How to React to a Scorpio Man Silent Treatment

Updated January 27, 2023
How to React to a Scorpio Man Silent Treatment

If the Scorpio guy in your life is acting distant, you need to know how to respond to the Scorpio man silent treatment.

How can you get him to talk to you again?

It’s frustrating when anyone gives you the silent treatment, especially when you haven’t done anything wrong and you don’t know why they are ignoring you.

When a Scorpio man stops communicating with you, you need to know the possible reasons for his silence and how you should react.

You can determine how to get your Scorpio guy to stop ignoring you by learning more about his zodiac sign’s typical personality traits and behaviors.

Don’t Assume The Worst

don't assume the worst

If you’re wondering how to deal with a Scorpio man when he becomes distant, the most important thing to remember is not to panic.

Don’t assume the worst just because he isn’t answering your calls or responding to your texts.

He could be super busy with work, his phone could be on silent, or he might just not be in the mood to talk to anyone.

He might be sick or he just needs some alone time without having to communicate with anyone.

There are many possible explanations for his silence, and it doesn’t automatically mean that he’s dumping you or that anything bad has happened to him.

Don’t freak out and overreact before you have the full story, otherwise, you could end up creating an unnecessary problem in your relationship.

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Know That He Could Be Testing You

know that he could be testing you

Scorpios are very guarded and protective of themselves. When they fall in love, they fall hard, and the pain of heartbreak is almost too much for them to bear.

A Scorpio man will put any potential partners through a series of tests before deciding that he feels secure enough in the relationship to commit.

If your Scorpio guy has suddenly stopped all communication with you, it could be the infamous Scorpio silence test.

When a Scorpio man wants you to pay him more attention, he might test you by going silent to see how hard you try to get in touch with him.

Don’t blow him off or try to teach him a lesson when he does this. Instead, reassure him and prove to him that you are there for him, no matter what.

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Don’t Get Angry

don't get angry

One of the reasons a Scorpio guy may be giving you the silent treatment is because he’s mad at you and is waiting for an apology.

If you don’t feel like you’ve done anything wrong, this can be very frustrating and make you angry at him in return.

Instead of getting upset with him, try to remember that your Scorpio guy is hurting, even if you don’t think his feelings are justified.

If a Scorpio man dislikes you or doesn’t care about you at all, he wouldn’t bother to let you know his emotions.

When he cares enough to show he is mad by ignoring you, it’s one of the signs that a Scorpio man has feelings for you.

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Reach Out To Him First

reach out to him first

If you are wondering whether or not you should wait around for your Scorpio guy to break his silence, the answer is no.

Leaving a Scorpio man alone and hoping he will reach out to you first won’t work. Instead, he will only withdraw from you further until you have no contact with him at all.

If you want him to start paying attention to you again, you need to show him that you care enough about him by trying to talk to him first.

Try different methods of communication to reach out to him. Call him, leave him messages on his social media, and send him emails.

When he sees how much effort you are making to get ahold of him, he will be much more likely to stop giving you the silent treatment than if you just walked away from him.

Ask Him How He Feels

ask him how he feels

Scorpios are highly sensitive and intuitive. When you are dating a Scorpio guy, sometimes it feels like he is psychic because he knows your moods and thoughts without you having to say a word.

While it’s gratifying to have a partner who is so attuned to your feelings, it also means that he thinks you should be just as intuitive as he is.

When a Scorpio man is mad at you, he expects you to know it without him having to spell it out for you.

He might be ignoring you because he is upset, either with you or about something else. He is being silent because he is waiting for you to notice his bad mood and make him feel better.

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Don’t Ignore Him Back

don't ignore him back

If you are wondering, “How does a Scorpio man react when you ignore him?” The answer is that you will never hear from him again.

When you give a Scorpio man the silent treatment because he’s ignoring you, it won’t make him want to contact you.

When he gives you the silent treatment, it’s probably because he is looking for a response from you. If you don’t give him one, he will assume you don’t care about him.

Scorpios are extremely proud and stubborn, so if you are both ignoring each other, he will refuse to be the one to bend first by reaching out to you.

Don’t Give Up On Him

don't give up on him

The worst thing you can do when your Scorpio man is giving you the silent treatment is to give up on him.

With some signs, you are better off moving on right away as soon as they start ignoring you.

But with a Scorpio guy, it’s likely that he is trying to get a response from you by ignoring you, or he might just be busy.

There are too many possible explanations for why this sign goes silent, so don’t give up on him and think that you will never be close to him again.

Don’t stop trying to reach out to him unless he makes it abundantly clear that the relationship is over.

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Don’t Try To Make Him Jealous

don't try to make him jealous

You might think that making your Scorpio man jealous is a good way to get his attention when he’s giving you the silent treatment.

Scorpio is an intensely jealous and possessive sign, so flirting with another guy is a sure way to grab his notice when he’s being cold.

But instead of making him miss you and come crawling back to you, a Scorpio man will just become furious when he sees you trying to provoke his jealousy.

Being disloyal and trying to make him envious will only push your silent Scorpio guy further away.

Give Him Space

give him space

Although normally Scorpios love nothing more than being with their partners, they tend to be introverted and need occasional alone time.

A Scorpio guy might seem distant because he is taking space for himself and just needs some time to recharge alone.

Disappearing for a few days or weeks without a word and then popping back into your life is a classic Scorpio move.

This is perfectly normal for a Scorpio guy and isn’t a bad sign for your relationship. It doesn’t mean his feelings for you are changing or that he doesn’t want to be around you ever again.

But in order for your relationship to work, he needs to be more considerate of your feelings. Ask him to communicate with you better when he needs alone time.

Tell him that you understand and respect when he wants a little space, but you would like to be warned in advance when he’s turning his phone off so that you don’t worry.

He will probably appreciate your concern and be happy to let you know next time he plans to disappear for a while to take some time for himself.

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If All Else Fails, Move On

if all else fails move on

Although there are many reasons why a Scorpio man could be ignoring you that aren’t a cause of concern for the relationship, sometimes his silence means it’s time to move on.

When a Scorpio man is done with you, he might tell you that the relationship is over by not speaking to you at all.

If you have tried everything you can think of and your Scorpio man still won’t give you the time of day, you need to accept that for whatever reason, he’s not the right guy for you.

Maybe he’s already in a committed relationship, or perhaps he is so preoccupied with work that he doesn’t have time for regular communication.

No matter what the reason is, you deserve someone who will shower you with attention and affection, not give you the silent treatment indefinitely.

If you’ve made every effort and have given your Scorpio guy plenty of time to respond, it’s time to walk away.

There are plenty of other Scorpio men out there who will be happy to fulfill all of your needs and desires.

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