September 26 Zodiac (Libra) Horoscope & Info

Updated December 20, 2022
September 26 Zodiac (Libra) Horoscope & Info

September 26 is the sign of Libra. People born on this day are influenced by the planet Venus. Theirs is a sign associated with the air (classical element).

Libras born on this day are intellectual visionaries with numerous artistic talents.

Having a September 26 birthday makes you attractive, romantic, and sentimental. People born on this day are among the most caring Libras.

They are caring and love to collaborate with others. They make friends everywhere they go. They prefer having a partner, people born on September 25 hate doing things alone.

They have an eye for beauty and know how to make a room look warm, comfortable, and inviting. People born on September 25 are great decorators and designers.

September 26 Info
DateSeptember 26
SignLibra ♎︎
SymbolBalance scales
StrengthsAttractive, Kind, Protective
WeaknessesSuperficial, Jealous, Indecisive
Opposite signAries ♈︎
Best matchAries, Leo, Sagittarius
Worst matchCapricorn, Virgo, Taurus
Tarot birth cardsStrength, The Star
Angel number8
Spirit animalsDolphin, Meerkat, Seal


The September 26 horoscope brings gentleness and a quiet manner. People born on this day are polite, shy, and observant. They instinctively know how to make others feel comfortable.

September 26 zodiac gives people sensitivity to the needs of children, animals, and anyone vulnerable, including the sick and elderly. They are helpful and considerate.

They are excellent listeners and reserve judgment. They believe that only fate and good luck keep them from walking in the shoes of unfortunate people.

Libra people born on this day are sensitive to injustices. Though they avoid conflict and confrontation as much as possible, they won’t shy away from an argument to help someone else.

They speak up for others before they speak up for themselves. They can be strong advocates and have big hearts. Their generous and kind nature makes them endearing to most people.


Part of the life path for someone born on September 26 is to bring healing, peace, and harmony to others. They are here to create beauty and celebrate human potential.

Their artistic talents are also part of their mission. They use creative means to draw attention to injustices and to facilitate healing and understanding. They are excellent writers, visual artists, and musicians.

They help others make peace with the past and with their adversaries. People born on September 26 are here to remind the world that love conquers all. They accomplish their mission by bringing out the best in others.

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Positive Traits

The Libra personality is flexible, amiable, and caring. They are sensitive and avoid making others feel bad. People born on September 26 are diplomatic and generous.

They can tell how to brighten your day and spread positivity and love every place they go. Libras born on September 26 are understanding. You can confide in them.

They listen to your problems without judging you and often have good advice. Yet they know the best response is to hold space and listen. They are attractive and lovable, keeping friends for life.

Negative Traits

People born on September 26 have far more positive traits than negative. But like all people, they have lessons to overcome. People born on September 26 are indecisive.

They agonize over every decision. They often don’t assert themselves and can be resentful when others don’t anticipate their needs. As a result, they can be passive-aggressive.

People born on this day are also jealous. For all their beauty and popularity, they can be insecure. Reassure them of your feelings in relationships.


September 26 Libras make great friends and can get along with everyone. When it comes to romance, however, they have specific needs. They are a perfect match for people born under the signs of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

People with Sun in Aries are complete opposites of Libras born on September 26. This couple thrives on the energy of opposites attracting. People born on September 26 and the Libra 3 decan are perfect for Aries.

Aries is assertive and takes the lead so that Libra doesn’t have to. Libra balances Aries’s energy with compassion, nurturing, and playfulness. They share an exciting and fun relationship.

People born on this day in the Libra sign are also ideal for Sagittarius. Though Sagittarius is sometimes too distant for Libra, people born on September 26 respect their need for space.

Sagittarius is continually fascinated by intellectual and caring Libra. They continually impress each other as both are inspiring and creative.

Libras born on September 26 are also perfect for Leo. The sign of the Lion is proud and a natural leader. They are as charismatic and creative as Libra. Yet the sign of the scales knows never to upstage them.

Libra and Leo are a match out of a fairy tale romance. They bring warmth and joy into each other’s lives. They can be a great pair in love and are devoted to each other.

Libra is not well-suited for a romance with some signs. Their worst matches are the earth signs. Even Taurus, who shares an affinity with the planet Venus, is not a good match for Libra.

Taurus is set in their ways, which stifles Libra’s need for creativity and spontaneity. Libra seems fickle and superficial to serious Taurus.

Libra is also not a good match for traditional Capricorn, who is hardworking and rigid. They see Libra as careless. Capricorn also can’t stand Libra’s need for luxury and their many guilty pleasures.

Libra and Virgo are as different as oil and water. They repel each other. Virgo is a perfectionist whose practical nature makes Libra feel suffocated. Libra is too imaginative for Virgo’s comfort.


Libra is mostly honest; their desire to be people-pleasers gets in the way of transparency. They can be passive-aggressive communicators. People born on September 26 are diplomatic.

They choose their words carefully, never wanting to upset anyone. They try to be polite even when they have difficult feedback to give. You can count on them, to be honest, but kind.

They love to speak in person rather than texting. When they send text messages, their meaning can be hard to follow. They often dance around crucial issues.


People born on September 26 are beautiful and attract the attention of numerous love interests. They can take or leave romantic prospects.

You can get their attention by dressing your best. They are attracted to people who pay attention to their appearances. Libras born on September 26 aren’t shallow but care about first impressions.

You can find them at art galleries, theaters, festivals, parties, and busy restaurants. They are outgoing and love to be in festive environments.

You can also find people born on September 26 taking art classes or reading poetry at open mic events. They are intellectual and enjoy literary events and writing conferences as well.


Dating a September 26 Libra is enjoyable. They are attracted to pleasure and romantic settings. Dinner at a busy restaurant with a local band providing music is ideal for them.

They also enjoy paired activities like playing tennis or going for a ride on a tandem bicycle. They aren’t picky if they get to spend time with you. Libra dates that are fun, playful, and exciting keep them engaged.

When you want to impress a Libra born on September 26, take them to an artistic event or theatrical production. They enjoy patronizing the humanities.


Libras born on September 26 fall in love quickly. They are so enamored with being in a relationship they don’t always consider whether they are a good match for someone.

They often rush into romance and then get cold feet. People born on September 26 can be caring and affectionate. They are addicted to the feeling of new love.

When they are in love with you, they do anything to make you happy. They write you poems and send you flirty text messages. They want to go everywhere with you.

You’ll know in time if their feelings run deep or are superficial. Libras who are only infatuated start to shut down. Even if they say they love you, they go cold if it is just an illusion.


September 26 Libras live to be in relationships. They are more comfortable with a partner than alone. People born on this day need companionship.

They often go from one relationship to another with almost no time in between. Libras born on September 26 are loyal, romantic, and affectionate. They are caring in relationships and surprise you with tokens of their love.

Libras act like every date is the first date. Even after years of courtship they never want the romance to go cold in a relationship. They can be amazing lovers, attentive and inspiring.

They can also make great friends. When Libra is your friend, they are protective and stick by you for life.


Some Libras long for marriage, others, like Libras born on September 26, fear commitment. They never want to lose the honeymoon phase of the relationship.

They fear the connection dwindling in a marriage. Yet if you convince a September 26 Libra to settle down with you, you’re set for life.

They are devoted spouses. They bring romance and playfulness into your life every day. Libras born on September 26 never lose their sense of humor and charming nature.

They create a comfortable, harmonious, and joy-filled home with their spouse. When you’re married to someone on this date, they are a loyal and faithful partner for life.


Libras born on September 26 can be thrilling in the bedroom. People born on this date are full of surprises. They seem innocent and shy at first, but when a partner shows their kinky side, Libras match their interests.

They are willing to experiment and try new things to please their partner. They have average to high libidos and can be enthusiastic intimate partners.

Many times, Libras born on September 26 think they can experiment in bed without a romantic relationship, yet they always develop emotional attachments when they are intimate with someone.

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