How to Seduce a Virgo Man in 10 Easy Steps

How to Seduce a Virgo Man in 10 Easy Steps

If you want to successfully seduce a Virgo man, you’ve got to appeal to his practical desires.

From knowing how to compliment a Virgo man to recognizing physical signs a Virgo man likes you, you need to appeal to his rationality.

If you want to know how to attract a Virgo man, you’ll need to do some research. Don’t assume he’s like other men. He’s got a different style than most guys.

The key to getting a Virgo man in bed is not what you would think. He’s not primarily sexually motivated. Instead, you to know how to flirt with a Virgo man without being obvious.

A Virgo man in love with you will be easier to seduce. It’s best to take your time and build the relationship without focusing only on sex.

1. Seduction Needs to be Intellectual

If you want to know how to make a Virgo man chase you, you’ve got to appeal to his mind. He is less impressed with how you look and more invested in how you think.

A perfect seduction for a Virgo man is to tease him with your knowledge about practical subjects. Drop hints about the data and details of your favorite topics.

Show him that you have an eye for detail and a brain for analysis. Seduce a Virgo man by revealing your intelligence. He likes it when you stimulate his mind.

The better your intellectual conversations, the more he will be enticed by you. He gets excited by your capacity to meet him on the same mental level.

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2. Make Solid Plans for Intimacy

What a Virgo man wants to hear is that you have plans for an intimate evening together… in a few days. You may find this surprising.

Isn’t intimacy supposed to be spontaneous and exciting? Not when a Virgo man is involved. A Virgo man prefers to avoid spontaneity. It’s too much like chaos to him.

For a Virgo man to feel comfortable letting loose and enjoying intimacy, he needs to have a clear break from his routines and work. Otherwise he will be stressed about his obligations.

It’s better to seduce a Virgo man by carving out time when he won’t be rushed. This also serves the purpose of helping him feel the excitement of anticipating your encounter. He’s not creative, he needs to have something specific to look forward to.

3. Avoid Being Too Spontaneous

Signs a Virgo man is falling for you include his willingness to make more time for you. This isn’t just when it comes to sexual encounters. When he loves you, he’ll fit you into his day.

A Virgo man will go farther little by little, to make you a part of his life. If you want to seduce a Virgo man, don’t surprise him. Don’t drop by unexpectedly.

Doing so will only backfire. A Virgo man will start to feel like the walls are closing in on him. He will start to feel like you are being intrusive. He fears change. Even the subtle change of altering his plans.

When a Virgo man finds something, or someone, he likes, he will try to keep things consistent and stable. He will actually feel more secure if you are persistent.

If you try to surprise him, he will see it as a last minute change in plans. This causes him stress. He really prefers to have control over his surroundings including his time.

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4. Appeal to His Physical Senses

A Virgo man does have a sensual side. He doesn’t always openly acknowledge it because he prefers to be practical and not passionate.

He doesn’t like to let his emotions lead his choices. He will try to keep his sensual desires under control as well. A Virgo man can be physically sensual.

If you want to seduce a Virgo man, you can try to appeal to this desire for comfort and efficiency. He doesn’t need to be pampered. Yet he does enjoy healthy food and other physical comforts.

Try giving him a massage or cooking a healthy meal for him. Make sure your surroundings are conducive to romance and seduction. Loud music, bright lights and other noxious stimuli will distract him from his desires.

When a Virgo man says “I love you,” he’s signaling that he is definitely comfortable with you. He may have more tolerance for experimentation then, but it is still best to stick to tradition and stay in his comfort zone.

5. Don’t Get Too Adventurous

Just as he doesn’t like to be surprised, so too does a Virgo man prefer to avoid risk taking. When you seduce a Virgo man, he needs to still feel secure.

Don’t try anything too adventurous. Before you suggest an experimental technique in the bedroom, or before you suggest going on a skydiving date, consider his need for stability.

A Virgo man will be more easily seduced if you approach him in a subtle way. Less is more with a Virgo man. You can entice his imagination and appeal to his sense of fantasy by suggesting things that he is already comfortable with.

Don’t get too adventurous with a Virgo man. He won’t respond to this. Instead he will fall in love with you if you try to nurture his desire for organization and control.

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6. Approach Seduction with Slow Patience

A Virgo man is patient and needs to be given time to open up. That is why the seduction process with a Virgo man is always slow.

Don’t rush him. Even if you think you’re doing him a favor by “encouraging” him, try to understand seduction from his point of view. A Virgo man is very set in his ways. He’s health conscious, germophobic and a bit anxious even at baseline.

If you try to seduce him to insistently or if you try to rush him, he’ll feel like you are taking away his sense of security and control. He’ll also feel like you’re invading his personal space.

Let the passions simmer as you slowly court a Virgo man. This may make you feel frustrated, but it can also be seen as a style of nurturing. Take your time and build a connection, let him feel reassured by you.

7. Act Innocent

A Virgo man’s sign is symbolized by the Virgin. This doesn’t mean he is abstinent. Though he is not highly sexually motivated, he does enjoy intimacy.

Yet he takes a long time to open up to a sexual and romantic connection. An unlikely style of seducing a Virgo man involves a paradoxical approach.

Instead of seducing him with overt displays of sexual passion, try to show your innocence. He’s attracted to purity and all things associated with being demure.

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8. Leave Him Wanting More

Just as it is important to not flaunt your sexuality when dealing with a Virgo man, always leaving him wanting more in all your interactions.

When you text him, don’t write paragraphs describing every detail of your day. Don’t be too much of a mystery to solve.

Instead, try to give him enough information understand you, but be discreet enough to intrigue him. Leave him curious about you. Tempt him to want to know more.

If you typically over explain things or reveal a lot about yourself early on in a relationship, you may want to try holding back more with a Virgo man. Both verbally and through your appearance, leave more to be revealed in time.

9. Don’t Be Too Forward

If you are too forward with your seduction, a Virgo man will be turned off. Instead of pursuing him assertively, try to set the foundation for seduction by dropping hints.

Be flirty and friendly. Don’t put too much focus on him. It’s more effective to seduce a Virgo man a little at a time. If you are too forward, he will feel like you are only interested in sex.

Instead of overtly showing your sexual interest when you seduce a Virgo man, you will want to leave him the discreet impression that you’re attracted to him.

You’ll see him respond favorably when he starts to relax and show more interest in affection and intimate encounters with you. You may be encouraged to pursue him more.

Try to resist this urge, however. Still let him set the pace. A Virgo man wants to think of sex as a pleasurable aside, not his main focus. This is why you need to be subtle.

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10. Try Old Fashioned Seduction

When you want to seduce a Virgo man, look to the past. Not your past, but the past generations in society. A Virgo man has a traditional nature.

He may be ahead of his time in many ways, but when it comes to family and romantic values, he’s old fashioned. He may adhere to old style rules of courtship.

If he tells you his rules and boundaries, don’t laugh. He’s not joking if he says he wants to wait until he’s married to have sex. He may at least want to be seriously committed to you first.

Show him that you also have high standards. Don’t pursue seduction specifically. Show him instead that you are his perfect match for a long term relationship.

He may want to hold hands first, then progress to kissing and then more, all in a matter of time. Give him the chance to set the pace.

You can also stay a step ahead of him by expressing your own high standards and boundaries. It’s a rare treat for a Virgo man to meet someone as patient as he is.

Let him know that certain milestones have to wait. He won’t see this as playing hard to get. Instead, he’ll see it as being enticed by a careful partner who is worth the wait.

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