Are Aries Men Selfish?

Updated February 23, 2023
Are Aries Men Selfish?

You’ll likely meet a selfish Aries man at least once in your life, but that doesn’t mean that all Aries men are selfish all the time.

Some traits Aries men have can make them seem selfish. Many of them put their selfish nature aside for people they love, though.

Many Aries men are goal-focused and self-oriented. They often think about their needs and desires first when doing something. That’s not always a bad thing, though!

Aries men can also be attention-seeking, but that’s not always a bad thing. It’s only a bad thing if they never share attention or focus on anyone else’s needs.

An Aries man will likely prioritize you when he loves you. He will devote himself to you and focus on your needs just as much as his own. Even if he’s selfish sometimes, he’ll be selfless for you.


Are Aries men selfish? Some of them are. Many Aries men are focused on themselves, but that isn’t always negative.

Aries men are often focused on working on themselves. An Aries man wants to be the best person he can be, and that honestly isn’t a bad thing!

If you think an Aries man is being selfish, take a minute to reflect on why he might be acting that way. Is he being selfish, or is he just genuinely doing what is best for him?

An Aries man might need to take some time to focus on himself if he thinks he needs to be a better partner. He might be taking steps to work on himself and do better in the future.

Aries men also like to go to the gym to work on themselves. That can seem vain and selfish to some people. He is just trying to better himself and keep himself healthy and active, though.

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Aries men can act single-mindedly at times. This is especially true if they are focused on achieving a goal.

Many Aries men aren’t the type to plan things out before doing them. Your Aries man might not tell you before diving headfirst into a huge project.

If your Aries man is constantly late to things or if he seems forgetful at times, it’s likely not because he’s selfish and just doesn’t care about you or your time.

When an Aries man is focused on achieving something, he might fail to notice other things around him. He will just be focused on getting what he wants until he gets it.

An Aries man might not have a specific plan or have any idea when he will achieve his goal. He might be taking longer than even he thought! Just give him the time he needs, and then he’ll get back to paying attention to you.


Is an Aries man self-absorbed? Some Aries men can be. Aries men often have big egos, which is more apparent in some than others.

Sometimes, an Aries man’s ego can get out of control. He will often refuse to listen to other people out of pride.

An Aries man might seem selfish because he genuinely just isn’t thinking about anyone other than himself. Again, it’s not wrong to think about yourself. Some Aries men do take it too far, though.

When an Aries man lets his ego get the best of him, he won’t care about what anyone else needs. He won’t listen to what anyone else says.

An egotistical Aries man will be too focused on getting what he wants to think about, whether that’s what is best for everyone around him.

Even a selfless Aries man can seem egotistical at times. It’s rare for an Aries man to be entirely selfless. There will be times when he needs to focus on himself.

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Many Aries men are attention-seeking. They love to get attention from other people. Some are more obvious about their attention-seeking nature than others.

Is your Aries man acting selfishly and only focused on himself? It might honestly be because you haven’t been giving him the attention he needs, and he doesn’t know how to ask for it.

Some Aries men will just directly let you know when they want attention. Others might try to seek it elsewhere if you aren’t getting the hint and giving them the attention they want.

If an Aries man is feeling attention-starved, he’s only going to be focused on getting attention. He won’t be focused on meeting your needs until his needs are met.

If your Aries man seems irritable, selfish, or angry, try giving him some attention. That might be all he needs to start acting like his usual self.


Are Aries men controlling? Control is a big part of the Aries man’s personality. Aries men like to be in control of their lives and can sometimes act irrationally if they feel like someone else is trying to control them.

Many Aries men don’t mean to be controlling. They want their partners to be just as free and independent as they are!

An Aries man just doesn’t always consider how his actions make other people feel. If he’s acting controlling, it’s likely because he’s being selfish and only thinking about himself at that moment.

Are Aries men possessive over their partners? They can be. Again, if an Aries man is acting that way, he’s likely just not thinking about how his actions affect you.

You can quickly get an Aries man to stop acting controlling, possessive, and selfish by calling him out on his actions. Sometimes, he just needs to see how he’s behaving from an outside point of view.

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Craves Success

Why is an Aries man selfish sometimes? One reason is that he craves success. An Aries man might forget to think of others in his quest to get what he wants.

Aries men don’t work just because they enjoy working. They work because they want to be successful in life. They want to achieve something, whether that is fame, fortune, or something else.

Many Aries men will focus on themselves and their careers until they feel successful. This means they might stay single or just not be focused on their relationships until they feel like they are in a good spot.

This focus on success can seem selfish, especially if you’re vying for an Aries man’s attention. You might need to step back and let your Aries man focus on his career if that is what he wants.

Will Prioritize You When In Love

Even the most selfish Aries man in the world will prioritize the person he loves most.

When you are in a relationship with an Aries man, you will see his selfless side. You will become one of his top priorities, even if you can’t always be #1.

An Aries man in love will do his best to ensure his partner’s needs are met. He will always try to be there when his partner needs him.

The way an Aries man prioritizes you just might not be in the way you want him to. There will be times when something else has to come first.

If an Aries man is working hard on a project at work, he won’t come home early just because you’re bored. He’ll expect you to reach out to someone else or do something alone.

If there is an emergency, he will drop everything for you. He just needs a good reason to drop everything, which doesn’t necessarily make him selfish.

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Can Practice Self-Control

Even an Aries man with a selfish personality won’t be selfish all the time. Aries men can practice self-control and be selfless if they need to be.

An Aries man knows that paying attention to other people is in his best interest. He knows that he can’t maintain functional relationships if he’s completely selfish.

Your Aries man will sometimes put aside his own needs for you if it makes your relationship better.

An Aries man will pick his battles at work and not always fight to get what he wants, especially if he knows that giving in now can get him what he wants later.

Any selfish person is capable of putting aside their selfish nature when it serves them. Selfish Aries men are no different.

If you think your Aries man is being overly selfish or unreasonable, just appeal to his logical side. Make him see that it can be better in the long run if he gives someone else what they want now.

He’s A Devoted Partner

Are Aries men insensitive? Aries men aren’t always good with emotions. They can seem cold at times, especially to highly emotional and sensitive people.

However, an Aries man isn’t insensitive because he’s selfish or uncaring. It just takes an Aries man time to figure out how to handle other people’s feelings.

When an Aries man loves you, he will gladly take the time to learn about your needs. He will devote himself to you and do anything possible to make you happy.

Even if your Aries man is usually selfish, you’ll see his selfless side. He will sometimes put aside his needs for you, and he will learn how to compromise because he loves you.

Your Aries man will want to be selfless when he loves you. He will want to ensure that your needs are met so you two can have a successful relationship.

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