How to Seduce a Taurus Man in 10 Easy Steps

Updated February 22, 2023
How to Seduce a Taurus Man in 10 Easy Steps

To seduce a Taurus man, you need to understand his sensual nature. Taurus men are easily swept off their feet by beauty, romance and comfort.

If you want to entice a Taurus man, your best bet is to appeal to his senses.

If you want to know how to get a Taurus man to chase you, you’ve got to be patient and step back so that he has time to sort through his feelings and take a chance on pursuing you.

You can seduce a Taurus man easily because he has a high libido and passion for intimacy. Yet it’s important to keep in mind that a Taurus man can separate sex and love.

If you want to seduce him and initiate a serious relationship, you have to carefully balance intimacy and romance or else he’ll get bored.

1. Learn His Favorite Meal

When you see the signs a Taurus man is sexually attracted to you, it’s a good time to try to entice a Taurus man by appealing to his various appetites. In addition to intimacy and sensual contact, a Taurus man is also drawn to good food. He can’t help it.

He can be completely seduced by a delicious meal. Adding his favorite wine to the meal doesn’t hurt, either. When you want to seduce a Taurus man, think of satisfying each of his appetites. His appetite for food, beauty, security and power.

When you cook for a Taurus man, you make him feel pampered and nurtured without feeling smothered. This sends a message that you are willing to tend to his needs. A Taurus man will appreciate anything you cook for him, but he’ll especially love it if you learn his favorite meal.

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2. Dress in a Feminine Style

What a Taurus man wants to hear is that you admire and adore him, yet he also doesn’t want to be too heavily pursued. He is enticed by feminine energy. One way to appeal to him is by dressing in ways that show your feminine energy.

This doesn’t mean you have to dress in revealing clothes. In fact, sometimes being slightly traditional is a great way to seduce him because he has to use his imagination. The most important thing is to make sure you are comfortable and confident.

When you feel beautiful, the way you carry yourself changes and you may walk with your head higher or with greater confidence. You can more easily seduce him because a Taurus man is attracted to confidence and self-value.

3. Seduce Him with Art

If a Taurus man is testing you, he may act uninterested. Taurus men are known for being aloof and playing it cool. One way you can seduce a Taurus man is with art and with his image.

A Taurus man who is trying to tone down his feelings will have a hard time resisting beautiful images. He’s got a soft spot for the humanities and he loves to enjoy culture through dance, theater, visual arts and music.

You may seduce a Taurus man by giving him a gift of art or enjoying a tour of an art museum with him. You may also give yourself a makeover and turn your own body into a work of art through your romantic style.

Decorating your bedroom or home in such a way that makes it more inviting, comfortable and enticing can also help seduce a Taurus man. You can find it easier to seduce him and help him open up emotionally through the arts rather than through talking to him.

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4. Write Him a Song

If you’re wondering what to wear for a Taurus man, he is seduced by feminine styles and soft, romantic textures. Yet physical appearances aren’t the only way to seduce him. You can also seduce a Taurus man by writing a song for him.

He’ll appreciate your creativity and attention. He’ll also feel more intimately connected to you when he sees that you’ve put your feelings into a song. This appeals to his sensitivity to music and love of creativity.

He also loves to be admired and praised and writing a song for him is a great way to show this affection and admiration. When you write a song for a Taurus man, it can open the door for greater intimacy.

5. Write a Poem

If you want to know how to attract a Taurus man, you can also try to write him a poem. He is not as comfortable talking about deep feelings in a straightforward way. Yet when you write poetry for him, it awakens a part of his subconscious and helps him warm up to love.

He may also find it especially seductive if you write a poem that is erotic. He will want to become more intimately connected with you because your words will awaken his desire for pleasure.

A Taurus man is hedonistic. He needs to see that you understand how to appeal to his senses. This is why poetic language can be so effective. He will feel like you’re speaking to his desires for pleasure.

This simple secret about Taurus men puts you first in his mind and makes him fall deeply in love with you.

6. Text Love Quotes

One of the biggest Taurus man secrets is that he is easily seduced by romantic ideas, but he also needs you to keep your messages brief. When you text him, include a romantic quote. Taurus men love it when you quote literature, songs or poetry.

Be clear about your intention, otherwise he may misread your quote if it is too vague. Yet if you are clear, concise and brief, you can seduce a Taurus man with very few words.

When a Taurus man receives a romantic or seductive text from you, he will be reminded of your beauty and his desire will be awakened. He usually prefers discretion to openly erotic texts but loves reminders of pleasure and intimacy.

7. Be Reliable

A Taurus man in bed may open up and explore his wild side more than usual, but remember, he’s still a Taurus man. He doesn’t like to be surprised. He craves stability and predictability.

When you show a Taurus man that you are reliable and consistent, he will let his guard down and you can more easily seduce him. You may have to be patient and really work to earn his trust.

When a Taurus man sees that he can trust you, he will show you that he is getting more comfortable. He may become more open to exploring and experimenting in bed. At first, don’t try to get a Taurus man to be too adventurous in the bedroom.

He has to work toward opening up and move outside of his comfort zone a little at a time. If you want to encourage him to explore kinky things in bed, it’s best to just show him that he can trust you first.

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8. Wear Seductive Perfume

In addition to seducing a Taurus man with your beauty and style, you can appeal to his senses and condition him to associate certain scents, sounds, tastes and sensations with you. Wear seductive perfume or scented lotions to entice him.

This way, your Taurus love interest will come to associate certain scents with his erotic feelings for you. When you appeal to his love of sensory stimulation in this way, you can better entice a Taurus man.

Taurus men are sensitive to smell so you’ll want to pick a fragrance that is alluring but not overpowering. You don’t want his eyes to water or to give him a headache. Usually soft scents that are reminiscent of flowers or nature are best.

If you want to know how to make a Taurus man miss you, you’ve got to create a remarkable impression and show him you’re one of a kind. Having a signature perfume that he comes to associate with you is a powerful way to do this.

9. Show Off Your Neck

To leverage Taurus seduction style, you need to understand the body part he is most drawn to. While various men have their favorite things about a particular woman’s body, as a general rule, Taurus men are drawn to the neck and shoulders.

This is because each sign has a corresponding body part. This part of the body attracts his notice on a subconscious level. Wearing low cut or boat necked shirts that reveal your neck and shoulders and styling your hair so that your neck is on full display can help.

You can seduce a Taurus man by intentionally drawing his attention to your neck and shoulders. This may be an area to dab a bit of fragrance. An attractive necklace can also bring his attention to this area and entice him as well.

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10. Wear Feminine Jewelry

Taurus men can be materialistic. They value physical objects and the association they have between material items and sentimental value. His romantic and hedonistic nature can be stoked by enticing him the jewelry you wear.

Feminine styles including jewelry that play up your best features, can entice a Taurus man. Seduce him by drawing his attention to your fingers, face and neck. Classic, romantic jewelry can get his attention and entice him.

There is a subconscious attraction that Taurus men have to valuable items. Thus, when you wear classy jewelry, he subconsciously associates you with wealth, status and power and this makes him feel more aroused.

A Taurus man may not even realize he is having this reaction. When you know this detail about a Taurus man’s interests, you can seduce him by leveraging his materialistic side.

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