September 7 horoscope has lively energy. These Virgos don’t always see themselves as vibrant, intelligent people. Others can more easily see their talents and intellect.

These Virgos aren’t just humble. If one dismisses compliments or downplays their achievements, they legitimately do not realize how great they are.

Virgos born on this day can overwork themselves trying to attain perfection. They have high expectations for themselves that are sometimes unrealistic. They end up disappointing themselves because they can never meet those expectations.

These Virgos are great friends and hard workers. They have brilliant minds and an innovative nature that can bring about change. They have to learn how to see themselves as they really are.


A September 7 Virgo’s purpose is to become aware of their positive traits. They tend to focus on their flaws, both real and perceived and don’t always realize that their talents and wonderful personality outweigh those flaws.

These Virgos can sometimes hold themselves back from realizing their full potential. They try too hard to meet unrealistic expectations, both ones others have placed on them and ones they’ve put on themselves.

When these Virgos can become more comfortable with themselves and learn how to recognize their talents, they will thrive. They must understand that perfection doesn’t exist but that they don’t need to be perfect to succeed.

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Positive Traits

The September 7 personality is friendly and trustworthy. These Virgos may not always have an accurate view of themselves, but they value honesty and will never purposely lie to you.

These Virgos can be more expressive than others. They genuinely want to connect with other people and can use their grounded, amiable personalities to do that.

Virgos born on this day are wonderful friends. They are supportive and will always make time for the people they care about.

These Virgos want to make other people happy. They work hard to make others feel comfortable in their presence. If they mess up and hurt someone, they will do their best to make things right.

Negative Traits

Being prone to stress is a common Virgo trait. All Virgos in all three decans can overwork themselves for various reasons.

These Virgos tend to overwork themselves and become stressed because they expect too much from themselves. They think they need to be perfect to be worthy, which can be difficult for them to overcome.

These Virgos are tough on themselves. They are self-conscious and may constantly worry that they are disappointing others. They criticize themselves constantly.

Virgos born on this day can overcome their disappointment in themselves by looking at themselves more objectively. They should seek the truth about themselves and will typically find that they are more talented than they initially thought.


The best match for Virgos born on this day is Cancer. These Virgos often need support to work through their self-criticism and self-consciousness. Cancer can nurture them and help them see themselves in a positive light.

Cancers are loyal, devoted partners. They are emotionally expressive, a trait these Virgos can appreciate.

Pisces and Taurus are also great matches for Virgo. Pisces, like Cancer, can offer emotional support.

They see the best in people and can remind Virgo that they are too hard on themselves. Taurus can help these Virgos relax when they feel stressed and overworked.

The worst match for Virgo is Aquarius, Sagittarius, or Aries. Aries likely won’t encourage Virgo to slow down and will push them to work harder. Aquarius and Sagittarius are too free-spirited. Virgo likes to be grounded and stable in a relationship.


Virgo’s communication style is deliberate. Virgos born on this day may be more expressive than others, so they may speak more passionately. However, they are just as well-spoken as other Virgos and just as attentive.

These Virgos are especially honest, even compared to other Virgos. They cannot help but speak the truth, even if that truth isn’t always welcome or desired.

Some Virgos can be critical and won’t hesitate to voice their criticisms. These Virgos tend to focus most of their criticism on themselves.

However, if someone asks them a direct question, they will answer honestly without sugarcoating anything.

On the other hand, these Virgos are also extremely friendly. They enjoy conversing with their friends and are always happy to listen when someone they care about needs them.


Some Virgo characteristics that attract others to them are their sharp wit and neat, well-kept appearance. Virgos aren’t known for being flashy or wild, but their friendly, expressive nature will also draw others to them.

These Virgos will be attracted to people who also have neat appearances. They are attracted to people who dress well and put effort into their appearance.

Poise and confidence will also attract these Virgos. They aren’t always confident in themselves, so they will be attracted to people with that trait they often lack.

Physical appearance is important to Virgo, but they are looking for a supportive, kind, and compassionate partner. Those traits will matter more than their physical characteristics.


These Virgos are friendly and a little more social than others, so they may enjoy dating around more often. On the other hand, they may also avoid dating when they are too hard on themselves.

Dating can sometimes be a breath of fresh air for these Virgos, but it can also be stressful. They usually find that they enjoy the dates they go on more often than not but may need some convincing to date when they feel self-conscious.

These Virgos tend to enjoy planning the dates they go on. If someone else plans the date, they like to know ahead of time what to expect. They want to ensure they have dressed appropriately and are prepared for the date.


Virgo’s love language is acts of service. Virgos born in the second decan are also likely to have quality time as a love language.

These Virgos will feel loved when someone makes an effort to spend time with them. They will gladly schedule time with a close friend or come over to help with chores, and they appreciate it when the favor is returned.

You must show these Virgos you love them as often as possible. They can sometimes have a harsh opinion of themselves, and being reminded they are loved can help build their self-esteem.


A relationship with Virgo might not always be exciting, but it can be incredibly grounding. Virgos are supportive, devoted partners who want to bring security and stability into their relationship.

These Virgos have a strong desire to connect to others. They want to be loved, and they will be content when they can find someone who is just as supportive and caring as they are.

If these Virgos are too self-critical, they may have difficulty believing they are worthy of a relationship. They can work through that with a patient, compassionate partner.


Marriage is important to Virgos. They take it seriously and will not marry someone unless they are sure they are marrying the right person.

These Virgos crave a solid emotional bond with a spouse they can be with for life. If they commit to someone, they will always be faithful and loyal.

It will be extremely challenging, if not impossible, for these Virgos to forgive a betrayal from their spouse. They need someone who can emotionally support them and devote themselves to the relationship.

These Virgos can undoubtedly find happiness outside of marriage, and they shouldn’t try to get all their contentment from marriage, but they can certainly find a source of stability and support from the right person.


These Virgos sometimes overthink when it comes to sex. They must learn to loosen up and switch off their thoughts to have a good time.

Virgos born on this day may worry that they don’t measure up to their partner’s past lovers. They may need reassurance that their partner wants to be with them and that they are good enough.

When these Virgos can lower their stress levels, they will be much more satisfied in the bedroom. They will be able to express themselves freely and may find that they have a wild side they never knew about.

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