What is The Scorpio Man Texting Style?

Updated February 26, 2023

A Scorpio man’s texting style can vary based on who he is talking to. Generally, there are a few traits that are consistent across the board.

Scorpio will be more chatty with people he’s close to. Some of his habits only apply to those people.

What is a Scorpio man’s texting style? Generally, it’s flirty, intelligent, and intense in nature.

Even when he’s talking with people he doesn’t know well, that intelligence and light, flirty tone will still come through in his texts.

When he is talking to people he’s close with or just people he likes in general, a Scorpio man’s texting style is consistent and reliable. He’ll talk a lot if he really likes you!

If Scorpio fails to respond to texts or suddenly goes quiet, that’s a sign he might be upset or angry.


Scorpio men will frequently text their loved ones with little “check-ins”. They like to see how their friends, family, and partners are doing.

Sometimes, he’ll check in because he senses something is up. If you’ve been acting odd or upset, he’ll send you a message asking how your day is going out of the blue.

He’ll also check in by asking random questions, sending pictures, or telling a silly story about something that happened to him.

He does this to let people know that he’s thinking about them and that he cares.

He knows that people don’t always respond honestly when he asks how they are. Instead of asking, he’ll just start talking or saying things he thinks will cheer you up.

If a Scorpio man is frequently checking in with you, it’s because he cares about you! He’ll also send good morning and goodnight messages. It’s his way of showing he cares.

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A Scorpio man’s texts often have a flirty tone to them, even if he’s talking to a friend. That’s just the natural way he talks sometimes.

If he likes you, he’ll be extra flirty. His texts may even get a little steamy. If you flirt back, he’ll be more than receptive to it.

You’ll be able to tell if a Scorpio man is interested or just friendly by how he flirts. His flirtations will be way more intense if he’s interested in you. If he’s just being friendly, the flirting will be light.

If you aren’t sure if a Scorpio man is being serious with his flirting, just ask. He’s an honest person. He’s also able to turn it off if the flirting makes you uncomfortable. Never be afraid to set a boundary.

If you are open to his flirting, though, don’t be afraid to kick things up a notch. Even if you two aren’t being serious, he loves to flirt.

Inside Jokes

Scorpio men love to joke around. If he’s known you for a while, he likely has a lot of inside jokes with you.

Scorpio men also have a great memory. He’ll remember some silly thing you said years ago and bring it up randomly in a text. This is one of his ways of showing he thinks about you and remembers the things you say!

Inside jokes are some of his favorite things. They are ways that he connects with his friends. He probably has many of them with everyone he knows.

If there’s a Scorpio man in your life that you haven’t spoken to for a while, he likely still remembers any inside jokes the two of you had when you were closer.

The best way to reconnect with a Scorpio man (assuming you two aren’t on bad terms!) is to just text him with an inside joke. He’ll think it’s hilarious.

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Should you text a Scorpio man first? You can sometimes but most of the time, you won’t need to. He texts the people he cares about consistently.

He often has certain times he texts people. He might text you first thing in the morning or send a message when he gets settled into work.

If he knows you’ve got something important happening that day, he’ll text you wishing you good luck. He remembers when you tell him you have a test, that you’re flying somewhere, etc.

Are Scorpio men bad at communication via text? Not at all! Scorpio men are good about replying to their messages and reaching out to their friends on a regular basis.

When a Scorpio man doesn’t text back over the course of many days, that’s a sign something is wrong.


Scorpio men are reliable when it comes to their texting. If he says he’s going to text you when he gets home, he will. If he always texts you to wish you a good morning, you can expect he’s not going to miss a day.

If a Scorpio man stops texting you when he normally does, that might be a sign something is wrong or that he’s busier than usual.

He is also reliable when it comes to responding. If you text him, he’s going to reply as soon as he can. He won’t leave you on read unless something is wrong.

If a Scorpio man is not texting you back, he might be upset or not want to talk for some reason. Generally, he’s good about responding to people.

When a Scorpio man disappears, it’s usually best to reach out once to let him know you’re worried about him. After that, give him his space. He’ll return with an explanation eventually.

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Double Texting

This is one of the signs a Scorpio man likes you through text. If he is constantly texting you, even when you’re not replying back, he loves talking to you.

He’s not trying to be annoying and he’s not trying to pester you. He doesn’t even always expect a reply to each thing he sends you.

If he sees a meme he thinks you’ll like, he’ll send it. If something funny happens after that, he’s not going to wait for you to respond to the meme first. He’ll just tell you the funny story.

He might also message more than once if he’s worried about you and you aren’t responding to him when you normally would.

If he’s messaging you a lot and you’re busy, message him to let him know. He’ll keep texting otherwise.

Lots of Questions

Scorpio men are very inquisitive! They like to know everything there is to know about the people around them.

He’ll ask a lot of questions, especially when he’s first getting to know you.

Even if you have known one another for years, though, he’ll still send random questions every now and then.

He’ll ask what you thought of a movie he knows you watched recently. He’ll ask your thoughts on a restaurant he saw you went to.

Questions are one way he kicks off a conversation when he wants to talk to you but doesn’t really have anything specific to say. If he’s always asking you questions, it’s because he wants to talk to you!

He’ll enjoy it when you ask questions back. That shows him that you are also interested in what he thinks.

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A Scorpio man’s communication style can be intense at times and a Scorpio man’s texting style is no less intense.

Some Scorpio men are more intense than others. He’ll also be less intense with people he doesn’t know that well or people he’s only texting because he has to (like coworkers).

If he’s super intense in his messages with you, that means he likes talking to you.

“Intense” might mean that he texts you a lot. He’ll message all day long telling you what he thinks or showing you pictures.

The subject matter of his texts might also be intense. If you’re close, he’ll text his deepest thoughts and secrets to you. He’ll also have long, intense discussions with you about things he’s passionate about.


Scorpio men are witty and intelligent. He’s not always intellectual in the same way a Sagittarius might be but he’s smart.

He likes to have intelligent discussions sometimes. He also likes to keep things light and funny other times. When he’s in the mood, though, he’ll have an intellectual discussion with you.

His humor is witty as well. He’s naturally great with words and if you pay attention, you’ll be able to see the intelligence in the jokes he tells.

His intelligence isn’t overwhelming or intimidating, though. He isn’t trying to prove anything to anyone.

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Scorpio is not a man of few words. If he doesn’t know you that well, he might not be super chatty all the time. If you’re his friend or partner, though, he’ll chat you up a whole lot.

He likes to share his thoughts with the people he cares about. He also likes to know what they’re up to. If you’re available, he’ll gladly sit there and talk with you for hours.

It doesn’t even need to be about anything in particular. He just likes spending time with the people he loves. If it can’t be in person, texting is the next best thing.

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