Scorpio Man Traits & Characteristics

Updated October 31, 2022
Scorpio Man Traits & Characteristics

If you are learning about astrology, are a Scorpio male, or are interested in a Scorpio guy, you are probably wondering about the typical Scorpio man traits.

What characteristics are common among Scorpio men?

Are they relaxed and easy-going, or passionate and controlling? Do they like outgoing and flirtatious women, or do they prefer reserved and shy girls?

Because a Scorpio man is so complex and mysterious, understanding his sign’s typical personality traits will tell you more than trying to decode his behavior.

Learning about the classic Scorpio male characteristics will tell you what you need to know about this enigmatic and complicated guy.


Every zodiac sign belongs to one of four natural elements: earth, fire, air, or water. The twelve signs are distributed evenly among these four elements, meaning each element rules over three signs.

The element a sign belongs to reveals a lot about that sign’s personality and communication style. Scorpio is a water sign, meaning those born under this sign are emotional, sensitive, and intuitive.

Because they are so in touch with their own feelings, Scorpios usually like to surround themselves with others who are either as emotional as they are.

Sometimes Scorpios are drawn to their opposites and seek out people who can balance them out by being extremely grounded and logical.

What attracts Scorpio men is women who are either self-aware and comfortable expressing their emotions, or know how to compartmentalize their feelings and stay calm and collected.

You need to have excellent emotional regulation to date a Scorpio man because this sign experiences his feelings profoundly.

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Passionate and Intense

If you want an intense and passionate relationship unlike any you have experienced before, then you should seek out a Scorpio partner.

Scorpio men in relationships love their partners deeply and will do anything to make them happy.

When a Scorpio man feels all of his feelings strongly. If he loves something, whether it’s a hobby, a job, a pet, or a person, he loves it with an almost overwhelming intensity.

This also means that when he dislikes someone or something, he hates it with an equally powerful ferocity.


Each sign of the zodiac correlates with a set of body parts that are significant to that sign.

It could be the sign’s most attractive feature, their favorite body part on others, or the area that causes the most health issues for them.

The body parts for the Scorpio sign are the sex organs, reproductive system, bowels, and excretory system.

This means that Scorpios are often extremely sexual and have high libidos. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they are promiscuous, but it tells us that sex is particularly important to those born under this sign.

Because sex is so significant to a Scorpio man, it can actually make him less licentious. He attaches a great deal of significance to the act of sex, so he might be very choosy about his sexual partners.

If you are wondering what kind of woman attracts a Scorpio man, it’s someone who can keep up with his voracious sexual appetite. Sex is never an afterthought for a Scorpio man, and it shouldn’t be for his partner, either.

If you want to know how to make a Scorpio man obsessed with you, you not only have to desire sex frequently, but you have to be willing to mix it up and get experimental in bed.

A Scorpio man won’t settle for anything less than a fantastic and explosive sex life, so his partner has to make an effort to spice things up in the bedroom and initiate sex often.

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Controlling and Manipulative

Most water signs seem agreeable and willing to go with the flow, but Scorpios in particular always have a lot going on mentally and emotionally beneath the surface.

Although he often makes a first impression of being easy-going and relaxed, the truth about a Scorpio man is that he is really manipulative and controlling.

His mellow facade is actually a carefully crafted front for his true nature. Pretending to be carefree helps him get away with controlling other people undetected.

Scorpios derive pleasure from manipulating others and they will create opportunities to do it even when it’s unnecessary.

When a Scorpio has a crush on you, he will use his powers of manipulation to orchestrate situations where he can be around you and get to know you better.

If you keep running into him unexpectedly and he always shows up where you are, know that he planned it carefully and it’s one of the signs a Scorpio man is interested.


Like all water signs, Scorpios are prone to overindulgence and usually have multiple vices.

But because of his controlling and secretive nature, a Scorpio man does a better job than the other water signs at concealing his binges and addictions.

Scorpios love sensual pleasures and tend to gorge themselves on alcohol, drugs, sex, or food. They can easily get addicted to anything from gambling to cigarettes.

However, having an addiction implicates a certain loss of control, and a Scorpio man wants to maintain the appearance of having command over every aspect of his life.

You may not see a Scorpio man’s overindulgent or addictive side until you have known him for a long time, but know that it is there, lurking beneath the surface of his controlled exterior.

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Loving and Compassionate

Because they love so deeply, you couldn’t ask for a more caring and compassionate partner than a Scorpio.

When they fall in love with someone, Scorpios love that person forever, no matter what happens or how far they grow apart from each other.

A Scorpio man remembers his first girlfriend as distinctly as what he had for dinner the previous night. As a sign with intensely heightened emotions, his profound feelings make his memories of loved ones particularly clear.

When you win a Scorpio man’s heart, you win it forever. Even if you break up and move on to other people, you will still hold a special place in his heart that belongs only to you.


Some signs don’t get envious easily, or even think that a little jealousy can ignite a fun spark within a relationship.

But Scorpio men get extremely jealous and feel threatened when their partners display any interest in other men.

When a Scorpio man wants you, he wants you all to himself. If he gets jealous when you so much as look at another man in his presence, it’s one of the signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you.

What a Scorpio man wants to hear is that he is the only guy in the world for his woman and that no one else compares to him.

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Dark and Mysterious

One of the most alluring qualities of a Scorpio man is that he is dark and mysterious. The way he talks and carries himself makes you wonder what’s going on in his head.

These mystifying traits might even show in his appearance, as Scorpios tend to favor dark or all-black clothing, and they often have intense, deep-set eyes.

Getting to know a Scorpio is a long and intricate process. You have to slowly unwrap and peel back the layers of his personality to fully understand the way he thinks and what makes him tick.

If you want a simple man who is exactly what he seems, avoid a Scorpio guy.

But if you want a partner who is full of surprises because they are so puzzling and hard to figure out, a Scorpio man could be perfect for you.

Sneaky and Deceptive

Scorpios are perhaps the best liars of the entire zodiac. A Scorpio man has an excellent poker face and knows exactly how to convince anyone of anything.

Not only are they good at lying but Scorpios also actually enjoy deception. They feel powerful when they can trick someone into believing what they want them to think.

A Scorpio man may lie just to see if he can get away with it. It’s hard to trust anyone born under this sign because they are innately sneaky and deceptive.

Scorpios lie so well that they can even deceive themselves. Scorpios are masters of self-delusion and may believe their own lies.

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Some signs forgive and forget easily, but Scorpio is not one of these signs. Be careful to never wrong the Scorpio man in your life because he will never get over it.

Even if he doesn’t bring it up again, he will store the incident away in the back of his mind as a dark mark on your permanent record.

Not only are they unforgiving but Scorpios are also vengeful. You should never cross a Scorpio because they will get back at you, and their punishment will probably be far worse than your crime.

If you upset a Scorpio guy, don’t try to sweep it under the rug and hope that he moves on. You will have to apologize sincerely and demonstrate how sorry you are.

But even if he moves past the problem, he will never forget it. Once you hurt a Scorpio man, it’s a stain on your relationship forever.

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