Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Perfect Match?

Scorpio man, Aquarius woman compatibility can be challenging. This is not a couple that easily works together.

Yet they can find ways to create a satisfying relationship. It takes work and effort from both partners to make this work.

What attracts a Scorpio man to an Aquarius woman? He can easily be drawn to her unique personality. She knows how to keep him guessing.

The initial attraction is not the problem for this couple, however. The larger problems arises in long term relationships. Scorpio men and Aquarius women can clash.

This can either add excitement to the relationship or can ruin the bond each person shares. This is a difficult combination and the key to success is really understanding each other.

Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman in Friendship

Scorpio man, Aquarius woman stories confirm this couple’s ideal compatibility can be found in friendship. This is because Aquarius women know how to attract and maintain friendships for a lifetime. Both are intuitive and know how to spark an interest among friends.

Scorpio men are much more emotionally deep and intense than Aquarius women. Aquarius women have an intensity that manifests as an electrifying personality or erratic nature. This excites a Scorpio man.

As friends, he has nothing to lose when she acts quirky or suddenly disappears. When she becomes argumentative and confrontational, it can be an intellectual exercise that keeps him sharp and alert.

The things that frustrate a Scorpio man and Aquarius woman are not as dramatic in friendship. His jealousy and her need for independence takes on a different tone in a committed relationship. But in a friendship, they can overlook these issues.

Scorpio men are mysterious and enigmatic and this attracts the attention of an Aquarius woman. They may bond around shared interests in taboo topics, conspiracy theories, the occult, politics, mystery novels or a love of science fiction, technology and psychology.

Aquarius woman think in broad, abstract and futuristic terms. Scorpio men are obsessed with hidden details. They can complement each other’s mindset or perspectives to enhance the friendship.

As friends, a Scorpio man and Aquarius woman can stimulate each other and inspire each other’s fantasies. Neither has to be realistic or down to earth. They balance each other through levels of obsession and intensity, not through being realistic or imaginative.

Scorpio men are more emotionally invested in the friendship, but it is not likely to bother them that Aquarius women are emotionally detached. In a friendship, there just isn’t that much on the line.

One of the things a Scorpio man loves about this friendship is he can count on an Aquarius woman to be honest. Aquarius women excel in sharing unpopular ideas and opinions. As friends, both are candid and don’t care what anyone thinks.

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Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman in Relationship

When this pair realizes they have an intense and exciting friendship, they may want to try to explore a romantic connection. This becomes challenging. Scorpio men and Aquarius women have different needs.

When it comes to romantic relationships, a Scorpio man wants devotion and deep, intimate, emotional connection. Aquarius women want nothing to do with such intense emotional matters. They avoid emotional issues.

A Scorpio man will see this as rejection. He will feel turned off by an Aquarius woman’s aloof and impersonal nature. When he opens his heart to her, she responds by analyzing the situation, changing the subject or just outright disappearing.

Aquarius women feel awkward when it comes to romance and deep emotional displays of devotion and affection. She can be more open and expressive but she has to be in a very specific mood in order to do this.

Otherwise, she may keep her Scorpio love interest at an arm’s length. The distance will constantly frustrate a Scorpio man. At first he may find it exciting as he does love to chase. But after a while, he may feel like he’s on a fool’s errand.

No matter how much he pursues, he always feels she is farther away in the distance. This can trigger a Scorpio man’s sense of jealousy. A Scorpio man possessive over an Aquarius woman can create conflict.

Even a Scorpio man and Aquarius woman as Soul Mates may have to overcome significant challenges in order to meet each other’s needs. The excitement of constant friction can appeal to Aquarius but Scorpio will struggle with so much drama.

They may constantly duel over boundaries and space in the relationship. She may also ghost him which a Scorpio man finds unforgivable. Can a Scorpio man fall in love with an Aquarius woman? Yes, but keeping the relationship going takes effort.

Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman in Marriage

When Scorpio is obsessed with Aquarius, he will put the effort needed into the relationship. He’ll want to make sure she is his alone. Once he’s seen that he can work through the challenges in the relationship, he’ll want to marry her.

This is more likely if both the Scorpio man and Aquarius woman can work through their obstacles together and find common ground. Once they reach the point of committing to a marriage, both have learned to appreciate each other’s differences.

As a married couple, these two will live an unconventional life. An Aquarius woman shakes up everything she touches and isn’t content with traditional roles and expectations. A Scorpio man is deep and perceptive.

They may make decisions according to their own intuition and not according to traditions or social standards. They may have an unusual wedding with a gothic or other edgy or dark theme, for example.

They may have a marriage filled with tension and dynamic arguments. This can fuel their passion for each other rather than driving each other apart. They may also have some kind of unconventional marriage.

They may live in separate households or spend significant amounts of time apart on a regular basis. A Scorpio man and Aquarius woman may decide to settle down and have children but there will be some unconventional aspects to this as well.

She may pursue an unusual career while he raises the kids as he is more intuitive and nurturing. She is more futuristic and may prepare the family for major changes in technology and society that haven’t yet gained ground.

A Scorpio man falling for an Aquarius woman can lead to a happy marriage if they are both careful to not trigger each other’s frustrations. That means he has to work on his jealousy and control issues and she has to become more emotionally in tune.

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Scorpio Man & Aquarius Woman in Bed

A Scorpio and Aquarius in bed can be an electrifying couple. They can excite each other because of their intense desires and ability to channel their sexual energy with no regard for social norms. Taboo means nothing to this couple and no holds are barred when they get together.

A Scorpio man may find the exciting, arousing and kinky partner he’s always desired in an Aquarius woman. She doesn’t equate sex with love and so as an intimate affair, both Scorpio and Aquarius can have their needs met without things becoming awkward.

That is, as long as the Scorpio man is clear that this is a no-strings-attached affair. If he becomes possessive or develops feelings it can become a disruption in their intense erotic connection. As a sexual couple, both can help each other explore new things.

Their styles are different, but in this case the differences are favorable. A Scorpio man is interested in intimacy and deep, intense connection. He also uses sexual connection to express his love of power and domination. Aquarius can play to his fantasies but isn’t really interested in being dominated or controlled.

An Aquarius woman sees sex as a fun way to explore fantasies and push boundaries. Both can be open to exploring the kinky side of their relationship without shame or insecurities getting in the way. As long as both are clear about their expectations with regard to feelings, this can be a satisfying relationship.

If a Scorpio man is interested in more than sex and an Aquarius woman isn’t, he will have a difficult time changing her mind. He isn’t used to this as many other women fall for his charming nature. When she doesn’t, he may feel rejected and angry.

When an Aquarius woman actually wants a serious commitment and he is only interested in sex, she will try to go overboard satisfying all of his sexual desires as if this will be the key to his heart. When she learns that this is not the case, she can lash out in anger.

When this happens, a Scorpio man will do well to watch out. An Aquarius woman’s creativity and intensity can lead her to seek revenge in ways that make him regret ever letting her into his world.

When an Aquarius woman breaks up with a Scorpio man because he’s disappointed her or broken her heart, all bets are off. She will not think twice about slandering him or telling his secrets, things a Scorpio man abhors. It’s best to be clear about each other’s expectations and avoid this drama.

A Scorpio man and Aquarius woman in bed can find excitement, connection, passion and pleasure. As long as they are both on the same page in terms of commitment or expectations. This couple can open the doors for each other to explore new levels of passion.

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