Are Libra Men Selfish?

Updated February 22, 2023
Are Libra Men Selfish?

Even the most selfish Libra man is capable of being selfless at times. Most Libra men have a selfish side, but they aren’t always selfish.

Libra men are people-pleasers. They at least want to appear unselfish if it means the people around them will like them more.

Are Libra men selfish? They can be. Even the most caring, generous Libra men will have their selfish moments.

Libra men seem selfish at times because they can be emotionally detached. This can make them seem insensitive and like they don’t care about the needs of others. A Libra man might also not be aware of what your needs are!

When a Libra man cares about you, he will try not to be selfish. Libra men have a strong desire for others to like them, so they try to put their best foot forward.

Has A Selfish Side

Are Libra men selfish? They can be, but that doesn’t mean they always will be! It is very common for them to have a selfish side. That just isn’t the only side of them.

Libra men can be selfish for a variety of reasons. Some Libra men aren’t trying to be selfish. They just come across that way because they don’t always notice how their behavior impacts others.

Some Libra men are self-centered. Others try to put other people first but don’t always do that in practice.

Some Libra men need to learn how to be more selfish, while others need to rein in their selfish side. It all depends on the individual Libra man.

If your Libra man seems selfish sometimes, don’t focus entirely on that behavior. Try to see all sides of him.

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Doesn’t Always Know What He Wants

Unfortunately, a Libra man’s indecisive nature can cause him to behave selfishly. Why is this? The main reason is that he doesn’t always think about how his indecisive actions affect other people.

One example of this can be seen when a Libra man can’t decide whether or not he’s romantically interested in someone.

Your Libra man might come on strong at first, only to ghost you later. If you were interested in him, his behavior likely hurt your feelings! He doesn’t always consider that, though.

A Libra man can get so caught up in his indecision that he doesn’t stop to think about the feelings of others. He’ll be focused on deciding how he feels about you instead of thinking about how you might be feeling.

Can Detach Emotionally

Dating a Libra man can be challenging at times. It sometimes takes a while for a Libra man to open up emotionally.

Libra men often seem cheerful and pleasant, but they are also emotionally detached. They prefer not to deal with “negative” emotions if they don’t have to.

If your Libra man seems like he’s ignoring your needs or not giving you what you want from him, it might be because his emotionally detached nature has gotten the best of him.

A Libra man might ignore you when he’s upset or overwhelmed. If you need something from him, he likely won’t be able to give it to you. He’s not always going to tell you something is wrong, though.

Don’t always assume a Libra man is ignoring your needs because he’s being selfish or can’t be bothered to help you. He might be going through something and just not want to tell you yet.

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Can Be Self-Centered

Why are Libra men selfish at times? One reason is that some Libra men can be extremely self-centered.

It might not always seem like a Libra man is self-centered, even if he is. Libra men are very good at hiding this part of themselves when they want to.

Libra men are very focused on what other people think about them. They are constantly trying to do things to make people like them.

A Libra man might be so focused on how he comes across to other people that he doesn’t pay attention to those people. He will be too caught up in whether or not they like him or think he’s smart.

Sometimes, a Libra man might seem like he’s paying attention to someone or focusing on their needs. He might be more caught up in his image and how other people view him.

Puts Himself First

If you think your Libra man is being selfish, take a step back and think about why that might be. There are situations where a Libra man will be entirely justified in putting himself first.

It is not wrong to be selfish sometimes. There are times when a Libra man will need to stop being a people-pleaser and start focusing on himself more.

Your Libra man will put himself first sometimes, whether or not he’s selfish. A Libra man might not be willing to compromise on specific values of his, no matter how much he cares about somebody.

He might seem selfish if he refuses to compromise when you want him to. Think about why he isn’t compromising, though. There are times when he can’t do that.

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He’s Insensitive At Times

A Libra man’s personality isn’t the most insensitive one you’ll ever encounter, but he can act insensitively toward others.

Libra men try to be polite to the people around them, but they miss the mark sometimes. Unless a Libra man is trying to pay attention to how someone is feeling, he might accidentally say something to offend them.

Some Libra men are only polite to others because they need to be liked. The reason behind their kindness can be completely selfish at times.

If a Libra man isn’t trying to make someone like him, he might be insensitive and selfish. He’s not going to care about their needs or their feelings in that case.

Capable Of Being Selfless

Libra men are multifaceted, complex people. It’s not simple to answer whether or not Libra men are selfish because while some of them are, many of them are capable of being selfless.

Even a selfish Libra man will be selfless sometimes. Are Libra men generous? Many of them are! This is especially true with people they care about.

When a Libra man loves you, he will often show this love with gifts and acts of service. He will make sure that you feel loved and cared for. He might be selfish with everyone else, but he’ll do his best not to be with you.

If you are in a long-term relationship with a Libra man, you likely know that he can be both selfless and selfish at times. He will try his best to care for your needs, even if he sometimes misses the mark.

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He’s A People-Pleaser

People-pleasing behavior is a pervasive Libra man characteristic. As mentioned, the reason for this behavior can be selfish, but it isn’t always.

Some Libra men are people-pleasers just because they want others to like them. A Libra man will feel better about himself when other people like him!

Other Libra men are people-pleasers because they actually like to help people. Those Libra men are often not selfish.

Is a Libra man selfish in bed? For the most part, the answer is no. A Libra man’s people-pleasing nature means that he wants to make his partner feel good in bed.

Even a very selfish Libra man will display people-pleasing behavior at times. He knows that if he’s constantly selfish and never helps anyone out, he will look bad. The last thing a Libra man wants is to be disliked by everyone around him!

Emotionally Unaware

Sometimes when a Libra man acts selfish, he’s not trying to. He might just be unaware of how his actions are making you feel.

Libra men aren’t always emotionally aware. They aren’t as good at picking up on the emotions of others as a Scorpio or Cancer man might be.

A Libra man wants to be liked, so he will try to do what he can to please the people around him. If you don’t tell him what you need from him, though, he might not always be able to please you.

If you’re overwhelmed, and your Libra man isn’t doing anything to support you, it might not be because he’s acting selfishly. He’s not necessarily seeing to his own needs instead of yours. He might not realize you need his support.

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Always Working On Himself

The symbol for Libra is a set of scales. Libra men are always trying to achieve balance in their lives. This means that many of them are constantly working on themselves to find this balance.

It is not morally wrong to behave selfishly at times, just like it isn’t good to always be selfless. Never putting yourself first can be just as bad as always putting yourself first.

If a Libra man sees that he’s constantly being taken advantage of, he might decide that he needs to be a little more selfish. If he notices that he’s gotten a reputation for always being selfish, he will try to think of others more.

Libra men do not want others to think they’re selfish. They also don’t want people to believe they are doormats! A Libra man is constantly trying to work on himself to balance his life.

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