Scorpio Man & Aries Woman Marriage Compatibility

Updated March 7, 2023
Scorpio Man & Aries Woman Marriage Compatibility

A Scorpio man and Aries woman’s marriage is a union of opposites, but sometimes, opposites attract like magnets.

Are a Scorpio man and Aries woman soulmates, or are they destined to break their vows?

Although they are very different, Scorpio and Aries have just enough in common to make a marriage work, as long as they put in the effort.

Their dissimilarities could help one another learn and grow, or they could tear this couple apart.

Once you know the astrological forces behind each of their zodiac signs, you will have a better understanding of the Scorpio man and Aries woman marriage compatibility.


When you want to determine whether or not two zodiac signs could have a successful marriage, you should compare their natural elements.

Every zodiac sign belongs to one of the four elements of nature. These elements are fire, earth, air, and water.

The elements tell us some of the typical characteristics of the signs, as well as helping us predict how the signs will interact.

Scorpio is a water sign, and water signs are known as being sensitive, private, emotional, and mysterious.

Aries, on the other hand, is a fire sign. Fire signs are usually passionate, energetic, brave, and enthusiastic.

Fire and water are opposites, but in this case, opposites can attract by working to balance each other.

What attracts a Scorpio man physically to an Aries woman is her confidence. Thanks to the fire element, she is bold and self-assured, which shows in the way she presents herself.

The fire element shines through her personality as she is sparkling and vivacious. Her smile lights up every room she enters, and other people can’t help but notice her.

The Aries woman is drawn to the sweet yet mysterious nature of a Scorpio guy. He comes across as kind and endearing before revealing his dark, snarky side, and an Aries woman loves both versions of him equally.

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Just as every sign has a natural element, each sign also has a guiding celestial body that reveals something important about that sign.

Scorpio and Aries are two of the rare signs that share a guiding heavenly body. Scorpio is ruled by both Pluto and Mars, while Aries is governed solely by Mars.

Mars is the planet of passion, aggression, and combat. This tells us that both Scorpio and Aries are passionate, intense, and combative people.

Both of these signs fight as hard as they love, and a marriage between these two will be a roller coaster ride of emotional highs and lows.

The influence of Mars also makes Aries and Scorpio sexually compatible. Mars gives them incredible energy and stamina, and it makes both a Scorpio man and an Aries woman sexually aggressive.

Mars’ influence is one of the biggest things that these two signs have in common, yet as the planet of fighting, it can also come between them.


Every sign belongs to one of three modalities: fixed, cardinal, or mutable. A sign’s modality tells us how that sign handles problems and interacts with the world.

Aries is a cardinal sign, and cardinal signs are natural leaders. They attack obstacles directly and are better at initiating action than following through to completion.

Scorpio is a fixed sign, and fixed signs are notoriously stubborn. They are cautious and organized, approaching problems slowly but seeing them through to the end.

Cardinal sign Aries will be the initiator of the couple when it comes to starting new problems or facing challenges, while fixed Scorpio helps them complete anything they start together.

As a cardinal sign, an Aries woman can be a bit bossy and demanding, which rubs a controlling Scorpio man the wrong way.

On the other hand, the fixed sign Scorpio guy can be too stubborn and unyielding for his own good. He needs to learn to give in to his Aries partner once in a while.

Overall, the compatibility of their modalities is strong and makes a Scorpio man and an Aries woman quite a powerful couple in a marriage.

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Each of the twelve signs of the zodiac rules an astrological house that reveals the strengths and values of the signs.

The personal values represented by the astrological houses are perhaps one of the biggest obstacles for a marriage between an Aries woman and a Scorpio man.

Aries rules the first house, which is the house of the self, first impressions, identity, and independence. This means that an Aries woman is focused on freedom and individuality, and she can be a bit selfish.

Scorpio governs the eighth house of the zodiac, which is the house of intimacy, sex, merging, and sharing. Unlike an Aries lady, a Scorpio guy is all about joining forces with a partner.

Their divergent values tell us that a Scorpio man will find an Aries woman egocentric and self-centered, while the Aries lady finds a Scorpio guy clingy and needy.

Although their astrological houses may cause disagreements, an Aries woman can teach her Scorpio spouse to be more emotionally independent, and the Scorpio guy can show an Aries woman how to be more thoughtful and unselfish.


Each sign has a spiritual age based on the order of the zodiac. A sign’s age conveys the spiritual, mental, and emotional maturity of that sign’s soul.

Aries is the first of the twelve signs, meaning that Aries is the youngest sign of the entire zodiac.

As the youngest sign, an Aries woman is childlike and innocent. She sees the world with the fresh, curious eyes of an infant, and she is in awe and wonder at her surroundings.

Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac, making it one of the older adolescent or young adult signs. This means that a Scorpio guy is very focused on worldly things and concerned about his interpersonal relationships.

In a Scorpio-Aries marriage, the Scorpio spouse will be the more mature and patient one, while the Aries partner is more enthusiastic and excitable.

The Scorpio man could get annoyed with his Aries spouse’s immaturity, while the Aries woman might get turned off by her Scorpio partner’s cynicism.

However, the Aries woman admires her partner’s maturity and social skills, while the Scorpio guy adores his spouse’s childlike wonder and zest for life.

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Every sign has a unique symbol, usually an animal, that encapsulates the distinctive characteristics of that sign.

We can judge the marriage compatibility of two signs by observing how their symbols interact in the wild. Aries is symbolized by the ram, while Scorpio’s symbol is the scorpion.

The ram is an obstinate, combative mammal that butts its head against enemies and charges through obstacles. The scorpion is a small, poisonous creature with a quiet yet deadly presence.

Their symbols tell us that a Scorpio man and an Aries woman are evenly matched because a ram could trample a scorpion, but a scorpion could harm a ram with its sting.

They must be careful not to provoke each other, otherwise, their arguments could turn vicious.


An Aries and Scorpio marriage has many strengths. Their mutual passion for each other and anything else they feel strongly about makes a Scorpio man obsessed with an Aries woman, and vice versa.

They are particularly sexually compatible, so Scorpio and Aries in bed together will always leave each other happy and satisfied.

Sharing a ruling planet gives Scorpio and Aries a special connection, while their opposite natural elements give them the opportunity to teach other important lessons and balance one another.

Few zodiac signs can keep up with the mercurial nature and sexual appetites of both of these signs, making them a good match.

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The overall Aries and Scorpio compatibility is strong, but this union is far from perfect.

Sharing Mars makes both Aries and Scorpio domineering and combative. Their marriage will be full of passionate love, but equally intense fights.

A Scorpio guy may find himself yearning for a more sensitive and intuitive partner, while the Aries woman might crave more adventure and optimism than her Scorpio spouse can provide.

They will have to decide if the concessions and compromises they have to make in the relationship are worth it, or if they would be better off with different partners.

Likelihood of Success

Some astrological matches are more likely to have a successful marriage than others. Based on their zodiac signs, a union between a Scorpio man and an Aries is a wild card.

They could have a long-lasting marriage that stands the test of time, but their path isn’t easy. They are both too combative and controlling to have a smooth, stable partnership.

But they are compatible and complementary in many ways, and they could help one another become better, stronger individuals within their relationship.

The strength and long-term potential of this partnership depend on whether or not they are willing to compromise and make concessions for the sake of the marriage and to make the other person happy.

Scorpio and Aries are soulmates, but their relationship is full of passion and conflict. They must learn how to resolve their differences and overcome arguments without hurting one another to make a marriage work.

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