Are Aquarius Men Selfish?

Updated June 3, 2022
Are Aquarius Men Selfish?

A selfish Aquarius man might just seem selfish because of other aspects of his personality. This is actually a very selfless sign!

Aquarius men are humanitarians. They are altruistic and care about the world around them. They care about the big picture.

Are Aquarius men selfish? Many are not. If he seems that way, it might just be because you don’t know him well yet.

Aquarius men are fiercely independent and sometimes individualistic. They are self-reliant and won’t always think to go for others to help. They will just handle things themselves because they know they can get things done correctly.

Their selfless nature usually comes out on a more global level. Aquarius men want to make the world a better place. They aren’t always the best at paying attention to the individual people around them, though.


If an Aquarius man is being distant, it might just be because he needs some time to himself. He likes being around people but he also enjoys his alone time.

Aquarius men are fiercely independent. An Aquarius man who feels like he’s being stifled might pull away from the people who are making him feel that way.

He isn’t always trying to be selfish. He just needs time to himself. It’s completely healthy to focus on yourself sometimes. Don’t mistake his need for independence for him being selfish.

If you don’t know how to deal with an Aquarius man when he becomes distant, it’s something you’ll have to learn if you’re in a relationship with one. He’ll compromise with you but he’s going to want alone time now and then.

Needing independence isn’t selfish. Wanting time for yourself isn’t either. An Aquarius man isn’t a terrible person just because he isn’t always focused on other people.

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Aquarius men are unique individuals. They stand out from the crowd. They need to feel like they are their own people to be happy.

Your Aquarius man might care about you but that doesn’t mean he’s going to always be focused on you.

He needs time for himself. He needs to be able to focus on his interests and goals. This might make him seem selfish but that’s not the case most of the time.

It’s not selfish to be invested in yourself and your happiness. In fact, an Aquarius man won’t be able to help anyone around him if he’s unhappy in his own life.

A relationship with an Aquarius man will be more successful when he can devote time to himself. It will also be more successful when his partner can do the same.

If he is unable to ever have time to himself, that’s going to be detrimental to both him and his relationships in the long run.

Emotionally Detached

If you have an Aquarius acquaintance or even if you’re in the early stages of dating an Aquarius man, you might notice that he isn’t the most emotionally open person.

An Aquarius man’s communication skills when it comes to his emotions aren’t the best. It takes some work on his part to be able to communicate effectively with his friends and partners about their emotions.

If he’s not reading you the way you’d like him to, it’s not always because he’s being selfish or self-absorbed. Sometimes he just doesn’t realize you’re feeling a certain way unless you tell him.

He might not always notice when you’re upset unless you explicitly tell him. This doesn’t mean he’s not paying attention to you. It just means he’s not a mindreader.

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One of an Aquarius man’s negative traits is often his stubborn nature. It’s not always negative, though! If he’s standing up for something he believes in or defending you, you want him to be stubborn.

When that stubbornness is being used against you, though, you won’t think of it as a good thing.

Aquarius men aren’t just stubborn because they want to get their way. If he’s dragging his feet about something, it’s because he legitimately thinks it’s important. He is willing to compromise if necessary.

He’ll listen to your opinions but he won’t want to compromise when it comes to his values. If he thinks something he’s doing will make the world a better place, you won’t be able to convince him otherwise.

His stubborn nature might make him seem selfish sometimes. Just know that he isn’t always stubborn just because he wants to get his way. Sometimes he legitimately thinks he’s doing what is best for everyone.


Some Aquarius men are more self-absorbed than others. This might seem odd as Aquarius is often associated with humanitarianism and altruism.

Other Aquarius men aren’t self-absorbed, they may just seem that way due to other factors.

He often gets so caught up in the big picture that he forgets to pay attention to the individual people around him. Aquarius men are known for thinking on a global scale.

If he’s ignoring you, it’s not always because he’s focused on himself and his own needs. He might be focused on doing something for the community and get caught up in that.

He might be so busy thinking about all the things he can do to better the world that he neglects the needs of his friends and family.

An Aquarius man who comes across as self-absorbed may also just be clueless when it comes to how the people around him are feeling.

He does care about the feelings of other people. He just doesn’t always pick up on minor details. He won’t always know somebody is feeling sad or upset unless they tell him.

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Most Aquarius men have a friendly disposition. They care about the world around them and want to come across as kind to the people around them.

Aquarius men make excellent friends. Some need to try harder than others but being a good friend is something many of them take very seriously.

An Aquarius man legitimately cares about his friends. He wants the best for them. He wants to treat them well and he wants to make them happy.

If he’s ever falling short in a friendship, he’ll want to fix that. If a friend tells him he’s been acting selfishly, he will do what he can to turn things around and be a better friend.

If you ask your Aquarius friend or partner for help, he’ll often try to help you out. He won’t do everything for you, though. He likes to be around people who are self-reliant and who won’t constantly demand attention from him.


Many Aquarius men are dedicated partners. They aren’t always selfish! They genuinely do care about their partners, even if they don’t always show it in a way that you’re used to.

An Aquarius man wants his partner to be happy, just like he wants his friends to be happy.

He will dedicate himself to the people he loves. He will do whatever he can to take care of his community and the people around him.

If he ever seems like he’s acting selfish, all you need to do is talk to him about it. He might be focusing on himself for legitimate reasons and if that’s the case, he’ll let you know.

One of the signs an Aquarius man is using you is that he won’t even try to put any effort into your relationship. He won’t act affectionate or dedicated, not even in his own unique way.

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Doesn’t Think About Feelings

If an Aquarius man is inconsistent when it comes to his emotions and how he expresses them, it’s because he honestly doesn’t always think about feelings.

If he treats you well sometimes and is insensitive other times, it’s for the same reason. He is a smart person but he, unfortunately, doesn’t always consider how he makes other people feel.

If an Aquarius man acts like he doesn’t care about your feelings, that doesn’t always mean he doesn’t care! He just doesn’t always express himself the way you want him to.

Can Be Selfless

If you’re looking for signs that an Aquarius man has feelings for you, him acting selflessly with you is a sign he cares about you.

Even a selfish Aquarius man will act selflessly if he truly cares about somebody. He will at least try to put your needs before his own when it matters.

Aquarius men usually know when it’s time to focus on themselves and when they need to focus on the needs of others.

If his needs are met and he’s able to, he’ll be willing to help out the people around him.

He won’t let down somebody he loves when they truly need him.

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Many Aquarius men are focused on humanitarian efforts. They are altruistic and want to make the world around them a better place.

Overall, most Aquarius men aren’t selfish at all. They want to make their communities better. They want to ease people’s suffering.

You will often find Aquarius men volunteering, engaging with community politics, and doing other things to help out the people around them.

Aquarius men truly care about the world. They don’t want to be selfish and they want to help when they can.

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