How to Seduce a Pisces Man in 10 Easy Steps

Updated November 16, 2022
How to Seduce a Pisces Man in 10 Easy Steps

If you want to seduce a Pisces man, you have to understand his inner motivation. He doesn’t fall for the same kinds of tactics as other guys.

Pisces men are emotionally driven. When you seduce a Pisces man, you have to appeal to his senses.

If you want to know how to seduce a Pisces man by text, you have to play to his desire for romance and sentimentality. His sexual desire and romantic nature are intertwined.

What does a Pisces man find attractive? They are seduced by a woman who is compassionate, emotional, sensitive and spiritual. These may seem like unusual sources of seduction.

But for a Pisces men, seduction is heightened when you make reference to spirituality, mysticism and classic romance. He’s driven by his sensual and emotional sides.

1. Project an Innocent Image

If you want to know how to keep a Pisces man wanting you, you have to know how to create an image that he will respond to. The more you project an innocent “Girl Next Door” image, the more a Pisces man will be enthralled.

Both your physical appearance and attitude can create this image. A Pisces man can’t resist the ideal he holds in his mind of an innocent, gentle and compassionate woman who is his perfect romantic partner.

Romance and seduction are inseparable to a Pisces man so he will most likely be seduced by a woman who also plays to his desire for romantic connection. He loves to be in romantic partnership and compassion is a big part of his personality.

You can seduce a Pisces man by pretending to be naïve in some ways. If a Pisces man sees you as childlike or innocent, he will be more enthusiastic about getting to know you and will find you hard to resist.

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2. Be Sweet

While there are certainly colors that attract a Pisces man, such as colors of water and deep mystical shades of purple, he is more attracted to you based on your personality than what you wear. When you act sweet, kind and gentle, a Pisces man won’t be able to stay away.

When you are compassionate and caring, a Pisces man will be drawn right to you. A Pisces man isn’t like other guys. If you dress in the most seductive way but don’t have a kind and sensitive personality, he won’t be seduced.

Pisces men don’t like to be pressured. Instead of coming on too strong, it’s far better to be as generous, kind and loving toward others as you can be. This will naturally be seductive to him. Pisces men fantasize about women who exhibit these traits.

You can easily seduce a Pisces man by being a positive person. Show him you are sensitive to the needs of others and that you are a humanitarian. These kinds of traits are seductive and exciting to a Pisces man, even though sex is not directly involved in these interactions.

3. Flirt Through Text

When a Pisces man has a crush, almost anything you do will be seductive to him. You can easily flirt with a Pisces man through text as long as he already has an attraction to you. Otherwise, he may misconstrue your intentions.

When you flirt with a Pisces man through text, it is important to be subtle and seductive. Don’t overdo it or he will think you are only interested in sex. Unlike many other guys, this will be a turn off for a Pisces man.

Flirt with him by playing to his sense of romance, idealism and fantasies. When you text him, leave hints about what you imagine the two of you doing together but don’t be too explicit. Leave mysteries for him to solve.

This helps to engage his imagination. A Pisces man needs to see that you are discerning and not too raunchy. At least not in text. It’s too impersonal. Save the intimate details for when you are together.

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4. Drop Seductive Hints

What does a Pisces man want in a woman? He is most seduced by a woman with the same dreamy, intuitive, mystical nature that he has. He loves it when you leave important details up to his imagination. When you drop seductive hints, you’re allowing him to fantasize still.

Let him know what you’re dreaming of but do so in subtle hints. This seduces a Pisces man by appealing to his desire to project his own ideals and expectations without having everything spelled out for him.

A Pisces man will be seduced by a woman who can activate his imagination and keep him excited without making too many detailed promises. The irony is, he won’t care if you follow through with all of the dreams you share with him. It’s more important to him that you paint a seductive picture in his mind.

Even if the reality when you are together plays out in very different ways, it doesn’t matter. A Pisces man will already have forgotten the details of what you texted or talked about because he so wrapped up in the moment.

5. Leave Seductive Clues at Home

If you are wondering how to get a Pisces man to chase you, you can make your subtle seduction strategies go a long way by leaving alluring clues around the home. Even if you don’t live together.

You may “forget” to bring some of your intimate apparel home with you after spend the night at his place, for example. You can also be more discreet by leaving him a seductive love letter which you’ve kissed while wearing lipstick.

You can share seductive clues about your fantasies and entice your Pisces man. Leave candles lit and romantic music playing. When he comes home, let him follow a series of clues or a trail of rose petals to find you in a bubble filled bathtub.

If you’re in a hurry, try to leave subtle clues at home that will leave a Pisces man guessing as to what will come next. Leave clues in the form of riddles or references to his favorite songs or movies. He loves romantic and sensual quotes.

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6. Tell Him Your Fantasies

A Pisces man’s feminine side is strong and so he is very open to exploring new things. Tell him your fantasies and you’ll easily seduce a Pisces man. He’s very creative and artistic. He will want to enter into your fantasy world.

This is one of the easiest ways you can seduce a Pisces man. Pay more attention to fantasy than to reality. That’s what he usually does. Show him you value his ideals and want to step into his inner world.

A Pisces man who is in love wants to see himself as being in a scene from a romantic movie. If you understand his desire to explore his dreams and fantasies, you can easily seduce a Pisces man by making it seem like he’s immersed in a classic love story.

Scenery and atmosphere are important in seducing a Pisces man. When you tell him your fantasies, you’re exciting a Pisces man by opening up new doors and encouraging him to explore possibilities.

7. Share Your Desires

Pisces texting habits can be erratic and this can make you feel confused, wondering if he’s no longer interested in you. One of the best ways to seduce a Pisces man if you’re concerned he’s losing interest, is to share your desires.

This can be directly sexual, as in sharing specific sexual fantasies. But you can also seduce a Pisces man by sharing desires in general. Let him know what you’ve always wanted to do. Whether this involves skydiving or going on a romantic cruise.

When a Pisces man hears the word “desire” he is automatically hooked. He will want to pursue you and will be encouraged to engage in sharing his own desires as well. Even when this begins as a platonic discussion it can easily become sexual and sensual.

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8. Encourage His Wildest Dreams

A Pisces man’s dreams are as important to him as practical reality. In fact, his dreams, imagination and fantasy life are sometimes more real to him than objective reality. Most people chastise him for this, calling him a “dreamer” as if it was an insult.

But when you encourage his dreams, no matter how unrealistic they may seem, you are helping to validate his deeper desires. He finds this very seductive. He’ll automatically be drawn to you when you show him that you believe in his dreams.

Listen to his stories of the actual premonitions he dreams about while he’s asleep and let him tell you about the daydreams he has about fame, wealth, fortune and all of his ideals. This is not a waste of time with a Pisces man, it’s essential.

This important step in the seduction process will help him solidify a solid bond with you. He’ll feel more comfortable with you when you show him that you believe in his bigger dreams and value his ideals.

9. Be Open to Anything

If a Pisces man is not responding to texts, he may have gotten the idea that you’re not open to some of his interests. Instead of counting him out, try to turn things around.

You can seduce a Pisces man by showing him that you are open minded and willing to consider anything. The more you take on a “go with the flow” mentality, the more a Pisces man will feel comfortable with you. This may not seem like a sexual process but it is highly seductive to a Pisces man.

Don’t automatically turn down his suggestions. If you are hesitant to try some of the techniques or fantasies a Pisces man has, rather than outright shooting the idea down, suggest an alternative.

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10. Don’t Judge Him

As you work on seducing a Pisces man, one of the most important things to keep in mind is to not judge him. Pisces men are highly sensitive to any kind of criticism. Even the best plan to seduce him will fail if he feels criticized.

Don’t judge his interests no matter how unique or bizarre they appear to be. Instead, try to remain open minded and empowering. Try to validate his emotions and desires.

If you have harsh feedback or a critique to offer a Pisces man, do so in as compassionate and comforting a way as possible. Be careful to not come across as judgmental or critical or he will shut down.

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