10 Scorpio Negative Traits

Published September 5, 2023

Scorpio’s negative traits give this sign a complicated reputation. People born under this sign can sabotage their relationships.

Their negative traits can distract from their strengths. Scorpios have positive attributes, but you must navigate their shadow side.

Scorpio is a water sign, making them moody and sensitive. They are labile and can be overwhelming because of their intense personalities.

Scorpios have a negative reputation because they are dominating. They may seem power-hungry or controlling because they can be insecure.

Scorpios are fascinating. Despite their negative traits, people born under this sign can fascinate others. They are genuine and attentive but go to extremes.

1. Jealousy

Scorpio is notorious for jealousy. People born under this sign can be insecure. They secretly fear being abandoned or deceived. Scorpios want the upper hand in relationships.

They can be suspicious and assume the worst about others. Never provoke a Scorpio’s jealousy. People born under this sign can be vengeful if you make them question your loyalty.

Even when you do nothing wrong, Scorpio may question your relationships with others. They are naturally insecure about their role in your life. Scorpio needs reassurance of your devotion.

People born under this sign can be eager to keep you fixated on them. They become anxious if you pay too much attention to others. Scorpio needs you to focus on their needs above all else.

2. Manipulative

Scorpio is emotionally savvy. People born under this sign can understand your deeper emotions. They have keen senses and are intuitive. Scorpios use their emotional intelligence to help others heal and grow.

But people born under this sign can be manipulative. They play on your feelings to get you to follow their lead. Scorpios have a mesmerizing impact on others.

They can get under your skin and convince you to do things you wouldn’t typically do. You may feel hypnotized when you are around a Scorpio. They know how to play on your fears and insecurities.

Scorpios are smooth talkers who know how to play mind games. At best, they use this talent to get you to see new perspectives and break toxic habits. But Scorpio can use their manipulative talents to make you obsessed with them.

People born under this sign aren’t afraid to gaslight someone if it keeps them in control. You must be assertive and confident to withstand this attribute of a Scorpio person.

3. Sly

Scorpio people are intuitive and intellectual. They are clever and known for being sly. People born under this sign can be crafty and generate unusual ideas.

They perceive patterns others miss and can make connections that help them solve problems. Their sly personalities can also make them master players. They can be secretive and duplicitous if they want to be.

Scorpio’s clever nature gives them an advantage in their careers. They are innovative and motivated by competition. They can be winning strategists who turn every challenge into a game of chess.

Never try to outwit a Scorpio. People born under this sign can outmaneuver anyone. They can be insightful and perceptive. They use their cunning talents to maintain the upper hand in relationships.

Although being clever wouldn’t seem like one of Scorpio’s negative attributes, people born under this sign can use their intelligence to sabotage their relationships. Their sly nature can be used to manipulate others.

Of Scorpio’s traits, negative and positive, their cunning nature can be a blessing or curse. Scorpios take their wit too far and use this talent to hurt others.

4. Dominating

Scorpio people can be overbearing. They have dominating personalities and insist on being in control. They may be suave and try to hide their agendas, but Scorpio is out to have the final say.

Whether they act subtly or forcefully, Scorpio always have their eyes on a long-term goal. They want to win others over with charm but will use aggression if they must.

Scorpios pretend to be receptive, yet they are dominating. They can be determined to get their way. People born under this sign are patient. They aren’t afraid to win in the long term after setting the stage to dominate others.

Scorpios are competitive and don’t handle losing. They are egotistical and want to have the last word. People born under this sign can be determined to make others obsessed with them. They maintain control by dominating others.

Scorpio traits can be charming and seductive. But the negative traits, like their tendency to be dominating, make Scorpio attractive and alienating.

5. Resentful

Never hurt a Scorpio intentionally. They are vengeful and can hold resentments like no other sign. People born under this sign can carry grudges to the grave.

Once they become your enemy, they are determined to get even. They devote their lives to revenge. Scorpio will spend hundreds of dollars to get even with you if you cost them a few dollars.

They are proud and don’t tolerate being made a fool of. Scorpio can be motivated by resentment. They are determined to show up their adversaries.

When a Scorpio is angry with you, they plot to destroy your reputation. They find ways to humiliate you and turn your friends against you. Scorpio may get revenge by beating you in your career and becoming more successful as if professional advancement is a secret competition.

The dark side of a Scorpio emerges if you disrespect this sign. People born under this sign don’t take insults well. If you betray Scorpio, their vengeance can be lifelong.

A Scorpio’s negative traits for males can make people born under this sign seem complicated. They are resentful and prone to anger. But Scorpio’s negative side should not be underestimated.

6. Self-sabotaging

Scorpios are notorious for sabotaging themselves. Their pride and vengeful nature can undermine their desires in relationships. People born under this sign would rather ruin a relationship than admit they were wrong.

They often fear success. If Scorpio has unhealed traumatic wounds, they sabotage relationships because they feel undeserving. They are not as confident as they appear.

People born under this sign can be masters at self-destruction. You can make a Scorpio back away from a relationship if you aren’t patient with their erratic ups and downs.

One of the most detrimental attributes on the Scorpio negative traits list is this sign’s tendency to self-sabotage. Scorpios can ruin their relationships and career ambitions because of this quality.

A Scorpio man’s positive traits can emerge when you initially meet him. But after you get to know him, men born under this sign can be vindictive. They are competitive and prideful.

7. Destructive

Scorpios aren’t just self-destructive. People born under this sign can be outwardly ruinous as well. They stifle their anger initially. But if Scorpio feels betrayed, they go into a rage.

Scorpios are known to break things as a way to express their anger. They may destroy their belongings or randomly break whatever is in sight. People born under this sign can fly into a fit of anger seemingly out of nowhere.

Scorpio tries to avoid getting to this level of outrage. They smother their temper as long as possible. But if they don’t develop healthy habits, Scorpios resort to breaking and destroying what they care about.

Scorpio’s negative traits for females or males can be their tendency to lash out in a rage. They are destructive and can do unrepairable damage in relationships when upset.

Scorpio’s bad traits in relationships include their destructive nature. Scorpios have a habit of ruining what they love out of misery and spitefulness.

8. Brooding

Scorpios can be helpful and efficient problem solvers yet no one can accuse them of being optimistic. Scorpios can be emotional and brood when they are upset.

They often stew in negative thinking and ruminate over their anxieties. Scorpios are not trusting. They assume everyone is out to get them and can be introverted as they plot revenge.

If a Scorpio goes quiet and becomes introspective, they need distance. They must be certain you respect their boundaries. A brooding Scorpio is likely to lash out if you are too intrusive.

Scorpio needs time to mope when they are in a bad mood. Give a Scorpio person space, and they get over their funky phase. They come back to baseline when they’ve had time to think.

You may think the best thing is to smother a Scorpio with attention and affection. Yet this can backfire. When Scorpio is brooding, they need space to be alone with their thoughts.

9. Labile

Scorpio’s emotional nature can make them labile. When you fall in love with a Scorpio, you may be shocked to learn how dramatically their moods can shift.

People born under this sign swing from highs to lows. Scorpio people are frustrating because they are so unstable. People may give up on relationships with Scorpio because they are so moody.

Their labile emotions can be overwhelming for others. People don’t adapt to Scorpio’s emotional highs and lows. Scorpio needs an understanding and supportive partner to thrive.

One of the negative things about a Scorpio is their inconsistency. They are driven by their moods and can seem like different people depending on their emotional state.

10. Grandiose

Scorpio people are grandiose and have an inflated view of themselves. They are confident and can come across as arrogant. When a Scorpio has an idea, they don’t accept limitations.

They can be overachievers eager to use their successes to prove themselves. Scorpio doesn’t take losing well and can overestimate their likeliness of success.

When Scorpio has a dream in mind, they don’t consider what could go wrong. If they don’t succeed, they may blame others rather than take responsibility for their oversights.

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