Are Sagittarius Men Selfish?

Updated August 11, 2023

A selfish Sagittarius man won’t always see himself as being selfish. Many Sagittarius men do care about others. They just have to learn how to show that properly.

Sagittarius men can be generous. They aren’t always this way unless they are with loved ones.

Many Sagittarius men seem selfish because of their views about independence. A Sagittarius man doesn’t want to rely on anyone else. He doesn’t expect that others will rely on him either.

Some Sagittarius men are selfish even when they don’t mean to be. They are carefree and free-spirited. A Sagittarius man might not always notice he’s ignoring the needs of others.

Sagittarius men aren’t the most considerate people. They are not the best at picking up on how other people feel. A Sagittarius man might put his needs over someone else’s because he doesn’t notice they need his help.

Big Ego

Sagittarius men have big egos, as all the fire signs do. Their egos might not be as flashy as a Leo man’s, but they do have them.

Having a big ego means that a Sagittarius man is often focused on himself and his own needs rather than the people around him.

A Sagittarius man will let his ego get in the way sometimes. He won’t admit he’s wrong, even if it would make his relationship with someone easier.

He won’t always help the people around him because he’s too caught up in what he’s doing.

If a Sagittarius man sees a particular activity as being beneath him for some reason, he won’t do it. Even if his partner loves doing this activity and wants him to join in, he won’t.

The ego of a Sagittarius man blinds him in many ways. He won’t admit to being selfish even if he is because that might be a hit to his ego.

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Values His Own Opinions

Many Sagittarius men value their own opinions. They see themselves as being intelligent, well-read, and well-traveled. They often think they know more than the people around them.

A Sagittarius man will usually listen to the opinions of others. He likes to hear what others have to say. That doesn’t necessarily mean he’ll put any stock into those opinions, though.

One of the signs that a Sagittarius man has feelings for you is that he will pay attention to your opinions. Even when they differ from his own, he’ll still hear you out.

Hates Being Wrong

Are Sagittarius men rude? Many of them can be, especially if they think you’re telling them they’re wrong about something!

Sagittarius men don’t always listen to the opinions of others. Even if they realize they are wrong about something, they won’t admit it.

If a Sagittarius man acts selfishly and you tell him that, he will likely deny it. He may try to turn things around on you and say that you’re being too needy.

Sagittarius men don’t like to admit that their behavior is wrong sometimes. A Sagittarius man will not always want to accept that he’s been selfish, even when it’s clear that he has been.

It can take a Sagittarius man a long time to learn how to accept that he needs to change his behavior. He might deny his selfish nature just because he hates admitting he’s wrong.

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Gets What He Wants

Sagittarius men are used to getting what they want. They are optimistic people who genuinely believe that they will eventually get anything their hearts desire.

A Sagittarius man often believes that he deserves to get everything he wants. Even if he hasn’t necessarily worked for it, he will think he’s earned it.

It can be hard for a Sagittarius man when he doesn’t get what he wants. Many Sagittarius men are generous, but not if it means giving up something they truly desire.

This need to always get what he wants can cause a Sagittarius man to ignore the needs and desires of the people around him.

Your Sagittarius man might have a hard time hearing no. If he wants to go on a vacation to one place but you want to go somewhere else, he’s likely to argue with you until you give in and go where he wants to go.

Can Be Inconsiderate

A Sagittarius man’s communication style is straightforward. The way he talks to people isn’t always tactful. Some Sagittarius men are downright inconsiderate in the way they speak to people.

Many Sagittarius men are inconsiderate by accident. Emotional sensitivity is not one of their strong points.

If a Sagittarius man seems distant or like he’s not paying attention to you, it isn’t always on purpose. He may not realize that you want attention from him.

Sagittarius men are not good at picking up on hints. You need to tell him what you want outright.

If he’s constantly rude and inconsiderate toward you on purpose, though, that is a sign a Sagittarius man is playing you.

If he cares about you, he’ll usually try to listen when you tell him that the way he’s treating you or talking to you is upsetting.

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Values His Freedom

Most wouldn’t necessarily think of loving freedom as one of a Sagittarius man’s negative traits. However, in his quest for freedom, a Sagittarius man can sometimes come across as selfish.

A Sagittarius man won’t want to compromise with you if he thinks that it requires giving up any amount of freedom. He will seem selfish when really, he’s just afraid of losing his independence.

Sagittarius men often need to learn to overcome this fear of losing their freedom. They need to actively try to learn how to compromise with people.

Sagittarius men don’t always think about others before they do something. They like being able to do whatever they want. Sometimes, this can be inconvenient for the people around them.

Can Be Generous

Sagittarius men aren’t entirely selfish. Many of them are pretty generous.

If a Sagittarius man seems inconsistent with his generosity, it’s because he isn’t generous with everyone.

A Sagittarius man is more likely to be generous with the people around him. His friends and partners will see that side of him more often.

Sagittarius men want the people they love to feel good. They want them to be cared for and have everything they want in life.

Your Sagittarius man will always try to give you what you need when he cares about you. He’ll give you gifts and spend a lot of time with you. He’ll seem completely unselfish when he’s taking the time to provide you with what you need.

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He’s Carefree

Some Sagittarius men aren’t trying to be selfish or careless. Many Sagittarius are generous and are capable of compromising when they want to.

The problem is that many Sagittarius men are carefree. They go with the flow and let their whims guide them. This means that they aren’t necessarily paying attention to the needs of everyone around them.

A Sagittarius man will help you out if you ask him. He won’t always notice that you are stressed out or that you need his help unless you say something, though. Your Sagittarius man isn’t always paying attention to how you’re feeling.

Sagittarius men will sometimes do what they want without thinking about the repercussions. They sometimes act without thinking and may behave selfishly just because they are being careless.

Some Sagittarius can learn to rein in their impulses. This can help them to be more considerate of the people around them.

Prefers Independent People

The early stages of dating a Sagittarius man can be difficult because a Sagittarius man might have a very different idea of what it means to be in a relationship than you do.

Sagittarius men are highly independent. They prefer to be around people who have the same level of independence they do.

You might think your Sagittarius man is selfish because he’s not focusing on you enough. He may believe that he’s giving you space to do things independently.

It will bother him if you are too reliant on your Sagittarius man. Sagittarius men are willing to help their partners out sometimes, but they don’t want to do everything for them.

Do Sagittarius men hide their feelings? This is very common. You may think it’s selfish for a Sagittarius man to keep his emotions from you, especially if you two are supposed to be in a committed relationship. He doesn’t always see it that way.

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Can Learn To Be Selfless

A selfless Sagittarius man isn’t impossible to find. Many Sagittarius men can learn to overcome their selfish natures through hard work.

One of the good things about Sagittarius men is that they want to learn and grow. They don’t want to stagnate and get stuck in the same spot for their entire life.

A Sagittarius man will learn to show the people he loves that he cares about them. If he needs to compromise to maintain his relationship, he will figure out how.

Even the most selfish of Sagittarius men can turn their behavior around. A Sagittarius man isn’t trying to be malicious most of the time. He just needs to learn how to focus on the needs of others sometimes.

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