September 5 Zodiac, Personality, Horoscope, and More

Updated September 8, 2023

September 5 birthdays fall under the sign of Virgo. September 5 Virgos are in the second decan of this sign, with Venus as this decan sub-ruler.

People born on September 5 are attractive, nurturing, sensitive, and materialistic.

September 5 Virgos can be more diplomatic than the average person born under this sign. Those born on September 5 are friendly, humble, and helpful.

Virgo people born on September 5 come to your aid and make soup for you when you’re sick. They always know how to make you feel comfortable.

You can count on a September 5 Virgo to encourage you when you’re down. They are loving and easily make you feel at home.

September 5 Info
DateSeptember 5
SignVirgo ♍︎
StrengthsOrganized, Nurturing, Loyal
WeaknessesPerfectionist, Critical, Anxious
Opposite signPisces ♓︎
Best matchPisces, Cancer, Taurus
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsThe Hierophant, Temperance
Angel number5
Spirit animalsCat, Owl, Bee


The September 5 zodiac is independent, confident, and efficient. They know how to make people comfortable and are pragmatic enough to help others avoid distractions and focus on essential tasks.

They can be organized and are great assistants. Virgo people born on September 5 are meticulous and observant. Though they focus on work, they are also mindful of aesthetics.

Virgos born on September 5 value form and function. They can be pleasant and friendly. They are never pushy and can be patient and responsible. Virgo is one of the most health-conscious of the signs.

People born on September 5 are likely to have a talent for domestic skills. They may be able to make their clothes, cook, garden, and do many of their repairs.

Virgo people are curious. They love researching answers to problems. They share their knowledge and skills freely, helping others feel more secure and stable.

Virgo people born on September 5 zodiac cusp are often more sentimental and affectionate than others born under this sign. Virgo people can be aloof and emotionally detached. September 5 Virgo is more open and loving.

The September 5 zodiac element is earth. Earth signs are financially savvy and good at business; they are health-conscious, practical, and sensible.


People born on September 5 have a unique purpose. They have a mission to bring order, stability, and security to others while beautifying the world. September 5 Virgo people have a gift for finding beauty in simplicity.

They help others create a solid foundation. September 5 Virgo can also help people understand ways to improve their health and finances. They help others evolve and live up to their full potential.

People born on September 5 excel in teaching, research, and data entry careers. They are excellent nurses, techs, and healthcare workers as well. Virgo helps others improve their health and diet.

The September 5 birthday celebrity is rare. Most born on this date have no interest in the spotlight. They can be modest and often work behind the scenes, avoiding recognition.

Famous birthdays in September can be people who achieve fame by accident. Virgo people whose work becomes famous while they remain shrouded in mystery are common.

The September 5 birthday zodiac is here to serve others and often prioritizes other peoples’ needs. They can be peacekeepers and mediators. They are also attracted to herbalism and nature preservation.

Positive Traits

September 5 Virgo has many positive traits. They are intelligent, methodical, organized, and hard-working. They are thoughtful and caring, often seeking ways to make others feel secure and comfortable.

Virgo is conscientious. They assume responsibility for others and can be great friends and helpers. They can be honest and always tell you the truth even if it is not what you wanted to hear.

Virgo is detail oriented and notices every small matter that others miss. They are health and safety conscious and can be counted on to alert you to problems or potential future problems.

Negative Traits

September 5 Virgo people have some challenging personality traits they must overcome. They are perfectionists and work to improve themselves, but they have some flaws.

They can be demanding. September 5 Virgo expects a lot of themselves. They can be patient, but their high standards are projected onto others. They value self-improvement and don’t understand people who neglect growth.

September 5 Virgo can be frugal and may seem too serious. They are prone to excessive anxiety and worry. Virgo is concrete and can be inflexible.

A September 5 zodiac woman may become obsessed with body image and conform to social expectations of beauty more than other Virgos. They are not vain but are concerned with health and fitness.

The September 5 zodiac rising sign can mitigate the negative qualities of this sign. People born on September 5 with a water or air rising sign can be more flexible and compassionate.

The September 5 zodiac rising and Moon sign can work together to balance their personality. A water Moon sign gives Virgo greater sensitivity and intuition, helping them overcome their restricted perspective.


September 5 zodiac sign compatibility is highest with Cancer, Pisces, and Taurus. As an earth sign, Virgo needs the practicality of fellow earth sign Taurus and the comfort and emotional expression of the water signs.

Cancer and Virgo share a love of domestic bliss. They are traditional, family-oriented, and nurturing. Cancer helps soothe Virgo’s anxieties. Virgo keeps Cancer grounded.

Pisces and Virgo are opposites on the zodiac wheel. They challenge each other to overcome insecurities and fears. Pisces can be imaginative and brings out Virgo’s creative side.

Virgo ensures Pisces won’t go too far into their fantasy world. This couple finds a balance between the spiritual and mundane. They help each other recognize the beauty and harmony between the physical and spiritual worlds.

Virgo is a great romantic match for Taurus. Taurus is the most romantic of the earth signs. Taurus helps high-strung Virgo enjoy pleasure and relaxation. Virgo helps Taurus rein in their excessive spending and become focused.

September 5 Virgo has the worst compatibility with Aquarius, Aries, and Sagittarius. The fire and air signs have nothing in common with people born on September 5.

Aquarius is the rebel of the zodiac. They are independent and erratic. Their shocking and unpredictable nature makes Virgo feel unsettled. Virgo is too methodical and consistent for Aquarius; Aquarius feels stifled and bored in the relationship.

Aries and Virgo are equally poor matches for each other. Aries is spontaneous and determined; they can be dominating and optimistic. Virgo is cautious and slow-moving; they frustrate each other in romance.

Sagittarius is another independent, passionate sign. Sagittarius people are the gamblers of the zodiac; they push Virgo’s buttons unintentionally. Virgo tries to confine Sagittarius, and this doesn’t work.


September 5 Virgo can be an excellent communicator. They are direct, honest, and authentic. They can break abstract ideas into understandable steps and are great at giving instructions.

Virgo is savvy regarding texting and verbal communication. They are efficient communicators and make their message known. They are direct and neutral.

Though they can seem critical at times, Virgo people born on September 5 can be diplomatic and try to be supportive and comforting. They are task-focused and avoid talking about emotion.


People born on September 5 are considered attractive. They are more image-conscious than the average Virgo and may wear makeup or dress more fashionably than others born under this sign.

Virgo is known for keeping their style simple, neutral, and traditional. Yet those born on September 5 are known to be more romantic and eloquent. They avoid sexual or revealing outfits.

Virgo is attracted to modest, traditional people. They are attracted to you if you are clean-cut and down to earth. Dress to impress a Virgo by ensuring your outfit is tailored and high quality, avoid being flashy.

You can attract Virgo through your actions and intelligence more than your appearance. Ensure you are tidy and presentable when you see Virgo. Yet you don’t need to go too far to dress to get their attention.

Being helpful, humble, and conscientious makes you more attractive to Virgo than anything else. Virgo notices you if you are caring and thoughtful.


People born on September 5 love traditional, lowkey dates. They are more romantic than other Virgos but remain practical and not emotional. They are sentimental, however.

September 5 Virgo loves going on dates to romantic restaurants. They can be caring and affectionate but keep public displays of affection minimal. Virgo avoids loud, chaotic venues.

They enjoy romantic movies. Take them on dates to documentaries, classic movies, and romance films. They are traditional and may also enjoy dates to historic sites. Gardens and wildlife preserves are also good dates for them.


September 5 Virgo is slow to fall in love. They are careful in love and may court you for months before becoming emotional. They often fall in love with people who are friends first.

Virgo analyzes you carefully. They must determine you are trustworthy before they are ready to pour your heart out to you. Virgo people born on September 5 can be loyal in love once they let their guard down.

They can be devoted for life once they commit to love. When Virgo is in love with you, they hide it initially. You will see subtle signs, such as their willingness to change plans to see you.

They are not passionate and suppress their feelings. Virgo keeps their love lowkey. When they are in love, they become more helpful. They offer to fix things for you and show up unexpectedly to make dinner.


People born on September 5 are cautious about committing to a relationship. They proceed gradually. Virgo can procrastinate and hesitates to commit love.

In relationships, Virgo is dependable. They are consistent and never make a promise they can’t keep. Virgo is honest and affectionate. They can be practical and nurturing in relationships.

Virgo needs consistency in relationships. They are satisfied with routine and become anxious when their relationship is chaotic and unpredictable. They take commitments seriously. You never have to worry about them straying.


Virgo people born on September 5 value marriage. Once they are secure in a relationship with you, they look forward to marriage. They don’t need elaborate weddings and prefer simple, traditional, milestones.

Virgo is a loyal and devoted spouse. They can be honest and romantic partners who find subtle ways to keep the love alive throughout the marriage.

September 5 Virgo loves to find ways to make you happy daily when married. They cook for you and make your favorite meals. They are eager to give you advice and help you evolve.

Though they need stability in marriage, Virgo is turned off by a marriage that stagnates. Keep working on yourself in marriage. Learn new things and show your Virgo spouse you are continuing to grow personally.


September 5 Virgo is modest and has a lower-than-average sex life. They can go for a long time without sexual encounters without feeling deprived. Virgo, when aroused, can be sensual.

They are attentive to your needs and go out of their way to please you. September 5 Virgo is traditional in the bedroom and avoids kinky sex. They are minimalists and prefer simple, pleasurable encounters.

Virgo is cautious in the bedroom and must be able to trust you before they open up and become more experimental in the bedroom. They prefer consistency and predictability in bed.

Virgo insists on good hygiene and prefers methodical, cautious sexual encounters. They are not spontaneous and are turned off by people who are too demanding in bed.

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