September 19 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

Updated January 1, 2023
September 19 Zodiac (Virgo) Horoscope & Info

People born on September 19 are Virgos in the third decan of Virgo. The planet Venus influences people born on this date.

They have various talents and traits that set them apart from others born under the sign of Virgo.

A September 19 birthday is associated with many talents. People born on this date are sensual and pragmatic. They express their caring nature by being helpful and kind to others.

They are minimally sentimental. Instead, focus on creating harmony, beauty, and comfort for others. You can count on them to be reliable. These Virgos are particularly creative.

They have a unique aesthetic that other Virgos ignore. But people born on September 19 appreciate beauty. They have more of an artistic vision than the standard Virgo.

September 19 Info
DateSeptember 19
SignVirgo ♍︎
StrengthsIntelligent, Helpful, Diplomatic
WeaknessesAnxious, Perfectionistic, Critical
Opposite signPisces ♓︎
Best matchPisces, Cancer, Taurus
Worst matchAquarius, Sagittarius, Aries
Tarot birth cardsThe Magician, Wheel of Fortune
Angel number1
Spirit animalsCat, Vulture, Squirrel


Virgos born on September 19 have good tastes in decor and fashion. They are tidy and organized and coordinate their appearance, homes, and offices. People born on this date need to be in comfortable and beautiful surroundings.

September 19 Virgos are nurturing and find ways to make others feel secure and stable. They can be helpful and love to give advice. Their helpful nature is an aspect of their personalities.

People born on this date shy away from the spotlight. They keep busy behind the scenes making everyone else happy and comfortable, but they don’t seek attention or recognition.

September 19 Virgos may collect art or antiques. They appreciate the beauty of practical items. They may have a collection of decorative clocks, for example.

They are often successful and financially savvy. They have good business sense and don’t waste money or other resources. They can also be cautious but sensible when making career moves.

The September zodiac dates for Virgo are associated with a more diplomatic personality. Virgos born on September 19 are friendly, polite, and kind. They avoid being judgmental.


People born on September 19 have a special mission. Their purpose is to help others find beauty and pleasure in their daily routines. People born on this date help others value their health and the environment.

They are on a mission to show others that they can find enjoyment in simple things. They enjoy teaching others to pay attention to details when it comes to living in harmony with their surroundings.

People born on this date excel in careers related to the environment, nature, and healthcare. They also excel in practical arts such as crafts, cooking, and decorating.

Fashion, ergonomics, city planning agriculture, and dietary sciences appeal to people born on this date. They believe that if you must perform certain routines, you may as well enjoy the process.

Their attitude toward work and home is similar. Whether you spend most of your time in an office or at home, Virgos believe you should be comfortable and surrounded by aesthetically pleasing views in your space.

People born under the Virgo sign are the most modest and humble of all the zodiac signs. People born on September 19 have many skills that benefit others.

The Virgo star sign gives people an eye for details others miss. They love using their gifts to improve society but don’t seek grandiose gestures. Instead, they try to help individuals make progress on their specific goals.

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Positive Traits

People born on September 19 have many positive traits. They are resourceful, creative, down-to-earth, and logical. They have analytical skills and an eye for detail.

You can count on people born on this date to be consistent and honest. Virgos born on September 19 are caring, kind, and nurturing. They are loyal and honest yet diplomatic.

People born on this date are hard-working and efficient. They are proud of their work ethic, yet they don’t try to upstage others. They love to be productive for the sake of being helpful.

Virgo personality traits are commonly associated with being rational, intellectual, and objective. They have analytical gifts and can be great at finding patterns others miss.

Negative Traits

No one is perfect, not even a September 19 Virgo. As much as they try to be perfect, they must overcome flaws. They can be restless and anxious nature because they worry about others.

They can also try too hard to be helpful. Their tendency to give unsolicited advice can seem overbearing. Virgos can also be dogmatic and try to present routines as the only correct way to accomplish your goals.

People born on this date sometimes come across as judgmental. They can be critical of others, though they offer criticism in the interest of trying to help others improve.

Their perfectionist personality can trigger their stress. They are high achievers who go above and beyond to impress others. Yet they don’t have to work as hard as they do. They struggle to relax, which can lead to negative traits.


September 19 Virgos are compatible with a specific group of signs. Those born on this date are best in relationships with people born under the signs of Pisces, Cancer, and Taurus.

Pisces is the sign that lies opposite Virgo on the zodiac wheel. September 19 Virgos find harmony and balance in relationships with Pisces.

People born under the mystical sign of Pisces bring emotion, empathy, and imagination to the relationship.

Virgo’s compatibility with Pisces is strong. They help Pisces stay grounded. With the help of a Virgo born on September 19, Pisces follow through on their goals. Left to their own devices, Pisces would wander.

September 19 Virgos have an equally harmonious relationship with people born under the sign of Cancer. Cancer is emotionally nurturing aligning well with Virgo’s practical nurturing style.

Both are homebodies. Virgo ensures Cancer feels secure. Cancer brings emotional awareness. People born on September 19 feel an easy connection to Cancer.

Virgos born on September 19 share the element of earth with people born under Taurus. They work well together, creating a harmonious and comfortable home. Both can be stubborn, but they also both crave security and pampering.

While Virgos born on September 19 have an easy time connecting to some signs, others rank low on the compatibility chart. They are least compatible with Aquarius, Sagittarius, and Aries.

Virgo compatibility with Aquarius is challenging. September 19 Virgos need consistency and predictability. Aquarius is full of surprises. As the rebellious sign of the zodiac, Aquarius is too erratic for sensible Virgo.

Sagittarius people are independent and carefree. Virgo needs more structure in their life than Sagittarius can tolerate.

Sagittarius feels stifled by Virgos born on September 19. Virgo’s anxiety spikes as Sagittarius follows their instincts with no regard for rationality.

Aries people also clash with Virgos born on September 19. They frustrate each other. Aries are impulsive, and Virgos are planners who need routine. Their lifestyles are too different for compatibility.

Virgo compatibility with Aries hits a dead end. Usually, people born under these two signs seldom pursue each other. They can tell right away they have nothing in common.


People born on September 19 are clear and practical communicators. They are down-to-earth. They can be polite but never sugarcoat their messages.

People born on this date avoid small talk. They communicate to convey information and inform others of better ways to accomplish their goals. Their style is didactic and instructive.

Virgos don’t notice subtle cues when communicating, even though they are detail-oriented. They focus instead on the message.

A Virgo woman or man who goes quiet isn’t mad at you. They are usually busy or preoccupied. When they are upset with you, they explain why and instruct you on what you need to do differently.


People born on September 19 Virgo zodiac sign are attractive to others. They don’t seek attention, yet others are attracted to them because of their natural beauty and kind personalities.

They are slow to show love interest. The best way to attract a Virgo born on this date is to demonstrate your good taste in fashion. They notice people who dress well and who are clean and well groomed.

People born on this date notice you if you have something to teach them. Brush up on trivia, particularly on cooking, health, and self-sufficiency.

You can expect to meet a September 19 Virgo if you spend time in nature or a community garden. They love to attend farmer’s markets and festivals. You’ll also find them in craft stores or community events.


People born on September 19 are easy to impress if you understand the kinds of dates they enjoy. Their favorite dates involve making something such as a craft class or paint and sip.

People born on this date love educational dates as well. Take them to a workshop, art show, or literary event. They enjoy comfortable and pleasant dates where they can learn something useful.

People born on this date enjoy having healthy foods. Restaurants with vegetarian food and organic options are best for them. People born on this date can be picky about their environment.

Always select clean, quiet, and romantic venues. They don’t like loud and chaotic places. Avoid rowdy bars or intense game nights. They enjoy trivia competitions, but they don’t like fierce competition.

For people born on the Virgo sign, dates involving numerous couples can put them at ease early on. Try double dating with another pair for your first few dates with a September 19 Virgo.


When a September 19 Virgo falls in love with you, they show it in subtle ways. You could miss their intentions if you don’t know how to read their cues.

People born on this date are never passionate. When a September 19 Virgo falls in love with you, they can be caring and thoughtful, but you may think they are just being friendly.

Watch closely, and you’ll see they find reasons to spend more time with you than anyone else. They surprise you with simple gifts. They bring your favorite coffee or tea when they visit.

People born on this date also notice details about things you like. They play your favorite music and ask about your family or your pets. They aren’t overtly emotional, but they are thoughtful.


September 19 Virgos are consistent and reliable in relationships. They are slow to define a relationship because they want to ensure you are the right one for them.

When they are ready to make the connection official, they continue to act in almost the same way. They’ll sit down with you to discuss boundaries and expectations.

This may seem awkward, but they want to ensure you understand their expectations. Their sensible approach works well though it often takes their partner by surprise.


Virgos born on September 19 look forward to marriage, which is their endgame in relationships. They don’t waste their time dating someone unless they can see their partner as a future spouse.

People born on this date are reliable spouses. They are devoted and loyal. People born on September 19 fall into a specific role in the marriage and carry out their responsibilities dutifully.

They don’t need excitement and passion to keep a marriage alive. People born on this date expect marriages to be hard work. They feel comfortable with routine. Their ideal spouse doesn’t become bored with repetition.


People born on September 19 can be sensual and affectionate. Sex is not their top priority, but their relationships can be refreshed and energized with some extra attention in the bedroom.

Before initiating seduction with someone born on this date, ensure they are not engrossed in a project for work. Their devotion to their responsibilities is so strong, that they become stressed if anything interrupts them.

Their best time for seduction is when they can relax and leave their work at the office. Surprise them with a dimly lit bedroom. Play seductive music and dance with them.

A Virgo born on this date is sexually reserved. They aren’t kinky but prefer traditional intimacy. Yet they can be passionate and attentive lovers.

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